Synthetic Tennis Court Design

A synthetic tennis court surface is an excellent solution for players who play multiple times a week. Order your sythetic tennis court project now!

Synthetic tennis court design and construction.

The game of tennis has become a popular sport for athletes of all ages across the US. Both amateur and professional tennis players are on an endless quest to practice their game on premium court surfaces. 

Many love to play on artificial grass tennis courts to enhance their skills and strategy for beating their opponents.

A synthetic tennis court surface is an excellent solution for players who play multiple times a week. If you are ready to install a synthetic grass tennis court, Sport Surfaces can assist you.

We have been involved in the sports construction industry since 1998, and have completed over 6,000 tennis court projects. 

Synthetic tennis court specialists

We are proud to be one of the top recommended synthetic tennis court contractors in FL. Our professionals would be happy to facilitate your new synthetic tennis court construction.

Sport Surfaces provides only top-quality synthetic construction for all of your tennis court needs, from residential to commercial.

We offer all varieties of synthetic grass and artificial turf installation to make your tennis court gorgeous and durable.

There is no need to deal with a natural grass surface that is high maintenance and frustrating. With artificial or synthetic grass court construction, all of the issues that exist with a natural grass court are eliminated.

A synthetic turf tennis court is a mixture of polypropylene or synthetic grass fibers. These synthetic grass fibers are infilled with a specifically graded sand. 

This sand is utilized as a top dressing, and there are multiple colors from which to choose. 

There are many benefits when selecting this type of surface for your tennis court such as:

  • The perfect playing surface for a tennis court owner whose court has structural damage such as cracking
  • Excellent surface because it does not require the use of heavy machinery during installation, therefore practical for locations with limited access
  • Can be installed on multiple surfaces including asphalt, concrete, or an aggregate base
  • Uniform smoothness that guarantees a safer, more predictable tennis game because players can move around the court with greater ease
  • Lower maintenance than a Har-tru clay court
  • Drains well, and dries relatively quickly after a heavy rain, minimizing time spent waiting to return to the game. Often referred to as “fast dry” for its expediency with water evaporation
  • Highly customizable court with accommodations available for the sand level and size. The court can be tailored to play like a hard court or one that is similar to natural grass
  • Slower tennis game which allows for more aggressive play
  • A more cushioned surface for players’ bodies to reduce impact and injuries
  • Tennis court’s surface is durable despite harsh UV exposure, and the lines don’t shift position or fade over time
  • Improve the quality of your tennis game by allowing you to master new techniques on such a specialized surface
  • Cost effective due to its resiliency to wear and tear
  • Enhances private homes as a beautiful, luxurious amenity, and attracts more customers to your country club or recreational facility

About design services

Sport Surfaces can design your brand-new synthetic tennis court to fit your space.  We can offer a free consultation, and confirm this is the type of court that will work best for your needs. 

We also offer:

  • Har-tru clay courts
  • Cushioned hard courts
  • Concrete tennis courts
  • Asphalt tennis courts

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Synthetic court maintenance.

A synthetic turf tennis court requires less maintenance when compared to other types of tennis court surfaces, especially clay tennis courts. The general guidelines for keeping your synthetic court in pristine shape are to:

  • Give it a daily grooming 
  • Over time, replace and redistribute the infill material

Synthetic surface technology

The posts are the fundamental structure of the fence. We recommend (3″) terminal poles and 21/2″ line (middle) poles for the fencing. These poles are available in 3 different quality grades (tubing is normally only used for temporary applications. 

Our process to provide you with the perfect synthetic tennis court cannot be surpassed. We provide you with a superior synthetic grass surface using Omni Court or Classic Clay. 

The Omni Court system is comprised of an eco-friendly material that produces a beautifully natural and durable court surface. An Omni Court is: 

  • A sand-filled surface 
  • Offers incredible UV protection
  • Ideal for any type of climate and location

The Classic Clay court system replicates the feeling and benefits of a natural clay court without all of the downsides. Its artificial surface eliminates the inconvenience of clay court maintenance.

We only use of top-quality materials to perform your installation. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will produce the results you desire. Whether you need a new tennis court, putting green, or other green playing field , you can trust Sport Surfaces.

  • An incredible benefit of our system is that it uses zero water thus saving thousands of dollars / year.
  • Very low maintenance compared to clay courts
  • More play time due to better and faster drainage
  • Synthetic tennis court system can be installed in 7-12 days.
  • Eliminates tennis court cracking a major problem with asphalt tennis courts.

Synthetic tennis court construction

We offer a variety of different options for the subsurface beneath the tennis court synthetic grass construction:

Stabilized Road Base – This budget conscience choice for those that desire a softer court construction underneath the gorgeous synthetic grass.

Concrete – This is the most common subsurface that has been used for many years.

Asphalt – This subsurface is also a common choice, although it needs easy access to the location for installation. It also provides a slightly softer surface than concrete.

Refurbished Clay Court – We will refurbish your existing court, and make it level once again. Next, we install our gorgeous synthetic grass over it.

Sythetic tennis court – other options

Polyethylene – You can also choose to upgrade your surface to a Polyethylene surface. This is a new technology that helps to ensure the safety of players. Its softer construction prevents injuries to all players.

Colored Sand – Customize your field to match the colors surrounding the field with our colored sand options.

Step-by-step tennis & basketball court resurfacing instructions


Concrete and synthetic grass

This system has been used for many years, and would be the most common construction.

Asphalt and synthetic grass

This base is very similar to concrete. Although it is softer to play on, it’s limited by access, soil conditions, and availability. 

Refurbish old clay court 

Stabilize existing clay, reset levels, and cover with new synthetic grass for a completely new court. 

If you would like more information about tennis court construction or Har-tru clay court construction, please click on the links below:

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If you would like more information about synthetic tennis court construction or resurfacing, please click on the tab below to ask us a question.

What is a synthetic tennis court?

A synthetic tennis court is an artificial grass tennis court that is also known as an artificial turf court. It is a perfect alternative to a natural grass court because it requires less maintenance and is more cost-effective.

Are there more benefits to playing on a synthetic tennis court as opposed to a hard court?

Yes, a synthetic tennis court is perfect for improving a tennis player’s overall techniques and game strategy.  Additionally, its softer surface is ideal for those with back or lower extremity injuries.  It also is a low maintenance court surface that does not get damaged from court cracks.

Does a synthetic tennis court go on top of my current tennis court?

Yes, if you already own a tennis court, we can construct a synthetic court right on top of it.  The important component is the subsurface of the court, which can be comprised of a stabilized road base, concrete, asphalt, or a refurbished clay court.  Please call us for more information.

Does a synthetic tennis court dry more quickly than a natural grass court?

Yes, a major perk of a synthetic grass tennis court is that its surface has the ability to dry quickly after a rainfall.  The surface is often referred to as a “quick-drying” surface, and it allows players to get back to their tennis games more quickly.  Please contact us for more details on this type of court surface.

How do I maintain my synthetic tennis court?

A synthetic grass court is considered one of the low maintenance surfaces in the tennis court world.  The most important steps are to groom it daily, and over time, replace the infill material once it wears out.  Sport Surfaces also offers a maintenance plan if you would like hire us to take care of your court.

About our company

Sport Surfaces also offers design services for tennis court awnings and cabanas, tennis court lighting, and tennis court fencing for your new synthetic court.  Please call one of our team members today for more details.

  • High quality materials
  • Professional designers
  • Customized designs
  • Eco-friendly construction

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