Pickleball Court Construction

Now is the optimal time to convert your old court to a pickleball court! Your new court will be an upgraded, smooth surface so you can comfortably keep on playing.

Pickleball court construction for multiple types of venues

Pickleball’s popularity is exploding across the us, with players of all ages becoming enthralled with the sport. The game of pickleball is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels.

It is a combination of skills derived from the sports of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. If you have always wanted to construct a pickleball court, sport surfaces is ready to build it for you.

Our company has been involved in the sports construction and resurfacing field for the past twenty years. 

We’ve completed thousands of sport surfaces, and have earned a stellar reputation with both our clients and industry peers.

Pickleball Court Construction

We take great pride in giving our customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed when building world class court surfaces for them.

We solely work with licensed and insured court contractors, and have successfully completed multiple pickleball court surface construction projects. We take great care to follow all zoning guidelines and permitting regulations for you when starting a new project.


Sport surfaces can build new pickleball courts at:

  • Private homes
  • Educational institutions
  • Recreational facilities
  • Tournament venues
  • Military establishments
  • Parks
  • Country clubs
  • Retirement facilities

if you own a tennis court and would like to convert it into a pickleball court, we can do it. If you’re ready to begin your new pickleball court construction project, please contact one of our team members today.

The game of pickleball

Pickleball is a paddleball game that is played on a court approximately one fourth the size of a tennis court.  The game can be played by an individual as a singles game, or in pairs as a doubles game.

Each player uses a paddle to hit a perforated plastic ball back and for the over the net. The goal is to try to score the most points for your team.

The rules of the game are not too difficult to master, and once understood, the real fun begins. We’ve discovered that many local players will generously offer counsel on the pickleball rules and regulations to new players.

About construction services

If you’re ready to build your new pickleball court, sport surfaces can assist you.  We can plan, design, and construct your new pickleball court from start to finish.  Please connect with one of our staff members today for more information.

  • Customized pickleball courts
  • Top-rated construction company
  • Environmentally-friendly products and materials
  • Indoor and outdoor sport surfaces
Pickleball Game

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Factors to consider when constructing a pickleball court

Constructing pickleball courts is an expensive endeavor, and Sport Surfaces wants to ensure that you have the best construction experience. 

There are a few important factors to consider when making the decision to construct new pickleball courts:

  • Total budget for court and court accessories
  • Demographic and household incomes of individuals residing in facility area (young vs. senior players, modest vs. wealthy players)
  • Type of base for your court surface (concrete or asphalt)
  • Type of lighting and fencing for your court’s perimeter
  • Colors for court striping if being placed on a tennis court

Pickleball court and net dimensions

Pickleball courts are usually constructed with standard dimensions according to USA Pickleball guidelines. However, if your designated area requires customized court dimensions, Sport Surfaces is able to accommodate your needs. These are the following measurements for a standard pickleball court:

  • Minimum playing surface region is 30’ x 60’ Standard size is 34’ x 64’
  • Competition court dimensions are 40’ x 70’
  • Pickleball nets measure 22’ long and are 3’ high. (They measure 36” high at the sidelines and 34” high in the center of the court)
  • Pickleball net posts are typically comprised of 3mm polyethylene and should use a 23 oz. vinyl headband (Note: Sport Surfaces recommends fiberglass dowels for strength and a longer lifespan) Net posts are placed 22’ off center
  • Center strap is the same as the one used for tennis
  • Sidelines are the lines that run perpendicular to the net on each side of the court
  • Baselines are the lines that run parallel to the net that are located at both ends of the court
  • Total court dimensions measure 20’ wide X 44’ long Note: These dimensions are for both singles and doubles pickleball games. It includes the areas for the net, out of bounds lines, and no volley zone. (The no volley zone is located 7’ from the net)
  • The width of the pickleball lines is 2” (This is the same measurement as lines on a tennis court) 

Note: We usually paint the court lines with a contrasting color when converting a tennis court to a pickleball court.  The chosen color will ideally be within the same color family. This avoids creating too much of a distraction for tennis players using the same court.

When determining how many pickleball courts you would like to construct, it’s important to measure your given area of space. 

Sport Surfaces never recommends cramming too many courts in any given area because of congestion and distraction issues. It is extremely important to consider the space needed for your pickleball players to play their game in a comfortable environment.

Pickleball court fencing

Sport Surfaces can install your pickleball court fencing to complete your pickleball court construction project. We carry state-of-the-art court fencing that can be customized to cater to your pickleball court’s specifications. 

Fencing is a crucial component of building a new pickleball court because of the safety aspects that it provides. 

Fencing for a pickleball court typically measures 34’ x 64’ for the fence line. It provides a barrier for the pickleball player by preventing them from running into the various parts of the pickleball court.

Players tend to be aggressive in their playing styles, so it’s important to keep them from incurring an injury. This can also prevent a player from creating a lawsuit due to negligence.

If your budget and the court’s dimensions allow, we can also add an extra safety measure by installing fence cushioning. We have found that this is extremely beneficial because:

  • Players tend to play to their maximum capabilities because they feel assured of your pickleball court’s safety measures
  • Attracts players of all ages and skill levels to your facility
  • Perfect addition for more senior players
  • Creates an insurance policy by reducing the number of traumatic injuries that could occur
  • Doesn’t affect the ball bounce when installed correctly

Sport Surfaces always creates enough court entryways so that other players will not have to walk across another player’s court. Our fencing is always a minimum of 3.5’ in height, and we can install it up to a maximum of 10’. Our design team will be happy to discuss the best fencing option for your court with you.


Constructing a pickleball court demands that the design always consider the orientation of the sun. The standard pickleball court faces a north to south direction whenever possible, in order to ensure the optimal evening playing experience. Facing the court in this direction also reduces the sun’s glare during daytime play.  Before beginning your new court construction, it’s imperative to consult with our design team.


Sport Surfaces’ design team is proficient in assisting you in selecting your pickleball court’s lighting. Obtaining lighting is essential if your facility is going to offer nighttime play for your pickleball players. Having the appropriate lighting is a necessary expense, but our team will help you determine what will be most cost-effective. We carry many options for illuminating your court, so please call our staff today to learn more details.


When constructing a pickleball court, it is necessary to also install a drainage system. Water can create damage to your court’s surface both below and above it. We design the optimal drainage system for your individual court through calculating the slope and grade of the court area. Our specialists will consult with you your best option for maximum water drainage.


Sport Surfaces suggests a few additional items when constructing a new pickleball court for enhancing your home or facility:

  • Tennis court awnings and cabanas to provide shade and a rest area for players
  • Water fountains
  • Open design to attract new players to your facility
  • Pickleball court sound blocking screens

Pickleball courts can provide avid players and new athletes alike an excellent opportunity to play one of the fastest growing sports. Sport Surfaces will be happy to assist you with your new pickleball court design and construction. Please call us today for more information, and to begin your pickleball court construction or tennis court conversion.


Sport Surfaces is here to answer all of your pickleball court construction questions.  Please click on the link below to contact one of our team members today.

Do you construct pickleball courts in my area?

Yes, we construct pickleball courts across the United States, and possess several branch offices to cater to our customers’ needs. Please connect with our team members for more details about pickleball court construction.

Why should I hire Sport Surfaces to construct my court?

Sport Surfaces has been involved in the sport construction industry for over twenty years, specializing in pickleball court construction.  We have an impeccable reputation, and 100% guarantee our workmanship.

What kinds of materials are used to construct my pickleball court?

We construct your pickleball court with premium products and recycled materials to create a world class court surface.  We are an eco-friendly company concerned about protecting our planet.  Please contact our team members to learn more.

Do you offer any type of maintenance plans?

Yes, Sport Surfaces offers instructions on pickleball court maintenance. However, our court technicians can also be hired to perform these maintenance services for you.  Please call us today to find out more details about our Gold Maintenance Plan.

Is it possible to convert tennis court into a pickleball court?

Yes, Sport Surfaces is able to convert your tennis court into a pickleball court.  Our court technicians are experts with tennis court conversions, and will be happy to create your new pickleball court.  Please contact our sales team to discuss your pickleball court project.

About our company

Since 1998, Sport Surfaces has been involved in the sports construction industry.  We are experts in both sport construction and resurfacing for multiple sport surfaces.  Please connect with us today to learn more about us and begin a new project. 

  • Knowledgeable and professional team 
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Free estimates 
  • Licensed and Insured
Pickleball Court Resurfacing Services

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