Basketball Court Resurfacing

Resurfacing of the basketball court is an important step to ensure that your game is not only fun, but safe as well. Order basketball court resurfacing!

Basketball court resurfacing and repairs serving Florida

Does your outdoor basketball court need a makeover so you can keep on playing? If you like to play basketball for leisure or competition, we can return your court to its former condition.

If you are ready to repair or resurface your existing basketball court, Sport Surfaces’ professional technicians are here to assist you. We know how important it is for players to have a premium playing surface for basketball during practice and professional games.

Basketball court resurfacing specialists

Sports Surfaces has been involved in the sports industry since 1998, and we specialize in both basketball court resurfacing and construction. We are one of the top recommended Florida basketball court repair companies, and have successfully resurfaced thousands of basketball courts.

Our customers live both near and far, and we are happy to cater to all of their basketball court needs. We maintain branch offices across the US to service their sport surface needs.

We have resurfaced basketball courts for private homes, park facilities, recreational facilities, educational institutions, and professional venues.

We use a specialized surfacing system to ensure each of our basketball courts exceed customer expectations. Our game courts provide years of endless enjoyment with minimum maintenance. We can even convert your existing tennis court into an acrylic basketball court.

Gradual wear and tear on acrylic basketball court surfaces leads to fading, flaking, “bird baths”, and even hazardous conditions. Proper maintenance for your basketball court is required for a stellar appearance, and a safe court surface. Asphalt basketball courts typically only require resurfacing every 4 to 5 years. However, it’s important to have them done by a licensed and insured professional you can trust.

Acrylic basketball court maintenance guildelines

When it comes properly taking care of your basketball court, our Sport Surfaces team members can teach you the basics.

We also offer our maintenance plans if you prefer to hire us to perform the necessary court maintenance. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about court maintenance.

  • Remember to sweep or blow leaves, dirt, bird droppings and other undesired debris from the playing surface. You can use a broom or an air blower one to two times per week to perform this task. NOTE: The weather may affect the amount of nature’s elements that blow onto your court.
  • If you see cracks in your basketball court, it is crucial to try to seal them immediately. This ensures that water will be prohibited from entering into the cracks and causing further court damage.
  • Make sure to pressure clean the court at least once a year because it removes dirt, debris, and mildew.
  • Wear proper foot attire that does not mark the court surface. Typically, a clean, flat-soled basketball shoe is most compatible with your playing surface.
  • If a rainstorm occurs, it is necessary to dry the court’s playing surface thoroughly before playing again. This is a general safety precaution to prevent injuries from occurring.
  • If a drink spills on top of the court surface, it’s important to wash it so it does not incur damage.

The outline below is our step-by-step basketball resurfacing and repair processes, specifically designed for the harsh Florida climate. Note: All of the acrylics we use provide 100 percent UV protection for your courts. This allows the asphalt to remain moist and helps to prevent premature cracking.

About resurfacing services

If your basketball court is in need of repair, Sport Surfaces is here for you.  We can resurface your basketball court to give it the charm it once possessed.  Please call our team to learn more about the resurfacing process.

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  • Top-rated resurfacing company
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Basketball court installation and repair with bare concrete

  • Bare concrete resurfacing requires unique procedures that must be carefully followed to avoid court failure. Through years of research and development, we have perfected a resurfacing system. We use proven techniques that allow the concrete to adhere well, and sustain many years of play.
  • Note: Your concrete surface must have a vapor barrier installed, a medium broom finish, and the use of a natural cure. We suggest using a professional basketball company to assist you when pouring the concrete.
  • Typical basketball court dimensions are approximately 50’x 94’Please note: Court must have a minimum of 1% slope to guarantee water removal. Pressure cleaning and power blowing the basketball court is also necessary to remove dirt, debris, mildew and oil.
  • It is necessary to patch depressions greater than 1/8 inch, and smooth the ridges, as necessary.
  • We will fill existing cracks to ensure safety.
  • A bare concrete court must be acid etched with either muriatic acid or phosphoric acid. This will neutralize the alkalotic properties of the concrete, and allow the acrylic paint to more readily stick.
  • We then apply (2) coats of Acrylotex, a cementitious paint which has both the properties of cement and acrylics. This allows the paint to bond very successfully to the new surface.
  • The lines are then primed and painted using either the high school or NCAA specifications. Note: We can also convert your current tennis court to a basketball court.

Basketball court resurfacing asphalt or already color coated concrete

  • Please note: Specifications may vary depending on the condition of the playing surface.Application of 1 coat of acrylic resurfacer over the entire basketball court area to fill voids and create a smooth surface.
  • Application of 2 coats of acrylic color concentrate (two-tone) to provide color over the entire court.
  • Marking and painting of two-inch wide playing lines. These are formed with white, textured, heavy bodied acrylic latex paint, in accordance with high school or NCAA regulations.

Benefits of resurfacing a basketball court

  • Attract more clients to your recreational facility or professional venue. If a basketball court surface is aesthetically pleasing for the basketball player, more participants will want to play on it.
  • Professional basketball courts must be in pristine condition for competitions to take place. Once you have resurfaced your basketball court, your outdoor court will attract more competitions to book at your facility
  • Resurfacing your outdoor basketball surface is key to providing a safe playing surface for participants, as well as injury prevention
  • Once your court is resurfaced, it will have a longer lifespan.

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Our sales associates can answer any questions you may have about a basketball court playing surface.  Please click on the link below to connect with us.

Do you resurface basketball courts in my area?

Sport Surfaces resurfaces basketball courts throughout many parts of the US.  We are capable of attending to our customers court requests with our many branch offices. Please contact one of our team members if you’re ready to resurface your basketball court.

Why should I hire Sport Surfaces as opposed to another company?

Our company has been in business for over twenty years, and is top-rated.  We are a trusted company, and give our customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Please connect with us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

What kinds of products do you use during construction of my new basketball court?

Our contractors only use premium products when we resurface a basketball court.  We are an eco-conscious company, and if possible, we work with recycled materials for resurfacing your court surface.

Are there any types of maintenance plans for my new basketball court?

Yes, our company can teach you how to properly care for your basketball court.  However, if you prefer, you can hire Sport Surfaces to perform the necessary maintenance.  Please call our staff today to learn more about our Gold Maintenance Plan.

What are the benefits of resurfacing a basketball court?

There are many benefits to resurfacing your basketball court including player safety, recreating a smooth surface, even ball bounce, and eliminating any cracks or uneven areas.  Please call our sales associates for more details.

About our company

Sport Surfaces has been involved in the sports surfacing industry since 1998.  We have completed thousands of basketball court resurfacing projects for our customers.  Please connect with our team today to find out more about our services.

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Resurfacing of the Basketball Court

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