Har-tru and clay court construction


Tennis is a popular sport all across the US, with both children and adults playing the game. Many tennis players love to diversify their skill set by playing on multiple surfaces, and are constantly searching for world class court technology.

If you’re thinking of constructing a Har-Tru or clay tennis court, Sport Surfaces can perform the task for you. Both amateur and professionals need premium court surfaces for training, and as top quality sport builders, we would love to create your new tennis court surface for you.

Since 1998, Sport Surfaces has completed thousands of tennis court construction and resurfacing projects for our customers. We would be happy to build a new court for your private residence, training facility, tournament venue, or country club. We take great pride as one of the top recommended Florida Har-Tru/clay tennis court construction companies within the sports industry.

Our court technicians are knowledgeable in the mandatory maintenance techniques for keeping your clay tennis court in a stellar playing condition.  We have successfully constructed thousands of Har-Tru/Clay courts for our customers, and our workmanship is always top quality.

Sport Surfaces is able to customize your HAR-Tru/clay tennis court based on your designated space, budget, and court specifications. Please connect with us today, and let our licensed, certified contractors begin your new Har-Tru or clay tennis court construction project.

What is a Har-Tru Clay Tennis Court?

Ironically, even though Har-Tru is often referred to as clay, it is actually created from crushed stone. It possesses extremely fine particles, making it a phenomenally smooth tennis court playing surface.  Har-tru surfaces have a reputation of strength and consistency when compared to other types of European clay courts.

Har-tru is an ancient natural green stone called Pre-Cambrian metabasalt, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is ideal for tennis court construction because it is quite hard and angular. This level of angularity allows the stone particles to adhere closely together, fashioning a stable court surface. The amount of hardness coming from the stone allows for the court’s long lifespan.

Tennis Court Construction Services in Florida
Tennis Court Construction Services in Florida

Laser graded construction process:

Sport Surfaces specializes in Har-Tru and clay court construction using our exclusive dual-grade laser grading system, and high quality surfacing materials. This elite system allows us to build your new world-class Har-Tru clay court in an efficient and cost-effective manner. A layer of finely crushed green stone particles is installed over a porous base of crushed stone aggregate, producing a finished surface.

Even after many years of play, Har-Tru courts remain free of bumps, pits, buckles, and cracks. Every Har-Tru court is backed by a full complement of engineering and design services, as well as onsite technical consultation.

  • We start by laser grading the sub-base using our exclusive dual laser system to precisely prepare the subgrade
  • A concrete curb is installed around the perimeter of the court to hold the concrete screenings and clay in place
  • Installation of a standard above ground hydrocourt or hydrogrid irrigation system. Note: All of our irrigation systems have passed rigorous inspections for quality control. This ensures that they evenly disperse water to your entire court surface in order to maintain it at the proper consistency.
  • Crushed concrete is then laser graded over the entire court surface, providing proper stabilization and drainage as needed
  • 1 inch layer of Har-Tru is evenly dispersed over the entire surface and is then brushed, swept with a broom, and thoroughly rolled
  • Center anchor and net posts are retrofitted to industry specifications
  • Line tapes are installed, and secured with aluminum nails


Benefits of a Har-Tru or Clay Court Surface

  • Easy installation, with the bonus of its ability to be constructed directly on top of a hard court
  • Cracks are nonexistent, and surface repairs are much simpler and cost less than other types of court surfaces
  • It’s a porous surface that minimizes runoff and soil erosion.  Because of this eco-friendly quality, Har-Tru tennis courts are able to be installed in multiple locations.  Less zoning issues with municipalities
  • Low maintenance surface, with simple procedures for court surface care
  • 10-15 degrees cooler surface for game play than a hard court
  • Less bodily impact because of its softer surface, thus minimizing common tennis injuries
  • Har-Tru is a type of court surface that is also known as “fast-dry”, because of how efficiently it dries after a rainfall. This allows players to resume their games, even during a light rain shower


Har-Tru and Clay Court Daily Maintenance


Brushing the court is imperative to keeping a smooth surface after a tennis game. The loose top dressing is moved around the court to even out the playing surface. Brushing can also dry the court if it has just recently been watered. Be careful if you brush the court before watering, or if the court is too wet for usage.


It is mandatory to water your court to keep the court’s playing surface in perfect condition, guarantee proper traction, and maintaining court stability and firmness. The time to water a court is typically at night and during mid-day. The most crucial factor is to verify that the court is in a safe condition for game play.


Rolling a clay court is beneficial for ensuring firmness and speed. It works as a mechanism for stopping too much loose top dressing material from building up on the court surface.  Rolling a court during the morning is optimal because that is when a clay court has the most moisture.


Periodic Maintenance for a Har-Tru Court

  • Fixing low spots and divots
  • Checking tapes for areas where the lines are raised or the edges have curled upwards
  • Removing any grass or weeds that have grown around the court’s perimeter
  • Scarification of any hard or slippery spots
  • Clearing out the drainage system


DIY Maintenance vs. Gold Maintenance Plan

Sports Surfaces are professionals in Har-Tru and clay tennis court construction for Florida. Our team specializes in court maintenance needs. We love working with our customers to design apropos maintenance schedules to keep courts polished and playable.

If you find that DIY clay court maintenance is overwhelming, Sport Surfaces has the solution. We offer maintenance services for your Har-Tru or clay tennis court that are customized for you. These services can be performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

It’s an easy, economical program called the Gold Plan that includes the typical court resurfacing every 3-4 years, as well as the aforementioned maintenance services. Also, we will provide you with a watering and maintenance schedule to maximize your court’s lifespan.


Reasons why players love a Har-Tru or clay court surface

  • Develops fundamental core footwork, balance skills, sliding techniques, and improves endurance for game improvement
  • Slower game speed enhances point set up strategies for player’s shots
  • Greatly reduces high-impact stress and common tennis injuries to player’s bodies, allowing for more hours of game play
  • 88% of all tennis players learned on a clay surface, giving them an advantage of an all-court game


If you are ready to construct your Har-Tru or clay court, please call Sport Surfaces, FL today. Our highly trained professionals would love to assist you with your next court construction endeavor.

If you would like more information about Har-Tru Clay Court Resurfacing or Tennis Court Conversions, please click here: HAR TRU COURT RESURFACING

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