Tennis Court Fence Repair and Installation:  Hurricane Repair

If you want to build or repair a tennis court fence, you have found the top-rated contractor for a sport courts® fence construction. We also specialize in repairing storm damaged fencing.  Contact us for a free quote!

Top rated Florida sports court fence construction contractor.

Are you ready to enhance your tennis courts with fencing optimized for safety and security?  If you own a home tennis court or have many tennis courts at a recreational facility, fencing is necessary.

The fence serves a variety of functions including:

  • Keeping the balls inside the tennis court
  • Securing the tennis court or training facility
  • It acts as the first line of security protecting your court surface from potential vandalism
  • Allows you the ability to limit play times in communities

Sport Surfaces has been involved in the sports construction industry for over twenty years.  We have a reputation as one of top recommended construction and resurfacing companies.

We are also highly capable to perform a tennis court fence installation, a basketball court fence, as well as the best fencing for a sports field.  Whatever your court or facility fencing requirements are, we can offer you the best option to fit your budget.

Type of fencing materials with performance in mind

Depending on your tennis court configuration, there are numerous different grades of materials that are available for your project.

It’s important to keep in mind the potential for flyaway tennis balls, and whether or not you would like to permit spectators a clear view of the tennis players.

Our certified experts will help you choose the right fencing product, keeping your use and budget in mind.

Court Fence – Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is extremely popular when it comes to tennis court fencing.  It has multiple benefits such as:

  • Allows spectators to have an unobstructed view of the tennis game
  • Able to be built very high to reduce the amount of tennis balls from going over the fence
  • Can be painted multiple colors to match your home or facility’s colors

Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fence is most comparable to a netting material.  They possess some similarities to a chain link fence, however, the netting is closely woven together with vinyl.  Therefore, this is not the optimal choice for spectators viewing the tennis match.  Vinyl fences are perfect for:

  • Providing extra privacy for your home or tennis court facility
  • Keeping tennis balls in the court because they can be built to be tall

Wood and Lattice Fencing

Wood fencing is a sophisticated way to upgrade your tennis court’s appearance.  There are some benefits to installing this type of fencing such as:

  • Giving your tennis court an upgraded elegant look
  • Blocking some of the balls from escaping the court
  • Semi-clear view for spectators to watch the tennis game

One of the major drawbacks is the height of this type of fencing, as well as the obstructed view due to the wood’s thickness.

About construction services

If you’re ready to install fencing for your tennis court, please call Sport Surfaces today.  Our company’s expert court technicians specialize in fence installations, and would love to assist you.


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  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Free consultations
  • Tennis court awnings and cabanas

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How to build a tennis court fence?

Fence layouts for tennis courts with customers needs in mind

At Sport Surfaces, we treat every new project individually based on your court specifications.  We try to give our customers all of the pros and cons associated with various different types of fencing.

Most of our residential customers prefer to have a 10’ height on the back ends of their tennis courts and 30’-40’ along the sides. This should adequately keep the balls in the court where they belong.

Some of our customers however, prefer to have the traditional 10’ high fencing around the entire perimeter of the court to keep more balls inside.

One popular fence style is to drop the center portion of the court fence down to 3′, 4′ giving the spectator greater court visibility. Not only is this method more aesthetically pleasing, but it will save you money as well.

On our clay installation we usually steer our customers to have an 8′ fence as opposed to the more traditional 10′ height. We have found that because the tennis ball typically does not bounce as high on clay court surfaces, 8’ high fencing usually will suffice.

Line poles and terminal posts

These posts are the fundamental structure of the fence. We recommend (3″) terminal poles and 21/2″ line (middle) poles. These poles are available in 3 different quality grades (tubing is normally only used for temporary applications):

  • SS 40 – Commercial grade that is great for Florida and other areas in the hurricane belt 
  • SS 20 – Medium grade poles are the industry standard for residential application, and will typically work well while keeping budget in mind 
  • Tubing – Low grade poles normally used in temporary applications


Top rail

Top rail is used to provide the framework for the fencing, which will support the wire mesh. We recommend 1 5/8″ diameter poles for most fencing systems. These horizontal poles are available in 2 different quality grades.

  • S 40 – Strongest poles available and recommended for most tennis courts in hurricane prone areas 
  • S 20 – Medium grade poles for budget conscious and will usually work sufficiently

Fence fabric

The fence mesh provides the barrier that keeps the ball inside the court. We primarily use a 1 3/4, 8 gauge fence fabric. This mesh is available in either black or green and is highly resilient to bending.


Windscreens can provide the final touch of elegance and wind control.  There are very few things more frustrating to a tennis player than trying to control their tennis ball on an immensely windy day.

Wind screening is generally the last item to be installed on any court and not only looks great, but functions to help prevent wind from interfering with your game. 

As an added benefit, a windscreen provides excellent contrast of the tennis ball and the windscreen.  Sport Surfaces carries a full line of tennis court windscreens, and one of our court specialists can assist you with your selection.

Reasons homeowners and tennis facilities choose to install court fencing

When constructing a new tennis court, court fencing is often installed for multiple purposes including:

  • Safety from home intruders or trespassers
  • Keeps small children and pets safe from cars
  • Adds property value by enhancing the surroundings and landscape
  • Privacy from neighbors and passersby
  • Increases the resale value of a private home

If you are ready to install new fencing for your tennis court, please call Sport Surfaces today.  Our team is ready to assist you with all your needs, and would love to give your tennis court that perfect finishing touch.

If you would like more information about tennis court awnings and cabanas, or tennis and basketball court lighting, please click the links below:

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Our company prides ourself on being one of the top recommended sport surfaces fencing experts in the industry.  If you have any questions or concerns about a sports surfaces fencing installation or repair, please click on the link below to connect with us.

Can you install sports surfaces fencing in my area?

Yes, we would be happy to install sports surfaces fencing for you. We have branch offices located across the US to reach our customers. Please speak to one of our sales associates today so we can get your project started.

Why should I choose Sports Surfaces for the job?

Our company is top-rated, with over twenty years of experience in the sports construction field.  We have an incredible reputation, many satisfied customers, and guarantee all of our workmanship. Please call us today to learn more about our company, and how we can help you.

What are the benefits of sport surfaces fencing?

Installing tennis court fencing is extremely beneficial for keeping the tennis balls in the court, protecting your court against vandalism, and providing a safer sport surface experience.  Please contact Sport Surfaces for more information about fencing.

What kinds of fencing can I choose for my sport surface?

Sport Surfaces will guide you when it comes to selecting the correct type of fencing for your sport surface. We typically use chain-link, vinyl, or wood and lattice fencing contingent upon your specific needs.  Please call us today to begin your fencing project.

Why do homeowners install tennis court fencing?

Usually, a homeowner will choose to install tennis court fencing to enhance the property.  It also serves to keep children and pets safe, permits privacy from neighbors, and adds property value.  Please call our staff today if you would like more details about sport surface fencing.

About our company

Sport Surfaces has been installing tennis court fencing since 1998.  We are highly competent in both sports surface construction and resurfacing, and have earned a stellar reputation.  Please call us today to get more details about your new project.


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