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Do you love playing volleyball? Most Americans do. During summers, on the beaches, you can spot multiple groups enjoying the game. In fact, it is so popular that places that do not have a beach also have sand volleyball court surfaces. Volleyball is a simple yet energetic and fast sport that most of us like to play in our leisure time.

For playing volleyball, you have to go to the volleyball courts. These volleyball courts can be public or commercial. The fast surging popularity of the game has led to many private and public establishments opting to build their own volleyball courts for the benefit of their students, residents, and members.

If you plan to construct a volleyball court to expand the amenities you provide at your establishment, then you need to consider the following key aspects.

In this article, we will provide you with all the required information, which will help you finalize building a volleyball court. It will ensure that you get the best court and playing surface for your players. 

#1 For Volleyball Court Construction, You Need To Find The Most Suitable Location

When you have planned to construct the volleyball court, you need to have adequate space. According to the guidelines provided by the official American Volleyball Associations and the American Sports Builder’s Association (ASBA), the following are the standard volleyball court dimensions.

The standard dimension for the volleyball court is 60 feet (18.29 meters) X 30 feet (9.14 meters). The length should be 60 feet (18.29 meters), and the width of the volleyball court should be 30 feet (9.14 meters). 

Besides this, you should ensure that there is extra space as well. This additional space will be needed for fencing and the audience area.

#2 Focus On Preparing The Court Surface

Court Surface

When you hire professional and certified sports court construction teams, they will ensure that all the guidelines of the ASBA are followed. When building your volleyball court, they will first prepare the topmost layer of the soil. If the area is filled with grass, they will remove it and set the new topsoil.

The professionals will remove the grass and use a rake to eliminate all the stones from the topmost layer. The professional will use specialized equipment to level the ground and make it uniform. Over this layer, the court surface material, a sand mix, is placed to ensure uniformity. With the help of the court surface, you can ensure that the players will have a good grip while playing.

#3 You Need To Get Proper Drainage For The Volleyball Court 

Before placing the topmost layer, the professionals will focus on the volleyball court drainage. The professionals will install the drainage ditch around all the sides of the volleyball court. The drainage is essential to keep the volleyball court well-maintained. Generally, a perforated drain pipe is used, and it is placed across the entire court.

#4 Layering Of The Court Surface Area

Volley Ball Court Surface

You need to ensure that you are choosing the material for the outdoor volleyball court. Most often, people will prefer to have a sand volleyball court. The type of volleyball court you want depends on your requirement and preferences.

If you are confused, you can take the help of the professionals in selecting the material for the volleyball court. The professional contractors will guide you to choose the most suitable option and also install it for you. If you want to have a sand outdoor volleyball court, remember to install the edges. It will prevent the sand from spreading out of the volleyball court.

#5 Fencing Of The Volleyball Court And Using The Right Net

It is one of the crucial parts of constructing the volleyball court. You should opt to fence the volleyball court to prevent the ball from going outside the court. It is mainly to avoid hurting the spectators of the sport. So ensure that you are providing proper fencing around the court. Once you have completed the fencing, you need to choose the right net and poles for the sports. The volleyball net should be of high quality and endure the hit of the volleyball. You should ensure that the net you choose has proper strength and is durable.

Besides choosing the right net, you need to ensure that the poles are set at the right distances. The poles should be able to withstand the stress exerted by the net.


While constructing a sand volleyball court, you require hiring the best contractors. The contractors should be professional in their work, qualified, skillful, and have extensive experience. One of the top-rated sport surface builders is the expert team from Sport Surfaces. They will understand your requirements and guide you through the entire process of consulting, designing, and installing an outdoor volleyball court for you.