Poured-In-Place Rubber Playground

Whether you own a private residence, recreational facility, educational institution, or park, our contractors can build you your brand-new poured-in-place rubber playground.

The best  poured-in-place rubber playground.

Tru-motion poured-in-place rubber playground: seamlessly merging beauty, safety & fun!

Children all over the world love to run around and frolic carefree on a playground. A playground is a specially designated outdoor area designed for children to safely play.

Playgrounds have been popping up across the United States that are created for both children and adults.

If you ever wondered where to buy a safe surface for a playground, Sport Surfaces can provide the answer. 

Poured-In-Place Rubber Plauground specialists

Whether you own a private residence, recreational facility, educational institution, or park, our contractors can build you your brand-new poured-in-place rubber playground.

Our company has been involved in the sports construction field for over twenty years. We specialize in sport construction, repair, and resurfacing, and have successfully completed many projects throughout Florida. We are one of the top recommended companies with customers worldwide.

When building a playground, It is imperative to call a professional company who has the field experience and years of product knowledge behind them.

Our certified, licensed technicians can provide you with their extensive experience in the design, planning, and installation of your new playground.

Tru-motion play series rubber playground surface

Sport Surfaces uses top quality materials, and polyurethane systems when conducting a poured-in-place rubber playground. Our priority is to create a safe playground surface for you.

We use a mixture of multiple polyurethane binder rubber applications and products formulated exclusively for installing a playground surface. The Tru-Motion playground safety surfaces are:

  • Mixed and poured at your designated playground’s location
  • Resilient and a weather-proof surface, and can tolerate high temperatures and humidity
  • Improved for installation and color fastness by the proprietary safety surfaces products

Top play benefits of the tru-motion system:

Sport Surfaces offers the ultimate in weather and slip resistance using a combination of color EPDM top coats in a wide range of colors. 

These top coat colors are not only durable, but also extremely aesthetically pleasing. We want you to be able to match your surrounding area with colors that complement it.

Our bottom layers of the playground surface are comprised of SBR Recycled layers. These layers offer vertical fall protection, along with an IPEMA Certified Quality/Warranty giving you both the highest quality, and budget-friendly option.

If you currently own a poured-in-place rubber playground, we can also repair or refinish it if needed.

About design services

Sport Surfaces can design your new poured-in-place playground to fit the dimensions of your chosen playground area.  We offer free estimates, so please connect with one of our team members today. 

We can offer you:

  • High quality products and materials
  • Custom layouts 
  • Multiple color combinations
  • 100% recycled rubber materials

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Safety factors for a tru-motion rubber playground.

When selecting what type of playground surface you are going to install, safety is an essential consideration. Safety involves both liability issues and minimizing risk of injury.

Poured rubber surfacing eliminates these issues because:

  • It is soft and smooth, designed for shock absorption and to cushion falls
  • It is durable and thick for children to jump onto it
  • Will not splinter and injure a child
  • Made from natural recycled rubber materials so those with allergies won’t be affected by contact with the surface
  • Prohibits any wild animals from digging into it, or foreign objects from being buried
  • Compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines: fully wheelchair accessible, and an excellent option for those individuals with any type of physical limitations

We will install your new poured rubber playground

If you’re ready to install your new poured-in-place rubber playground, please contact Sport Surfaces today. Our team would love to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your new project.

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Maintenance requirements for tru-motion rubber playground surfaces

While the initial investment for a Tru-motion playground may seem relatively high, it’s minimal maintenance costs make it worthwhile. It’s surface:

  • Typically lasts around 10 years, contingent on frequency of use, before any maintenance is required. Note: If you live in a cold climate, the surface can become hard over a period of time.  It’s important to check more frequently if the surface needs any type of repairs. If so, it may need to be topped off with a fresh layer of rubber to bring it back to its original state.
  • Can be treated it with a coating to rejuvenate its wear and weather resistance. If you’re surface is used quite often, multiple new top layers can be poured onto the current play surface. We can also touch up game lines with paint.
  • Has the potential for a spot-repair, and sometimes, your existing surface may only need one section repaired. Damage can be fixed through adding a new wear layer or color cap to the surface.

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Our experts at Sports Surfaces can answer all of your questions about your new poured-in-place playground.  Please click on the link below to connect with us.

What exactly is a poured-in-place rubber playground?

A poured-in-place playground is made of a polyurethane system with multiple rubber binder applications and other products to create a cushioned play surface.  Sport Surfaces are experts at installing your new playground, so please call us today.

Is a rubber playground safer than a concrete one?

A rubber playground has become popular throughout the nation for its multiple safety factors.  It’s softer so it can cushion a child’s fall, does not splinter, prevents major head trauma injuries, is more durable, and is made from all-natural materials.  Please call us today to get more information. 

Can you match my school colors to the playground colors?

Sport Surfaces playground technicians can customize your new poured-in-place playground to match your school’s colors.  Our paint system has multiple color options from which you can select.  We also guarantee that your new playground will be able to blend in with your surrounding area, if desired. 

Where can you install my new rubber playground?

Our company’s professional licensed technicians can install your new poured-in-place rubber playground at your private home, a park, a recreational facility, or a school.  We cater to your specific needs, so please connect with one of our team members to start designing your new playground project.

How do I maintain my new playground?

Maintaining a poured-in-place rubber playground is relatively simple, and Sport Surfaces can assist you with this.  Because it is a durable surface, we look for signs of wear and tear after about 10 years.  If so, we can add an extra rubber layer, a weather-resistance coating, and can perform spot repair. 

About our company

Our company maintains an in-house design team and landscape architects who consult with our customers on their new sport surface endeavor.  Please contact our Sports Surface staff today so you can design your new poured-in-place playground.

  • Top recommended company
  • Over 20 years of design experience
  • Premium playgrounds
  • Customer referrals

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