Bocce Ball Court Resurfacing

Resurfacing of the bocce ball court is an important step to ensure that your game is not only fun, but safe as well. Order a bocce ball court resurfacing!

Bocce ball court installation and resurfacing in Florida.

Does your existing synthetic or oyster blend Bocce Ball Court need to be resurfaced so you can keep on playing the game? Sport Surfaces’ certified, licensed technicians specialize in resurfacing Bocce Ball courts and bocce ball court construction. Reviving your Bocce Ball court through resurfacing is very similar to har-tru court resurfacing.

Note: Har-tru is the preferred surface due to its rapid draining, low maintenance, and ease with the bocce ball roll. It usually takes between 1-2 days / court depending on the condition of the court.

What to expect when your bocce ball courts are resurfaced:

Sport Surfaces’ professionals will execute the following steps when completing a Standard Bocce Ball resurfacing:

  • Scrape all the dead material off the entire bocce ball surface.
  • Remove the existing line tapes to prepare the surface for the new line tapes.
  • Hand scarify the bocce surface (this ensures the new material properly adheres to the existing Bocce Ball surface)
  •  A lute broadcasting or a spreader is used to apply anywhere from 1/2 – 2 tons of Har-Tru surfacing material. It’s important that the material is distributed evenly to guarantee a proper playing surface. Note: The quantities of clay will be determined by two factors: The condition of clay present on the bocce ball court, and the amount of clay present on the bocce ball court.
  • Working with water, a broom, and a brush, we then roll the court to create a firm and smooth surface.
  • Install the new line tapes placing aluminum nails on the ends of bocce court so they remain secured in place.

We have been resurfacing bocce ball courts since 1998

It is important to irrigate your bocce ball court using either hand irrigation or a sprinkler irrigation system. This is necessary to keep the playing surface even, and to eliminate dust.

Our professionals can install an irrigation system on your bocce ball court prior to resurfacing it, or shortly after its completion.

Bocce Ball courts are relatively low maintenance on a weekly basis. Depending on weather conditions and play, the bocce ball court surface may require a minor or complete resurfacing.

Courts are typically resurfaced every 1-3 years. Note: We also convert har-tru / clay bocce ball courts to synthetic bocce ball courts.

Let’s talk about your court

Whether you require new sport surface construction or resurfacing of your existing bocce ball court, Sport Surfaces is here for you. Let’s get in touch, and allow our highly qualified team to assist you today.

About resurfacing services

If your bocce ball court is worn out or has experienced damage, Sport Surfaces can fix it for you.  We are the experts to call when it comes to resurfacing.  Please connect with our team for more details.

  • Customized bocce ball courts
  • Trusted resurfacing company
  • Oyster blend, synthetic, Har-tru surfaces
  • Licensed and insured court technicians
Bocce Ball Court Game

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The best bocce ball resurfacing service in Florida.

Bocce ball court maintenance 

Sport Surfaces can help you with all your bocce ball court maintenance needs. Specific guidelines must be followed in order to keep your bocce ball playing surface in excellent shape.

Note: The type of maintenance performed on a court is contingent upon the court’s surface:

  • Clay bocce ball courts require the use of a tool called a scraper. Additionally, as the court ages, it will be necessary to add additional clay. 
  • Synthetic turf bocce ball court require a tool called a tamper
  • Oyster blend requires irrigation and a lawn roller

Bocce Ball courts are relatively low maintenance on a weekly basis. Depending on weather conditions and play, the bocce ball court surface may require a minor or complete resurfacing. Courts are typically resurfaced every 1-3 years.

Note: We also convert har-tru / clay bocce ball courts to synthetic bocce ball courts.

Sport Surfaces has many who customers love a DIY (Do It Yourself) project around their own homes. If you prefer to do the required maintenance yourself, our staff will share proper protocols. 

We will help you with bocce ball court

However, if you do not feel so inclined, Sport Surfaces also offers a maintenance plan called the gold plan to help you with your bocce ball court.

Our certified court technicians will come to your court biannually to guarantee your bocce ball court surface remains world class. Please connect with our team members today should you like to learn more details about this service.

Health benefits of playing bocce ball

  • Enhance Coordination – Bocce ball relies heavily on excellent hand-eye coordination and skills. This is especially evident when a player is releasing the ball during their turn.
  • Social Activity – Bocce ball can be played as a one on one game, or with a whole team. The game allows for socialization, and being socially engaged can improve your quality of life and increase your lifespan. 
  • Strategic Planning – Every move you make in bocce ball requires careful calculations and skills.
  • Relieves Stress – Playing bocce ball with family or friends is a healthy way to take the mind off of stressful situations
  • Time in the sun – Bocce courts are outdoors, and the sun provides vitamin D for the body, strengthens the immune system, and reduces inflammation.
  • Boosts confidence – Executing the perfect bocce toss will increase your confidence, no matter the player’s age. As your skills improve and you start to win games, your confidence level will increase.
  • Flexibility – The game of bocce call compels your body to bend down, and then extend your arms to pick up and throw the ball. Flexing and moving your joints is a wonderful way for older players to maintain mobility.
  • Enhances your mood – Participating in a bocce ball game can drastically improve your mood.  The light exercise alters the state of mind, and allow the player to focus on the game, and less on themselves.
  • Mindfulness – Bocce ball is great because it makes the player pause a moment before they throw the ball towards the target. It allows the mind to be present, and enter a zen-like state.
  • Light Cardio – Bocce ball is not as effective at burning as many calories when compared to sports like running or playing tennis. However, this light kind of exercise requires you to walk up and down the court after every round.

If you are interested in bocce ball court design and construction and the construction process, please click the link below:

Bocce Ball Construction


Sport Surfaces can answer all your questions about your bocce ball resurfacing project. Please click on the link below to connect with our highly knowledgeable staff.

Do you resurface bocce ball courts where I live?

Our company resurfaces bocce ball courts for our customers throughout the United States.  If you would like to repair or resurface your bocce ball court, please connect with one of our team members today.

Why should I choose Sport Surfaces to resurface my bocce ball court?

Quite simply, we are one of best companies in the nation, with over twenty years of resurfacing sports surfaces.  We have an excellent reputation in the sports industry, guarantee our workmanship, and offer free consultations.  Please call us to learn more.

What kinds of building materials do you use to build my bocce ball court?

We only work with top quality products and materials. Sport Surfaces is an eco-friendly company, and when possible, we work with recycled materials during the resurfacing process.  Please connect with us for more details.

Do you offer maintenance plans?

Yes, Sport Surfaces can teach you how to take care of your bocce ball court.  However, if you choose, you can hire our technicians to perform the necessary maintenance.  Please call us today to find out more details about our maintenance plans.

How often should a bocce ball court be resurfaced?

Typically, a bocce ball court will need to be resurfaced every one to three years.  The weather is a major factor in determining the frequency of your court’s resurfacing.  Please connect with our team to learn more about our resurfacing process.

About our company

Since 1998, our company has been resurfacing bocce ball courts.  Sport Surfaces has a phenomenal reputation in the sports industry, and we would love to help you.  Feel free to connect with Sport Surfaces today to learn more about our bocce ball court resurfacing process.

  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Top-grade materials and products
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Free estimates

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