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Custom Designed Logos

If you want to create your own logo on the surface of your court or pitch, you’ve come to the right place. We are specialists in sports surfaces.

Tennis and basketball logos for both indoor and outdoor courts

Sport Surfaces is a multi-faceted company that can cater to our customers’ diverse needs for their sport court® facilities.

We have been in business for the past twenty years, serving our customers’ sport surface design, construction, and resurfacing needs across the nation. We are a top-rated company, and have successfully completed multiple types of logo installation projects over the years.

We are proud to have an in-house graphics art team that specializes in both tennis and basketball logos. With their tremendous expertise and creativity, they can paint any type of logo on any court surface, whether it is an indoor or outdoor court.

Logo for every sport court®

We have performed logo installations at our customers’ private residences, educational institutions, recreational facilities, country clubs, and tournament venues.

Not only are we capable of painting any type of logo on a tennis court, but we can personalize your surrounding tennis court area as well.  We can place your logo onto a windscreen, install your favorite team’s mascot on your court, and even custom design a logo made especially for you.

If you have ever dreamt about creating your own court surface design complete with logos, Sport Surfaces is here to make that dream a reality.

We know how exciting it is to proudly share your team spirit for your school or tournament facility.  Logos can foster a sense of community by bringing everyone together to compete for the same goal.

Custom designed logos

We have even designed logos for our customers’ family crests and initials.  Each logo is uniquely designed with you and your favorite colors/team in mind.

Our reputation as one of the premier companies within the sports industry has graced us with many incredible opportunities.

We were selected to install the Miami Heat basketball logo in Winter Gardens, FL.  Additionally, we were requested to install the logo for The Hammocks in Miami, and were able to complete the task in just three days.

One example that hits close to home is the logo that was custom designed and personalized for our CEO’s home backyard.

He adorned his helicopter pad with a compass rose logo that was installed at both of his homes in West Palm Beach, FL and Orlando, FL.

About design services

Sport Surfaces specializes in creating logos for both indoor and outdoor sport surfaces.  We would love to give you a free consultation, and customize the design of your logo for your tennis or basketball court.

  • Multiple color combinations
  • Court lighting
  • Court awnings and cabanas
  • Top quality products
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Custom logo creation for basketball and tennis courts – just email us your artwork!

At Sport Surfaces, we want to facilitate every aspect of your custom logo design project.  Our design team specialists will work with you on your artwork design every step of the way.  They are proficient in the optimal design, size, and placement on your indoor or outdoor court.

When requesting an estimate for your home or commercial project logo, simply email a pic in .jpeg or .gif format, and our team will quickly provide you an estimate on what your logo will cost and how long installation should take.

Contact us today and get started with placing your custom logo or artwork onto your tennis court or basketball court!  It’s easy, affordable, and looks great.


Our specialists at Sport Surfaces can answer all of your tennis and basketball court logo questions.  Please click on the link below to ask us anything. 

Can you install tennis court and basketball court logos in my area?

Yes, Sport Surfaces would be happy to install your team logo for you. We have branch offices across the nation to cater to our customers’ logo requests. Please connect with one of our team members today so we can begin your new logo project.

Why should I choose Sports Surfaces for the job?

Sport Surfaces has a world class reputation, and over twenty years of experience within our industry.  We have thousands of satisfied customers, and guarantee our workmanship 100%. Please contact our staff today to learn more about our company, and how we can be of assistance.

What are the benefits of adding a logo to my tennis or basketball court?

Installing a tennis court logo can enhance your court adding by adding aesthetics, building a strong sense of team spirit, and bringing communities together.  Please contact Sport Surfaces for more information about creating your new logo.

Can you create a logo that I design myself for my sport surface?

Sport Surfaces maintains an in-house design team that will be happy to turn your artwork into a logo for your sport surface. You can email us your drawing and we will create your unique logo.  Please connect with us for details.

Can I place my logo anywhere else besides my sport surface?

Yes, we can create logos for other areas as well.  We can place your logo on a windscreen around the court’s perimeter so you can proudly display your team spirit. Please call us today so we can begin designing your new work of art.

About our company

Sport Surfaces has been designing tennis court and basketball court logos since 1998.  Our design team can also advise you on design recommendations for the surrounding court areas.

  • Team logos and family crests
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Eco-friendly products and materials
  • Tennis and basketball court supplies