Tennis and Basketball Court Lighting

The proper basketball court lighting and tennis court lighting is essential to a successful game at night. We will design the appropriate lighting for your court.

Top-quality basketball and tennis court lighting

The proper basketball court lighting and tennis court lighting is essential to a successful game at night.  Many tennis and basketball players love to practice or play tournaments at night to avoid the heat of the sun.

At Sport Surfaces, we have been involved in the sports construction industry for over twenty years.

We’ll design the appropriate lighting for your court.

Our certified, licensed court technicians specialize in lighting design, and have successfully completed multiple sports field lighting projects.

We have found through our own research that the Tech-Light product is the premier product when it comes to properly lighting your courts. 

It is a low profile, environmentally friendly, energy saving type of lighting system. It produces exquisite lighting, and is energy efficient with minimal pollution.

In addition to the right product, you also need the proper installation. Our experts at Sport Surfaces will find the exact way to install your lighting system in order for your players to have a successful game of tennis or basketball.

The proper methods for lighting system installation

Sport Surfaces utilizes the right methods to determine exactly where your tennis or basketball court lighting should be installed.

We research precisely how the light is going to hit the ball, not how the light is going to light up the court. The ball is the important factor in the game, and we want to ensure that both the light output and the light levels are perfect.

If the glare or shadows from and inadequate light get in your way, it can ruin your tennis or basketball game. The exact setup and area of your court will help us determine your exact lighting needs.

Our goal is to minimize your frustration with light interference, and maximize the ideal playing conditions for your court time.

The latest light system technology

At Sport Surfaces, we utilize the latest technologies to provide you with proper court lighting. Players take their basketball and tennis game very seriously, which is why we treat your lighting needs with the utmost respect.

Tech-light products can be custom designed and fit your required court specifications so you can have one of the best lighting systems available.

A tech-light product is built with top quality name brand components in order to maintain reliability.

Tennis court lighting and basketball court lighting both take research, time, and expertise. Our certified, licensed contractors will be happy to perform tennis or basketball court light installation so you can keep on playing.

About design services

Sport Surfaces specializes in proper court and sports field lighting.  We can give you a free estimate, and customize the design of your court lighting to meet your needs.


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Factors to consider when choosing tennis and basketball court lighting

Classification of lighting:

It is extremely important to note the different classifications when selecting the appropriate court lighting.

The ASBA utilizes four different classifications for tennis facilities that are based on the minimum maintained footcandles, the average maintained footcandles, and the maximum uniformity given from the lighting system.

In essence, the “class” of a light is determined by two factors:

1) The amount of light on the court

2) The uniformity of the light on the court

  • Class 1 facilities:  Typically require lighting for permanent seating and matches to be broadcast on television
  • Class II facilities:  Generally need lighting specifically for outdoor matches
  • Class III facilities:  Need proper lighting for recreational night time tennis games for private homes, educational facilities, and community facilities
  • Class IV facilities: Typically require lighting for beginning leisurely play

The most popular type of lighting for both homeowners and recreational facilities is Class II.

Number of Poles

The easiest way to comprehend the number of poles needed is through the concept that the more lighting fixtures you have, the greater the amount of poles needed.

Therefore, a higher number of lights and poles that are installed on a tennis court will yield better light uniformity. For example, a Class I lighting system would necessitate more poles than a Class IV system.

Number of fixtures

There is also an option to install more than one fixture per light pole. Some fixtures may contain 1 1000W bulb, while others may have 2 1000Wbulbs. The class of lighting you require for your basketball or tennis court will dictate the number of fixtures and bulbs.  

Additionally, the amount of power needed to support the new lighting system is determined by a few key factors: the number and types of fixtures used and the voltage.

Key lighting features to consider

Certain features are essential when it comes to your decision about the lighting system you select for your outdoor tennis or basketball court. The light must be glare-free for the players. Glare on the ground is problematic because it:

  • Impedes both tennis and basketball game play
  • Ruins the game for the spectators
  • Creates safety concerns for the players

The next aspect of lighting to consider is whether or not the light produces colors that are true to life. This is crucial because:

  • It increases the contrast between the ground and the ball
  • Decreasing the glare minimizes eye strain
  • Increases the differentiation of team colors on player’s uniforms

The last aspect of lighting to consider is its lifespan. If you are going to invest in such a massive construction undertaking, you want your new court lighting system to last for many years.

If you would like more information about fencing for your new tennis court or basketball court or awnings for your tennis court, please click on the links below:

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If you’re ready to install tennis and basketball court lighting, please call our experts at Sport Surfaces today. We will be happy to assist and guide you with your new court lighting project.


Our specialists at Sport Surfaces can answer all of your tennis and basketball court lighting questions.  Please click on the link below to ask us anything. 

Why do I need court lighting?

Tennis court and Basketball court lighting is essential if you would like to play your games at night.  It is also a wonderful way to escape the heat of the sun, and to avoid the glare during player movement.  

Should I install the court lights myself?

No, it is important to hire a certified, licensed court technician when installing a new court lighting system.  Working with electricity can be dangerous, and for safety purposes, should be left to the professionals.  Please call Sport Surfaces today if you require a new lighting system for your tennis or basketball court.

How do I know how many lighting fixtures I need?

The basic equation for figuring out the number of poles and the amount of lights is based on light uniformity.  The more lights and poles you have create a more well lit court surface.  If you have any questions, our Sport Surfaces’ team can help you.

Are court lights cost effective and energy efficient?

Sport Surfaces uses a premier brand of tennis court and basketball court lighting system called the Tech light.  We have discovered that It is an economical and energy saving solution for a court lighting system with a long lifespan. Call us today for more information.  

How are court lighting systems classified?

Court lighting systems are broken up into four different kinds of classes for accuracy.  Class I is for television broadcasting, Class II is for outdoor sport matches, Class III is for recreational evening games, and Class IV is for novices new to the sport.

About our company

Sport Surfaces has been designing tennis court and basketball court lighting for over 20 years.  Our in-house design team caters to many other design aspects of both tennis courts and basketball courts too.

  • School and team logos
  • Windscreens
  • Logo color combinations
  • Court supplies

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