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Tennis Court Resurfacing

Resurfacing of the tennis court is an important step to ensure that tennis game is not only fun, but safe as well. Order a tennis court resurfacing!

Top rated tennis court resurfacing contractor in Florida.

Are you an avid tennis player who enjoys the sport for leisure or tournament play? Does your hard court have excessive wear and tear on its surface? If so, the experts at Sport Surfaces, Florida, are ready to assist you. We can renovate your traditional hard court back to its top condition, so you can keep enjoying playing the game.

For more than 20 years, we have specialized in tennis court resurfacing and repair for acrylic tennis courts. We are proud to be Florida’s industry leader in both asphalt and concrete court repairs and resurfacing. Please call us today, and we can give you a cost estimate to resurface your basketball courts or tennis courts.

Tennis court resurfacing specialists

Sport Surfaces has completed more than 6,000 tennis court resurfacing jobs throughout Florida. One of our notable clients includes the Davis Cup tennis courts, located in Delray Beach. Our reputable company originated in Miami-Dade, and quickly opened branch offices throughout Florida to accommodate our clients’ needs.

All hard tennis courts generally need to be resurfaced every 4-5 years. This is an important process to prevent permanent damage, and to fill or repair cracks. Acrylic crack fillers are the more economical choice for court repairs. However, if needed, our expert technicians will be happy to discuss other more costly repair options as well.

We are specialists in repairing tennis courts

We can also repair any drainage or puddle issues that may occur due to low spots and/or birdbaths. During the repainting process for your court, we can also utilize additional color coats. This acts as an added layer of surface protection from wear and tear.

We have been resurfacing tennis courts since 1998

Since 1998, Sport Surfaces of West Palm Beach, Florida has been specializing in Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repairs . We have developed our own proprietary techniques for repairing and resurfacing all sport courts®. Combining both art and science, we provide a premium sport court® surface that lasts 4-6 years between coatings.

During construction, we use a systematic approach, ensuring that every tennis court meets or exceeds our standards. Let Sport Surfaces do the difficult work of contending with your existing tennis court. Our services include:  new court construction, repairs, resurfacing, and maintenance.  We promise to provide you with the quality and experience you’d expect from a top- rated contractor.

advanced technology and procedures, your running track will be safe and ready to go.

For more information on the types of resurfacing systems and procedures for running track resurfacing, please click on the links below:

  • SportMaster sport surface
  • Plexitrac surface
  • Poly-urethane surface
  • Pre-fabricated rubber surface

Call Sport Surfaces today to attend to all of your tennis court maintenance and resurfacing needs!


Top Causes of Court Damage:

  • UV radiation
  • Ground movement
  • Depressions

About resurfacing services

If your tennis court is worn out or damaged, Sport Surfaces can assist you.  We can repair or resurface your tennis court to resurrect it back to a like-new condition.  Please connect with one of our team members today to learn more.

  • Premium tennis court surfaces
  • Highly recommended resurfacing company
  • Eco-friendly resurfacing
  • Over 6,000 completed tennis court resurfacing
Tennis Court Surface

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Our tennis court resurfacing service is for everyone.

Many of our associates at Sport Surfaces are tennis players and professionals, familiar with proper playing surfaces. When it comes to Tennis Court Resurfacing, we know that a smooth court surface increases both the safety and longevity of your court.  

During the paint striping process, we only use top-quality ITF endorsed paints to seal our lines. Additionally, we implement a rigorous testing process to ensure that each court meets our high standards.

We also use top grade materials for crack filling and crack repair. Our extensive tennis court maintenance and repair services ensure that your tennis court will have a long lifespan. We will provide you with an exquisite court playing surface, and years of enjoyment.

Whether you own a community facility or a private home in Florida, we can help you with your tennis court requests. Sport Surfaces provides the support needed to recondition your tennis court. We use only premium products during our tennis court resurfacing process to ensure your tennis court is of the highest standard.

We’ll fix your tennis court

If you would like to know about the cost and ways how to resurface a tennis court? please contact Sport Surfaces, Florida today! Our knowledgeable team members are always here to assist you.


Our team members at Sport Surfaces can answer all of your tennis court questions.  Please click on the link below if you would like to speak to us.