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Sound Blocking

Adding Acoustifence® to the perimeter of your pickleball court increases the possibility of more pickleball players flocking to your sports facility.

Pickleball court sound blocking (noise reduction screening)

Playing pickleball has become an extremely popular choice of sport for players of all ages, with public courts popping up everywhere. Many play the game for leisure, but there are also several competitive pickleball leagues with highly skilled matches.  

One major issue with the game of pickleball is the noise level generated from the pickleball paddle connecting with the pickleball.  A pickleball is a type of ball that is hard, plastic, and perforated.

It creates a loud “ping-ping” sound when it comes in contact with the paddle. This impact sound is extraordinarily loud, and can be a major noise problem for those who live in surrounding areas. 

Sound blocking for pickleball courts

Fortunately, Sports Surfaces can offer the perfect solution to reduce the noise, and create more harmony with your neighbors.  Acoustifence® is a soundproofing material that blocks wind, as well as significantly reducing the decibel level of the paddles and ball. 

Complaints about noise levels or noise violations caused from pickleball court players’ paddles should end, once it is installed. Please contact our team at Sport Surfaces today to learn more about this incredible sound blocking material.

Adding Acoustifence® to the perimeter of your pickleball court increases the possibility of more pickleball players flocking to your sports facility. It improves the overall court appearance, as well as the ability to control the noise level from distracting other players. 

We are capable of installing Acoustifence® for pickleball courts at:

  • Private homes
  • Schools
  • Country clubs
  • Community facilities
  • Tournament venues
  • Retirement communities
  • Park facilities

If you’re ready to install a sound barrier for your pickleball court, Sport Surfaces would love to assist you.

Sports Surfaces is a top-rated contractor for both sports construction and resurfacing. Our highly trained professionals have successfully completed numerous pickleball sound blocking installations for our customers since 1998. 

We are proud to have a stellar reputation, and our customers love to refer us to their families, friends, and colleagues. 

We always guarantee our workmanship 100%, and use only eco-friendly materials and products. We have branch offices across the US, and can fulfill your pickleball court sound blocking requirements. Our Acoustifence® product can be tailored to fit your specific court fencing dimensions. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pickleball court’s sound blocking, please call us. Our knowledgeable staff members are here to facilitate your project, so you can have peace of mind.

About construction services

Sport Surfaces specializes in pickleball court sound blocking installation for your pickleball court.  We would love to give you a free estimate, and provide you with a solution for noise reduction.

  • Pickleball court construction
  • Court fencing
  • Pickleball court accessories
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The Acoustifence® product

Sport Surfaces utilizes the economically priced Acoustifence® product for all of our pickleball court sound blocking installations. This world class product is manufactured in the US, and is the most effective solution for our customers’ noise reduction needs.

It is a premium, heavy mineral-filled viscoelastic polymer sound deadening material that measures only 3mm (1/8 inch) thick. 

It is installed onto the pickleball court fence with grommets. Since it comes in 6 X 10 foot sheets, we can create custom shapes and sizes. It can be cut to accommodate any type of structural fencing. 

Additionally, if you have a solid fencing structure, the Acoustifence® can be hung via stapling, gluing, or nailing it. Note:  Noise reduction is contingent on the number of other reflective structures located within the area of the pickleball courts.

Benefits of adding acoustifence

  • Blocks direct sound, thus lessening nuisance noise
  • More privacy
  • UV tolerant
  • Reduces sound level from reflecting off of it
  • Customized shapes and sizes for any fencing dimensions
  • Enhances overall appearance of pickleball court
  • Can be attached directly to existing court fencing
  • Paintable to match the surrounding court area

Installing a sound blocking solution for your pickleball court will provide court owners and the surrounding community a more peaceful experience. By reducing the pickleball noise, the Acoustifence® should lessen complaints and lawsuits from those who live close by.

If you’re ready to install an Acoustifence® onto your pickleball court fencing, Sport Surfaces is here for you. Please connect with our staff today, so we can assist you in your new pickleball project endeavor.


Our experts at Sport Surfaces can answer all of your pickleball court sound blocking questions.  Please click on the link below to ask us anything. 

Can you install pickleball court sound blocking where I live?

Yes, Sport Surfaces would be happy to install the Acoustifence® product as a sound blocking device for your pickleball court.  We have branch offices across the US to cater to our customers’ needs. Please connect with one of team members today, so we can discuss your new project.

Why should I hire your company for the job?

Sport Surfaces has an impeccable reputation, and has been performing Acoustifence® installations since 1998.  We have thousands of satisfied customers, and we 100% guarantee all of our workmanship on your project. Please call our team members today to learn more about our company, and how we can help you.

What are the benefits of adding Acoustifence® to pickleball court?

Installing the Acoustifence® onto your existing pickleball court fencing will control the noise factor by blocking direct sound, should significantly reduce neighbor/community complaints, and provide more privacy.  Please connect with Sport Surfaces for more information about the benefits of adding Acoustifence®.

Can you customize Acoustifence® to fit a pickleball court?

Yes, Sport Surfaces licensed technicians customize both the shape and size of the Acoustifence® product to fit your specific pickleball court’s fencing.  Please contact our company today to learn more about this incredible impact noise solution.

Can I paint anything on top of the Acoustifence®?

Yes, we can paint a logo or match your surrounding area by painting directly on top of it.  Please contact one of our design team professionals today, so we can discuss all of your painting options. 

About our company

Sport Surfaces has been installing pickleball court sound blocking solutions since 1998.  Our highly trained professionals can also advise you on anything about pickleball court surfaces.  Please contact us today to learn more about our company, and how we can be of assistance.

  • World class pickleball court contractor
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Eco-friendly products and materials
  • Free consultations and estimates
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