Nothing is abused more than an in-line Hockey court. Between the abuse received by the skates, pucks and sticks you need an extremely hard and durable surface that will not only last 4-6 years but provide a smooth skating surface.

Hockey courts will typically start to fade, crack, peel and depressions may occur (low lying areas that collect water) all over the place? If so, it is in need of repair. Most hockey courts can be repaired then resurfaced, but some will need a layer of asphalt. Depending on the existing courts condition, Sport Surfaces can resurface a hockey court in 5-7 days, weather permitting.

Sport Surfaces performs hockey resurfacing and maintenance.

Sport Surfaces is a company with a history of success in hockey court construction and resurfacing. If you need your hockey court resurfaced, Contact us. We’ll make your court look and skate like new again.

Some may need to be re-asphalted or have a fiberglass membrane installed over the entire skating surface. As a rule of thumb the more problems with the surface of the hockey court the more it will cost to repair it.(cracks, birdbaths etc.)

 *Remember that no hockey court is perfect, and you will most likely get cracks and small puddles in the surface only getting worse with time.

  • How bad are the cracks? Is there a lot of cracks? If you have very large cracks or there are cracks all over the place. You may want to consider re-asphalting. If the cracks are reasonable they you will want to fill them. See filling cracks.
  • Are there any puddles in the surface? Puddles are fairly easy to fix. Small puddles are usually left alone and puddles in the non playing surface are usually less cared for.
  • How poor the original surface is? Is the surface peeling? If the surface is peeling at the cracks, it is usually OK. What happens is water gets under the surface and peels it up. If the surface is peeling in other spots it may be because the asphalt is deteriorating. This could be caused by water coming up through the asphalt. (poor drainage). If the courts drainage system under the court is failing water will deteriorate the asphalt.


Preparation and Procedure for Tennis Court Resurfacing: We use Plexiflor products manufactured by Plexipave!


Plexiflor is a reinforced, smooth acrylic coating especially formulated for use over asphalt or concrete. Plexiflor is an all-weather, non-abrasive, textured, multi-purpose athletic surface. Inline hockey requires a surface that can take a lot of abuse. Plexiflor’s waterborne technology and compatibility with standard tennis court acrylics allows for the conversion of under-utilized sport facilities. An economic and durable alternative to urethane and wood systems, Plexiflor provides an easily maintained and color intense surface. Plexiflor is ideal for in-line hockey. By having the best technicians and using top of the line products to repair and resurface your hockey court we insure that each job looks great and affords you with years of fun!