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Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing

Resurfacing of the shuffleboard court is an important step to ensure that your game is not only fun, but safe as well. Order a shuffleboard court resurfacing!

Top rated shuflleboard court resurfacing contractor in Florida.

Are you ready to repair your old outdoor shuffleboard court’s surface? If you want to keep on playing, Sport Surfaces, FL can offer you the perfect solution. We provide services including shuffleboard court construction, resurfacing your current court, and court maintenance.

Now is the optimal time to resurface your shuffleboard court. Your new concrete court will be an upgraded, smooth playing surface so you can continue to play for fun or in competitions.

Shuffleboard has become one of the most popular sports in America today on cruise ships, recreational facilities, retirement homes, and private homes. The game is played on the floor or a deck, on a court made out of concrete.

There are two teams per game, with players using cues to push a weighted shuffleboard disc along a smooth, painted concrete surface. Once the disc is pushed, it glides down a narrow court, coming to rest in a triangular scoring area.  The goal is to place the disc in the highest numerical value within the triangular scoring area. The winner of the game is the team with the maximum number of points.

Shuffleboard court resurfacing specialists

At Sport Surfaces, we have witnessed more laughter and happiness around shuffleboard clubs than any other sport facility. This particular sport is inexpensive to build and to play, and a properly constructed shuffleboard court is a low maintenance game option. We guarantee only top quality materials are utilized for your outdoor shuffleboard court resurfacing, promising years of play and fun.

We have been resurfacing shuffleboards courts since 1998

Because a shuffleboard court is exposed to the outside elements, over time, they can suffer damage such as cracks and uneven wear. This creates an uneven playing surface that requires a shuffleboard court resurfacing.

Resurfacing your old hard shuffleboard court surface will allow you to continue playing games with family, friends, and competitors.

Sport Surfaces’ team members have over twenty years of industry experience with shuffleboard court construction and resurfacing.

Our certified, licensed contractors are highly skilled, and have performed many shuffleboard court resurfacing projects for our customers.

Please call us today for a shuffleboard court resurfacing for your home, recreational facility, competition venue, or country club. We are proud to be a top recommended sports construction and resurfacing company in the industry.

Construction and resurfacing of shuffleboard courts.

The construction of a new shuffleboard court is similar to that of the construction of a new concrete tennis court. A regulation size, standard shuffleboard court is 6’ wide by 52’ long, with a 6’ 6” standing area at each end. Therefore, once completed, a shuffleboard court is smaller than a typical tennis court.

About resurfacing services

If your shuffleboard court is in need of repair or resurfacing, Sport Surfaces is here for you.  We have resurfaced shuffleboard courts for our customers’ private residences, as well as country clubs.  Please call our friendly associates today to learn more about the resurfacing process.

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Types of shuffleboard court systems: concrete and stained court.

Concrete Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing Process

  • You may choose to build a shuffleboard court out of concrete. It is essential that enough concrete is poured to cover an area approximately 52 feet long by 77 inches wide. This is a minimum measurement for a standard-sized shuffleboard court.
  • The size of the court can always be customized according to your designated gaming area. However, the length and width of the court will have to be kept proportionate. This allows for more accurate play when building a shuffleboard court.
  • Allowing a little extra room around the shuffleboard court gives freedom for both player movement and spectators. Once the concrete is dry, you may choose to have the court painted. Green is typically a standard color for a shuffleboard court, but you may paint it any color you wish. Our expert team members will happily advise you with any painting questions you may have.

  • Next, the lines will have to be painted using a stencil through the court onto the concrete. After the line paint has dried, application of a shuffleboard wax to the entire area is recommended. This will allow shuffleboard discs to slide freely across the court, ensuring your court will have a competition-ready surface.

Stained Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing Process


  • The stained court system will give you a long lasting, high performance court. This surface requires the use of a stain, sealer, waxes, and glass The stained court also requires a level of court maintenance, but with proper care, can provide you with a great tournament-ready shuffleboard court.

For those who want to build outdoor shuffleboard courts, our expert, licensed technicians can construct it for you.  We have built many courts for private residences as well as those for commercial facilities. Sport Surfaces ensures the speedy arrival of your shuffleboard court supplies, as well as your absolute customer satisfaction with the finished court.

From site work to the grade cues with your outdoor shuffleboard court design and construction, we are committed to your satisfaction. We will happily provide you with a state-of-the-art resurfaced outdoor shuffleboard court.

Please contact us today for free advice and design services. We want to share all of the cost savings available for you when designing and constructing a new shuffleboard court.

Outdoor shuffleboard court specifications:

  • Court orientation; long axis is north to south.
  • Slope of .05% to .15% is acceptable depending on the type of surface. Courts should be sloped side to side.
  • Standard court dimensions are (39′ long x 6′ wide). Total dimensions: (52′ x 10′)
  • Safety area of 6′ at both ends of the court and 2′ along the sidelines.
  • Standard court playing lines are brightly colored, and measure 1 inch wide.
  • Triangle, 10 off area is at the base
  • Recommended Area: Ground space is 312 square feet minimum. Size Dimensions: Playing court is 6′ x 52′ plus a recommended minimum of 2′ on each side or 4′ between courts in battery.
  • Orientation: Recommended orientation is for the long axis to be north to south
  • Surface Drainage: Surface is to be concrete with a burnished finish. Court surface is to be level with drainage away from the playing surface on all sides.

Whether you require new sport surface construction or resurfacing of your existing shuffleboard court, Sport Surfaces is here for you. Let’s get in touch, and allow our highly qualified team assist you today.