Are you ready to revive your old shuffleboard court back to a “like- new” condition once again?

Shuffleboard has definitely become one of the most popular sports in America today.  At Sport Surfaces, we have witnessed more laughter and happiness around shuffleboard clubs than any other sport facility. This particular sport is inexpensive to play, and a properly constructed shuffleboard court is a low maintenance option at a minimal cost.

At Sport Surfaces, we guarantee only top quality materials and construction are utilized for your outdoor shuffleboard court, promising years of play and fun for all.

The construction of a new shuffleboard court is similar to that of the construction of a new concrete tennis court.  A regulation size, standard shuffleboard court is 6’ wide by 52’ long, with a 6’ 6” standing area at each end. Therefore, once completed, a shuffleboard court is smaller than a typical tennis court.

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(1) You may choose to build a shuffleboard court out of concrete. Enough concrete needs to be poured to cover an area approximately 52 feet long by 77 inches wide, at a minimum, for a standard-sized shuffleboard court. The size of the court can always be adjusted to suit your needs, however, the length and width will have to be kept proportionate for more accurate play when building a shuffleboard court. Allowing a little extra room around the shuffleboard court gives freedom for movement and spectators. Once the concrete is dry, you may choose to have it painted. Green is a standard color for a shuffleboard court, but you may paint it any color you wish. Next ,the lines will have to be painted using a stencil through the court onto the concrete. After the line paint has dried, application a shuffleboard wax to the entire area is recommended. This will allow shuffleboard discs to slide freely across the court.

 (2) The stained court system will give you a long lasting, high performance court. This surface requires the use of sealers, waxes and glass beads.The stained court does require a level of maintaining, but with proper care, can provide you with a great tournament ready shuffleboard court. For those who want to build outdoor shuffleboard courts, whether a residential backyard shuffleboard court or a commercial one, Sport Surfaces will help ensure the speedy arrival of your court and shuffleboard court supplies, as well as your customer satisfaction. From site work to the grade cues and tournament disks, we are committed to your satisfaction, both with your outdoor shuffleboard court design and construction and the entire shuffleboard experience.

Contact us for free advice and design services to ensure you are aware of all the cost savings available when designing and constructing a new shuffleboard court.


  • Court orientation; long axis is north to south.
  • Slope; a slope of .05% to .15% is acceptable depending on the type of surface. Courts should be sloped side to side.
  • Court dimensions: (39′ long x6′ wide). Total dimensions(52′ x 10′)
  • Safety area of 6′ at both ends of the court and 2′ along the sidelines.
  • Playing lines should be 1 inch wide and brightly colored.
  • Triangle, 10 off area is at the base

Recommended Area: Ground space is 312 square feet minimum. 

Size Dimensions: Playing court is 6′ x 52′ plus a recommended minimum of 2′ on each side or 4′ between courts in battery. Orientation: Recommended orientation is for the long axis to be north south 

Surface Drainage: Surface is to be concrete with a burnished finish. Court surface is to be level with drainage away from the playing surface on all sides.