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Outdoor half basketball courts

We maintain an in-house design team whose expertise can guide you with designing, planning, and customizing your new half basketball court.

Outdoor half basketball courts for your home or facility

Basketball players tend to be obsessed with the game, and love to shoot hoops for leisure and/or tournament play with their families, friends, and teammates. The sport attracts players of all ages, and has become quite popular on a global scale. It’s played at multiple types of venues including backyards, schools, community facilities, and more.

The quest is endless for players to find world class court surfaces to practice their skills and improve their techniques. It’s crucial for them to access a state-of-the-art basketball court surface to work on the elements of their game.

Sometimes, due to space constraints, it’s only possible to build a half basketball court as opposed to a full one. Sport Surfaces are experts in half basketball court construction, and will be happy to customize your court to your specific space dimensions. If you’re ready to add a new home basketball court or build some new high school courts for your school, we can do it for you.

Our company is recognized nationally as a top-rated basketball court contractor, and has successfully completed a myriad of concrete basketball court surfaces for our customers. Our specialty lies in sport court® construction and resurfacing, and we have branch offices across the US to serve our customers’ needs.

We maintain an in-house design team whose expertise can guide you with designing, planning, and customizing your new half basketball court. We create the optimal outdoor half court to fit your budget and your allotted space.

Certified and licensed basketball court contractors

Sport Surfaces team has made it our mission to provide you with the maximum proficiency and experience when it comes to constructing your new court. Our landscape architects and design engineers are highly trained in designing any type of sport surface for multiple types of venues.

In addition to building and performing a professional installation of your new basketball court, we can also create your team logo. We can place it onto your court surface, and/or the surrounding area. Logos can invoke excitement amongst players, and engender a sense of community for your home or sports facility.

We also can provide proper court maintenance for your new sport surface. Our court technicians can be hired to perform the required maintenance techniques through our maintenance plan. Court maintenance is extremely important for providing a safe playing surface, aesthetic appeal, and allowing for continuous play.

Our workmanship is always 100% guaranteed, and we consistently receive referrals from our customers. We would love to help you build a premium half basketball court, so please connect with us.


About construction services

If you would like to construct a new outdoor half basketball court, Sport Surfaces can build it for you.  We can customize your new basketball court in your designated space.  Please contact our team for more details.

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  • Top-rated construction company
  • Eco-friendly construction
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Basketball court installation and repair with bare concrete

Basketball court standard playing areas

Whether a basketball player plays on either a full court or a half court, both types of courts have universally named areas on the court.

  • Key line on a half basketball court typically is a 12’ wide area
  • Foul line is the same measurement for both amateur and professional basketball courts. It measures precisely 15’ from the foul line to the front of the backboard.
  • Free throw lines are exactly 15’ distance from the basketball hoop’s center, and 12’ long

Basketball half court dimensions

The dimensions of an outdoor half basketball court are exactly half of those designated for a full-size outdoor basketball court.

Sport Surfaces has discovered that this is the best option for venues with a smaller amount of land or space where a standard full-size court would simply not be possible. The dimensions of a half court measure 30 feet long and 50 feet wide.  This basketball court size typically solves all issues with tight spaces.

Typically, a half basketball court can cost on average $8,000-$38,000 and higher depending on your needs. Our sales associates would be more than happy to offer you a free estimate, court consultation, and answer any questions or concerns.

How to build a concrete half basketball court

Have you ever wondered how to make a concrete basketball court for your backyard or recreational facility, but didn’t know where to begin? Sport Surfaces has you covered, and we will use the best quality concrete for your basketball court.  Choosing a concrete basketball court finish has many benefits including:

  • Less maintenance than other types of court surfaces
  • Perfect choice when space or accessibility to a court is limited
  • More durable than an asphalt basketball court
  • Most cost-effective court surface option
  • Installation is easier than other types of court surfaces
  • Can withstand harsh weather conditions

When we install a basketball court, we use a special cementitious acrylic product along with a vapor barrier. This type of basketball court finish is ideal for guaranteeing a longer court lifespan and that the paint will adhere properly.

A standard basketball court’s dimensions are typically 50’ x 94’. Even though a half court is only 30’ x 50’, it is imperative that the court has a 1% slope on the concrete slab. 

This incline allows for proper water drainage to occur to prevent court damage from standing water. Our court technicians always take proper care to guarantee full water removal will take place during the construction process. 

Acrylotex basketball court paint and its benefits

Once we finish installing your new concrete half basketball court, the next step is to paint it. Our court technicians only use the best paint when painting a court.

Acrylotex is a textured color coating system that is considered to be a premium type of basketball court paint for concrete. Its versatility allows it to cater to all styles of basketball game play. It displays multiple benefits including:

  • Durable for many years
  • High performance
  • Non-skid
  • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor court surfaces
  • Versatile
  • Meets standard regulations of municipalities, educational facilities, and recreational facilities
  • Reduces oxidation levels to protect and enhance concrete performance
  • Resists fading from the sun’s UV rays
  • Comprised of eco-friendly materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost friendly when compared to other types of court surfaces like hardwood, polyurethane, or interlocking tile systems

Basketball court hoops and accessories

Sport Surfaces offers a variety of basketball court accessories for your selection including bleachers, goals, protective padding, scoreboards, and more. Our basketball court experts will help you choose whichever style will best suit your needs:

  • Benches that can accommodate team seating and/or individual seating
  • Backboards that are created from tempered glass, plexiglass, and aluminum: size ranges from 48” to regulation NBA size of 72”
  • Extension arms that measure from 2’ – 5’
  • Court fencing with padding
  • Court lighting

Playing basketball is an excellent form of fitness, and can bring families and communities together. If you’re ready to build your brand new outdoor concrete half basketball court, Sport Surfaces is here to construct it. Please contact one of our team members today.

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