Design of sports surfaces

We are one of the top recommended sport construction companies in Florida.

Resurfacing of sports courts

For over 20 years, we have been resurfacing many types of sport courts.

Construction of sports courts

Since 1998, we have been involved in the sports construction industry.

Emergency Repairs

We will repair any sports surface. Contact us for a free quote.

Court Maintenance

Our team can provide constant service for your court or pitch.

Custom logo on court surfaces

Our company makes a personalized logo on sports surfaces.


Eco Friendly Construction

Sport Surfaces takes pride in using recycled materials in our construction projects to protect and preserve our environment.


The Newest Technology Repairs

Our company uses innovative and modern technology to conduct our sport surfaces repairs.


High Quality Materials and Products

We solely use top grade materials and products during our construction and resurfacing process.


Sport Surfaces LLC brings our customers’ dream courts and sport surfaces to life. We start from the ground up, constructing each of our courts and completing all of our resurfacing projects with the customer as our top priority. We strongly believe that for a licensed tennis court contractor to be successful, they must commit to every detail of the customer’s specifications.

Our experienced Sport Surfaces’ team members keep their focus on your project, from initial conception and design, to completion. As a supreme quality tennis and basketball court contractor in Florida, we guarantee that your court will look and play to perfection.  If you’re ready to construct your brand-new tennis court or basketball court, please call Sport Surfaces.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

Since 1998, Sport Surfaces of West Palm Beach, FL has been specializing in tennis court resurfacing, basketball court resurfacing and construction.


Top recommended tennis court resurfacing contractors

Our tennis court contractors have successfully completed over 6,000 tennis courts across the nation.


Cost-effective resurfacing technology

We use world class technology and proprietary methods when performing a tennis court resurfacing for a premium end result


Resurfacing for multiple venues

Our company can resurface your tennis courts for your private home, sports facility, or tournament venue

Tennis Court Resurfacing Service

After building, resurfacing, and repairing over 6,000 basketball and tennis courts across Florida including Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale, we have developed our own proprietary techniques for repairing and resurfacing all sport courts. Our company is one of the top-rated sport surfaces contractors in Florida, and our customers consistently recommend us to their colleagues and friends.

We have combined both art and science to provide a premium sport court surface that lasts approximately 4-6 years between coatings. By using a systematic approach to the construction of tennis courts and basketball courts, we ensure that every tennis court and basketball meets or exceeds our standards.  If you are ready to resurface your tennis courts today, please call Sport Surfaces today.

Tennis Resurfacing Service:

Client Testimonials

I am very happy with the work that was done by Sport Surfaces. The gentleman that did the measuring explained what would take place. The job was completed in two days as promised. Your employee that did the measuring made a nice appearance. I recommend your company!

Sharon Weis

Myerlee Gardens Condominium

I have used this company for the past three years to resurface many tennis courts. The communication is superb and the work is always done in a timely fashion. They work very clean and the costs are very competitive. I strongly recommend this company every time I am asked to oversee a tennis court resurfacing.

David Guzick

Gainesville, Florida

I am very happy to recommend Sport Surfaces. I have worked on a regular basis with the company since 2007. I have found their management staff and construction personnel to be knowledgeable and highly skilled. They have delivered work on time and I have been very satisfied with the results.

Richard Dean Middleton



Top recommended basketball court contractors

Sport Surfaces is one of the premier basketball court contractors in FL, with many satisfied customers.


Multiple types of basketball courts

Our company provides you with the option of building you a multi-sport court, indoor court, or sport court®.


Team logos for your basketball courts

We can create a custom team logo for your basketball court surface with many color combinations.

Basketball Court Construction

Sport Surfaces also offers maintenance programs that keep your tennis courts and basketball court looking great all year long. We give you 100% fun with 0% hassle. All asphalt tennis courts will wear out and crack at some point (4-6 years), and it is imperative to hire a licensed, insured, and bonded tennis court company to verify that proper materials and techniques are used.

Our seasoned technicians will be able to effectively evaluate your tennis court or basketball court, and create a tailored resurfacing plan. We guarantee that your newly resurfaced tennis court or basketball court will provide you years of nonstop fun, and the highest quality performance.  If you’re ready to construct your new basketball court, please call Sport Surfaces today.

Basketball Court Construction:


Pickleball court conversion options

We can resurface an existing tennis court into a multi-sport court, or convert it into a court used exclusively for pickleball.


Pickleball sets and accessories

Sport Surfaces can guide you when selecting proper equipment for playing pickleball games.


Highly trained certified court technicians

Sport Surfaces has over 20 years in the sport resurfacing field, and can resurface your court for the perfect game of pickleball.

Pickleball Court Resurfacing

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports among enthusiasts everywhere, especially because it mixes elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.  If you’re ready to play, Sport Surfaces, Florida can help you to get in the game!  Our licensed and certified pickleball contractors will provide you with the best option when tailoring a pickleball court resurfacing

We can either add a pickleball court to an existing tennis court, or convert the court to be exclusively used for pickleball. Note: When a tennis court is used exclusively for tennis, we can add multipurpose courts: (2) pickleball courts for each tennis court.

Pickleball Court Service:






Horsheshoe pit in your very own backyard

Sport Surfaces can construct a brand-new horseshoe pit at your private residence or community center.


Top 4 things to consider when building a horseshoe pit

It is important to think about the amount of land, safety, lighting fixtures, and permits when construction commences.


Fun game for all ages

Children and adults both have become enchanted with playing the game of horseshoes with their friends and families.

Horseshoe Pit Construction 

Do you yearn to resurrect your fond childhood memory of playing horseshoes, or do you have an interest in a brand-new sport?  If you are considering building yourself a backyard horseshoe pit as a recreational activity, let the professionals at Sport Surfaces guide and assist you. It is an economical investment, and will provide you and your friends with endless hours of fun and entertainment. 

We have many years of experience building Horseshoe Pit Game Sets, and will be able to facilitate the entire construction process for you.  Please call us today to connect with our team to get your horseshoe pit construction started.

Horseshoe Pit Service:

What is tennis court resurfacing service?

There are many options for tennis court surfaces. However, most of them require repair after many years of use. This is what the tennis court resurfacing service is all about. Our team of experts will help you restore your tennis court to its former glory. We will replace the surface of the tennis court and repair any damage so that you can enjoy your tennis again. Contact our team for a tennis court repair quote.

How long does it take to renovate/resurface a tennis court?

Typically, when we are conducting a tennis court renovation, the time frame is approximately 3 days.  However, if there is severe damage due to cracks, an improper slope, or drainage issues, it can take longer.  Weather plays an important factor as well, and may cause some delays if there is rain.  Please call Sport Surfaces today for your free estimate. 

How often do tennis courts need a resurfacing?

Tennis courts need to be resurfaced approximately every 4-6 years. However, it is imperative to conduct regular maintenance for your playing surface biannually.  Sport Surfaces offers the Gold Maintenance package to keep your court in a premium condition.  Please call one of our team members today to receive more information about details and pricing. 

Can cracks in a hard court surface be repaired?

YES, cracks in a hard court surface can most definitely be repaired.  Contingent upon the type of hard court surface you own, we have methods to return your court to a “like new” condition.  We utilize acrylic crack fillers as the most economical option for repairing cracks on your sport surface.  If necessary, we have other more costly options that our technicians will be happy to discuss as well.  Please call our team to discuss the best repair option for your hard court.

What are the dimensions of a new tennis court for my private residence or community facility?

Typically, a standard tennis court’s dimensions measure 60’ x 120’.  However, we are aware that sometimes a private residence may have some space constraints for the designated court area.  We specialize in the customization of all of our tennis courts, and can build them with the dimensions of 50’ x 110’ if required.  Please call us today to speak to one of our team members to discuss the details of your new tennis court. 

How to make a new pickleball court?

Sport Surfaces can create a brand new pickleball court for you, or we can convert an existing tennis court into a pickleball court.  The major requirements when building a brand new pickleball court are to:

  • Determine your space
  • Choose your court surface materials
  • Choose your perimeter fencing
  • Select your court lighting
  • Pick out your pickleball net system
  • Hire Sport Surfaces to assist you in your new pickleball court project


Please connect with one of our team members today to learn more details about the construction process for your new pickleball court.

How long does it usually take to build a tennis court?

Generally speaking, it takes 2-3 months for Sport Surfaces to build a new tennis court.  Many factors such as accessibility, permits, and weather can alter the time frame one way or the other.  We are experts in the sports construction industry, and have over 20 years of completing over 6,000 tennis courts.  Please call our sales team if you’re ready to add a brand-new tennis court to your private residence, community facility, tournament venue, or educational institution. 

Pickleball court resurfacing service - what is it?

Pickleball court resurfacing involves a big decision from the beginning of your pickleball court resurfacing endeavor:  Are you going to convert your current tennis court to be used exclusively for the game of pickleball, or are you going to create a multi-sport court for both tennis and pickleball games?  Whatever you decide, our highly trained professional court contractors will guide you as to the best option for your court.  Please contact us today for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pickleball court resurfacing.

How much does it cost to change the surface of a basketball court?

If you are ready to change the surface of a basketball court into another type of sport court, Sport Surfaces can provide you with this service.  Typically, a basketball court conversion costs between $3500-$10,000 contingent upon size and specifications.  The conversion takes approximately 7 days, depending on weather conditions and ease of accessibility of the court.  We have converted basketball court surfaces for private homes, recreational facilities, educational institutions, and military establishments.  If you’re ready to change your basketball court’s surface, please contact us today. 

Does your company build tennis courts in my area?

YES, our company builds tennis courts in your area.  Sports Surfaces has been involved in the sports construction and resurfacing field for over 20 years.  Our staff has a combined 150 years of tennis court installation experience.  We service the tri-county areas of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, and have built over 6,000 tennis courts for our customers. We take great pride in our reputation as one of the top recommended tennis court contractors in Florida, and have also completed many tennis courts in the Caribbean.  Our customers consistently give us positive feedback, in addition to many referrals to their colleagues, friends, and families.  We also have branch offices located throughout the US, and can construct tennis courts at your desired venue.  Please contact our knowledgeable team members today if you’re ready to build some new tennis courts.

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