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Har Tru Clay Tennis Court Resurfacing

Resurfacing of the tennis court is an important step to ensure that tennis game is not only fun, but safe as well. Order a har tru clay court resurfacing!

Top rated har tru clay tennis court resurfacing contractor in Florida.

Is it time for your Har-Tru/clay tennis court to be resurfaced so you can slide into your next tennis game? Tennis has been trending across the nation for years, with players on a quest for superior technology to improve their games.

Whether play is for pleasure or tournaments, they require state-of-the-art court surfaces for training. This is why a Har-Tru clay court  surface is the premium choice in resurfacing options.

With over twenty years of industry experience with tennis court construction and resurfacing, Sport Surfaces are the experts to call.

Har Tru Clay Tennis Court Resurfacing specialists.

We would love to help you with resurfacing your existing court for your home, training facility, competition venue, or country club. We are proud to be a top recommended Florida Har-Tru/clay tennis court resurfacing company within the industry.

Our experts specialize in the proper maintenance and resurfacing techniques that are essential to keeping your clay tennis court looking great. We have successfully constructed and repaired many Har-Tru/Clay courts for our customers, and guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

Sport Surfaces will be happy to customize your HAR-Tru/clay tennis court’s resurfacing. We consult with you, keeping both your budget and court requests in mind.  Allow our certified, licensed contractors to create your newly resurfaced Har-Tru/Clay court, and keep on playing.

What to expect from a typical clay or har-tru court resurfacing?

A Har-Tru/clay court resurfacing is an economical, low-maintenance choice, and relatively easy to perform. Har- Tru surfaces can be constructed or resurfaced in virtually any location. This creates less hassle with zoning issues, and the possibility to resurface over a court made of concrete or asphalt.

Har-Tru is an extremely hard and angular natural green stone, composed of ancient Pre-Cambrian metabasalts. This finely crushed stone enables the clay court surface to be quite visible, durable, and consistently smooth during game play. It is used worldwide for tournaments because of its superiority as a tennis court playing surface.

The resurfacing process includes crushing the stone, screening it, and mixing it to the appropriate proportions to create a stable playing surface.  Tennis players find Har-Tru court surfaces phenomenal for elevating the level of their game.

About resurfacing services

After time, a Har-tru clay tennis court will need to be resurfaced, and Sports Surfaces are the specialists to call.  If your court is in need of repair or a full resurfacing, we can bring it back to life.  Please call us today to find out more details.

  • Premium clay court resurfacing
  • Free consultations
  • Resurfacing of multiple tennis court available
  • 100% guaranteed workmanship
Har Tru Clay Tennis Court Surface

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Benefits of a har-tru tennis court surface.

  • The court NEVER cracks, and repairs are relatively simple and affordable.
  • Cooler court surface because of its ability to retain moisture and breathe, even during the summer heat. It’s approximately 10-15 degrees cooler than playing on a concrete or asphalt court.
  • Slower ball speed than on a hard surface, allowing the player to have more time to strategically set up their shot.
  • It is a type of “fast-dry” surface, optimal for those who want to play quickly after a rainfall. Because it dries quickly, games can be safely played during a light drizzle.
  • Easier on the body, greatly reducing the frequency of common tennis injuries to the lower extremities. Since most tennis players are lifelong players, it’s imperative that they minimize the risk of injuries to their bodies. About 50% of all tennis players will experience some type of injury during their lives. Injuries are usually due to hard court surfaces, and improper footwear. A clay surface allows for the player to slide and regain control of their bodies. This minimizes shock and hard impact, essentially cushioning the bones and joints.
  • Improves many aspects of the tennis player’s game, including mental toughness, patience, strategy, and stamina.
  • Can be installed quite easily and efficiently, even directly on top of a hard court.
  • Eco-friendly, comprised of natural materials that leave no toxic chemicals or waste.
  • Low maintenance, as long as you follow a few simple maintenance guidelines. If followed correctly, the lifespan of the court will be extensive.
  • It’s a porous surface that can minimize runoff and soil erosion, allowing for more installation locations. These courts tend to be more compliant with zoning restrictions than concrete or asphalt tennis courts.

Laser graded resurfacing process

Note: Har-Tru and clay tennis courts can be irrigated with above ground irrigation systems or below ground hydro-court/hydro-grid systems. Our professionals can resurface tennis courts with either option.

  • Removal/disposal of existing line tapes. 
  • Scarification and disposal of existing “dead” material to reach fresh clay. 
  • Replenishment of material to meet 1” standards (if needed). 
  • New Har-Tru is laser-graded to provide proper ½ percent slope. 
  • Rollout of new Har-Tru/clay court until flat and smooth. 
  • Measurement and installation of line tapes on newly resurfaced court. 
  • Installation of aluminum nails to secure court in place.

Har-tru clay court daily maintenance



Brushing is important because it moves the loose top dressing to recreate a smooth surface area after game play. NOTE: It can also dry the court. Take caution to brush either prior to watering, or if the court is too wet to play on.


To ensure proper traction as well as maintaining court firmness and stability, it is necessary to water your court to keep the court’s playing surface in premium condition. Timing is important, and it’s usually spaced out between night time and the middle of the day. The most important factor is to verify that the court is in a playable condition.


Two major benefits of rolling a court are that it will make it faster and firmer. It’s a great prevention method for stopping too much loose top dressing material from building up on the court surface. Morning time is optimal for rolling because that is the time when a clay court has more moisture in it.

Periodic Maintenance for a Har-Tru Court

Periodic maintenance on a Har-Tru court accounts for court changes that occur as time passes, and the court ages. Maintenance can include:

  • Divots and low spot repair
  • Inspection of tapes for areas where the lines are high or the edges are curled
  • Elimination of growth around the perimeter of the court
  • Scarification of any hard or slippery spots
  • Clearing drainage channels.

Scheduled maintenance for har tru/clay courts

Sports Surfaces specializes in Har-Tru and clay tennis court resurfacing for Florida’s unique climate. Our experts understand the specialized maintenance needs of courts within Florida. We are happy to work with our customers to provide proper maintenance schedules to keep courts looking great.

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