Basketball court construction


Are you an avid athlete who likes to play basketball games with friends at the park, or competes in a league or school tournaments? Basketball’s popularity as a sport for both children and adult players has been trending across the nation. Players are constantly searching for premium outdoor court surfaces to improve their games, traveling far and wide to play.

Whether athletes play for leisure or for competition, they need premium court surfaces for training. If you’re ready to construct your brand-new outdoor basketball court, Sport Surfaces can create it for you.

The best basketball court contractor.

With over twenty years of industry experience with basketball court construction and resurfacing, we only work with expert basketball court contractors. We can construct a backyard basketball court for your private residence. We have also built many outdoor courts for community facilities, educational institutions, and parks.

We are proud to be a top recommended Florida basketball courts contractor, having built thousands of sport courts for our customers. We provide sport construction and resurfacing services throughout South Florida, including the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County areas.

Outdoor Basketball Court Construction
Basketball Court Construction

Our team will help you design, plan, and construct the new basketball court with your specific court dimension requirements in mind. Our contractors and architects work with your designated space and budget to bring your basketball court to fruition. When building a basketball court, you have the option of different court builds. These include a multi sport court, indoor court, or sport court®. 

We will help you with your basketball court

Our team of in-house design engineers and landscape architects are knowledgeable in all aspects facility design and sport court construction. We can also place your customized team logo on the basketball court. We find that this can foster team spirit, and adds an artistic enrichment to the surrounding area.

Additionally, our certified, licensed technicians are experts in proper outdoor court maintenance and resurfacing techniques. Both maintenance and resurfacing are essential for safety, surface appeal, and ability for play. We have successfully constructed many basketball courts for our customers, and stand by the quality of our workmanship. Please call us and let our professionals create your outdoor basketball court, so you can keep on playing.

Official Basketball Court Size

Basketball courts for all levels of play are available with a variety of court dimensions. High school courts tend to be smaller than those used for professional NBA games. Even for different educational facilities, the dimensions are also different. Contingent upon player’s needs, court sizes, the key, foul line, and 3 point line, can all be created in various sizes.

Standard Basketball Court Size

  • NBA courts: 94′ long x 50 ‘ wide, 3 point line is 22’ x 9″
  • High school court: 84′ long x 50′ wide, 3 point line is 20′ x 9″
  • Junior high school: 74′ long x 42′ wide, 3 point line is 19′ x 9″

Basketball court – The Key Line

There are also different sizes when it comes to the key line placement for both professional and school play. The NBA uses a larger 16′ wide key, while both colleges and high school use a smaller 12′ wide key.


Basketball court – The Foul Line

The foul line of is a universal measurement for all NBA games, educational facilities, and any other practice courts constructed. It measures exactly 15′ from the foul line to the front of the backboard. Be aware, this is different than the distance between the center of the basket and front of the rim.

Note: The free throw lines are exactly 15′ from the center of the basketball hoop, and 12 feet long.

Basketball court – the Backboard and the Rim

Regulation backboard sizes are 42″ x 72″ for all NBA games, college, and high schools.

Half Court Basketball Court

A half-court is precisely the half dimension of a full-size outdoor basketball court. It’s the perfect solution when your outdoor area does not possess enough space to build a regulation size court. The measurements of a half-court are 30′ long and 50′ wide.

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See our realizations of basketball courts:


Selecting the basketball hoop is an important component to the overall design of your basketball court. Our team offers different basketball hoop options, including:

  • plexiglass
  • glass
  • adjustable
  • fixed systems

Our experts will work with you to figure out the best selection for your needs.


Sports Surfaces also offers basketball court accessories options, including goals, bleachers, scoreboards and protective padding. Some specifications we offer include:

  • Adjustable basketball systems that can adjust from 6’ – 10’ to make the game easier and more enjoyable for children
  • Backboards made from plexiglas, tempered glass and aluminum, ranging in size from 48” to NBA size 72”
  • Extension arms from 2’ – 5’
  • Benches for team or individual seating
  • Court Lighting for night play


Asphalt is the preferred surface for basketball court construction because of its many advantages such as:

  • The softness of the material offers orthopedic benefits and puts less stress on joints
  • A more affordable option
  • Great durability
  • Offers many surface types for multi-sport court capabilities
  • Is relatively weather resistant to both hot and cold weather
  • Will maintain paint over the course of many uses

Note: We also offer an upgraded cushion option that provides a soft rubber synthetic cushion. This surface feels great during game play because of it’s shock absorption capabilities, adding extra protection for your joints.

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Concrete is a great solution for your basketball court construction project in areas with limited space and accessibility. The benefits of a concrete court are:

  • It is an easier installation than other court surfaces
  • Most economical court surface choice
  • Weather resistant to both hot and cold climates
  • Has a longer lifespan,
  • Low maintenance


Our team uses a special cementitious acrylic product and a vapor barrier during installation. This process ensures that paint will adhere well, and the court will maintain its durability.

Typical basketball court dimensions are approximately 50’x 94’. Please note: Court must have a minimum of 1% slope on the concrete slab to guarantee water removal.

If you are ready to construct your new basketball court today, please call our team at Sport Surfaces. We are here to work with you on your new endeavor, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.