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Running Track Construction

If you want to build a running track, you have found the top-rated contractor for a running tracks construction. Contact us today for a free quote!

Top rated Florida running track construction contractor.

The sport of running is incredibly popular worldwide, with people of all ages participating in it for both pleasure and competitions.

The origins of running date back to ancient greece during the first olympics, and thus the sport was created. The original running tracks were comprised from different types of sand, grass, dirt, or crushed cinders.

Running tracks are an efficient and structured way for runners to measure their times and distance. They are an artificial rubberized surface perfect for a variety of athletic activities in the track and field category.

We will build your running track!

Sport surfaces has extensive experience in all areas of running track construction and running track resurfacing.  Our in-house design team and certified, licensed contractors will facilitate the process, guiding you from your track design to completion.

We want to ensure your synthetic track surface will be constructed for top-grade materials with superior workmanship.   If you desire new running track construction or need to know how to repair a running surface, please call sport surfaces.

Our company has been in the sports construction industry since 1998. We have completed multiple running track installations for customers throughout the us. We have earned our reputation as one of the top recommended running track contractors in florida.


Our roster of satisfied customers has given us constant referrals.  We can build running tracks for your high school, training venue, park, hospital, or military base.

Base construction of the running track:

  • We build a roadway made out of a stone base
  • Add 2 layers of asphalt to create a strong foundation for the surface
  • Install a proper concrete curb to ensure longevity
  • Install a proper drainage system
  • Use a full pour method which adds layers, creating an ideal running surface

Running track options and benefits

  • Colors:  our running tracks can be black or pigmented, Note: if you wish your track to reflect your team colors, we can match them for you 
  • Durability: our running tracks are long lasting
  • Safety: our running track will offer a superior amount cushioning and resiliency to keep your runners safe
  • Uv protection: your track will also include uv resistance to keep runners cooler longer
  • Eco-friendly: our running tracks are free from hazardous materials, and also incorporate recycled materials when a track is resurfaced

About construction services

If you would like to build a new running track, our company can do it.  Sport Surfaces can plan and construct your running track in your designated space.  Please call our team today for more information.

  • Plexi-trac running tracks
  • Free estimates
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Top-rated construction company

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Top quality running track surfacing.

At sport surfaces we offer only the finest plexitrac running tracks to begin your new running track construction project. These surfaces incorporate premium track technology to provide your runner with the finest quality surface to keep them cool and safe.

They are utilized worldwide because of their sturdiness, water-based formulation, and resiliency. These outstanding qualities have propelled them to be one of the top choices on the market today.  

They possess several characteristics that create an ideal running track system for optimum athletic performance. Some of the amazing benefits that are gained through using our epdm or sbr surfaces are as follows: 

Poly-resin binders: these allow your runners to experience a comfortable run while still operating at peak performance.

  • The system is comprised of 3-6 layers of sbr rubber 
  • An additional 1-3 layers of smaller sbr rubber is then added 
  • Finally, 2 coats of the wearing surface is applied 
  • The track is then striped, and an optional certification of striping is available to create the running track lanes

Advanced technology –  all of our surfaces are designed to:

  • Minimize muscle injury and fatigue by absorbing some of the impact on the runners’ joints
  • Extra cushioning transmits high impact to the rubber surface below
  • Have an adjustable level of cushioning designed for every type of runner, and their unique needs.

Protection against the elements:  runners can enjoy year-round running on the plexitrac system:

  • Providing protection from harsh ultraviolet rays
  • Slip resistance from rainy climates
  • Protects against the bitter cold and snow in winter climates
  • Runners can enjoy the plexitrac system in weather between 40 degrees – 120 degrees
  • The unique uv formulation protects the pigmentation of the track from color fading.

Meets the requirements of the iaaf:  the water-based resins provide a safe environment for runners that are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly

All of these meet the requirements of the international amateur athletic federation.

Free from environmental hazards: our system does not use mercury or heavy metals during the construction process.

Also, we use recycled materials during our running track resurfacing process. We are vigilant about remaining eco-conscious whenever possible, unlike many other running track companies.

Low maintenance costs: these systems are guaranteed to have long-wearing surface performance.

Step-by-step tennis & basketball court Resurfacing instructions.


Plexitrac Accelerator

Plexitrac accelerator offers the highest levels of performance for texture, longevity and athletic capability. Accelerator is an epdm surface top coated with the polyresin plexitrac coating, ensuring uniformity and years of uv light stable color.

  • Highly textured- provides optimum traction and color intensity.
  • Meets force reduction and deformation requirements of the iaaf
  • Low maintenance costs

Plexitrac Lightning

Plexitrac lightning is comprised of select black sbr rubber granules bound together with a black pigmented plexitrac binder. Lightning is then top coated with a highly pigmented black finish coat of either plexitrac coating or surfacer. This adds additional long term uv light stability and abrasion resistance. Plexitrac lightning can be updated to plexitrac accelerator at scheduled maintenance cycle.

Plexitrac Flash

Plexitrac flash is a traditional track surfacing system ideal for value conscious clients. Flash consists of a base layer of black sbr rubber bound together by red plexitrac binder for color depth. A single layer of epdm granule is protected by plexitrac surfacer or plexitrac coating.

  • Intense color and medium texture
  • Available in red, green or blue

Plexitrac Surfacer

Plexitrac surfacer is a polyresin topcoat and retexturizing finish for existing latex and urethane track surfaces. Plexitrac surfacer is perfect for revitalizing your worn running track surface. The highly pigmented composition is filled with epdm rubber granule for texture and f