Cushioned Hard Tennis Court

If you want to build your cushioned asphalt tennis court, you have found the top-rated contractor for any tennis court construction. We will build your dream court!

Cushioned asphalt tennis court.

Tennis is a great sport for both children and adults to play for fun or competitions.  The game’s popularity worldwide has increased the demand for high quality court surfaces of all types.

Tennis players are on an incessant quest to locate superior court technology, with the goal of comfort and precision during their games. Tennis players require comfortable, state-of-the-art surfaces for training and improving their techniques.

A cushioned asphalt tennis court is the perfect solution for those who train and play matches for multiple hours a day. Sport Surfaces can construct a cushioned hard court for you, creating a phenomenal, professional playing surface.

Cushioned hard court construction contractor

Our company has been involved with the sports construction industry since 1998, working only with professional tennis court contractors.  Their proficiency extends to both cushioned asphalt tennis court construction and resurfacing.

They can build a new cushioned asphalt court for your private residence, educational facility, recreational facility, tournament facility, or country club. We are one of the top recommended Florida sports courts contractor, and have customers all over Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

Some of our most prestigious sports construction projects we have been involved with are the tennis courts in Delray Beach, FL, for the Davis Cup, and those for the US Open.

Our staff, architects, and court contractors will work with you from your project’s inception to its completion.  We assist you with all the stages, beginning with the initial planning, design, and budget.

Sport Surfaces maintains its own team of design engineers and landscape architects.  They are experts in all types of sports construction, court consultation, and facility aesthetics. 

As an added court enhancement, we can customize a team logo in your favorite colors for you, your school’s tennis team logo, or a professional tournament’s logo.

Maintenance for your new cushioned hard court

Proper maintenance for your new cushioned hard court is important for its upkeep, and we will be happy to educate you on what is necessary.  If you are not fond of do-it-yourself maintenance, Sport Surfaces can step in to help.  

Our certified, licensed technicians are capable of providing both maintenance and resurfacing options through our Gold Maintenance plan.  Please contact our office to see if that is the best option for you.

Our workmanship on all of our tennis courts is top notch, and we have an extensive roster of successfully completed surfacing projects.  

If you are in the market for a brand-new cushioned asphalt tennis court, connect with Sport Surfaces today.

About construction services

If you’re ready to construct your cushioned hard court, our company is here for you.  We can consult with you, design, and then construct your new tennis court from beginning to end.  Please connect with one of our sales associates for more details.

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Construction of the cushioned asphalt hard court

ECushioned asphalt tennis court

If you have ever looked at a tennis court, it may simply appear to be a piece of asphalt or cement, painted with lines to create a court for playing tennis.  However, appearances can be deceiving when it comes to asphalt vs. concrete.

When you choose to install a home tennis court or one at another location, our Sport Surfaces professionals can show you exactly what a difference a cushioned asphalt tennis court can make to your performance, and the durability of the court.

Construction of the cushioned asphalt hard court

A cushioned tennis court surface is considered a premium court surface in the tennis world and is a major upgrade to any court.

Whether you are surfacing a tennis, basketball, or other type of sport courts®, these systems are classified as a cushioned hard court.  The characteristic that defines them is that they’re acrylic-based in composition.

We will build your dream asphalt tennis court!

While the cost of this type of court system typically adds approximately $5000-$20,000+  to the overall cost of your court project, our customers all say it’s worth it.

The extra cost will make up for less frequent need for court resurfacing because of the increased durability the cushioning layers provide.

Sport Surfaces will begin the construction of your new cushioned asphalt tennis court by:

  • Depending on how soft you would like your new cushion surface to be we can apply anywhere from 2-3 coats of cushion to as much as 12 layers of cushion for professional play.
  • We begin by Placing a layer of asphalt on the ground, covered by a layer of acrylic.

Note:  Every cushion surface specification may vary below is a typical surface. (courts can have 2-3 coats to up to 12 coats) While this would be the end of court construction for some companies, we follow up with additional cushioning layers for a better playing surface

  • The first layer of cushion is the large cushion layer which consist of typically three to nine applications of rubberized cushioning
  • Next layer is followed up with typically two to three coats of heavy-grade small rubber granules to smooth out the surface and provide additional cushion protection.
  • Application of acrylic paint to create court colors and line striping

Benefits of a cushioned asphalt tennis court

The cushioned asphalt tennis court, which is the exact same type of tennis court utilized for the US Open, provides a vast array of benefits to players:

  • Cushioning helps protect the players from injury caused from a jarring motion from running or falling
  • Rubberized sub-layers minimize strain on the lower extremities through energy absorption
  • Reduces tennis players levels of body fatigue and muscle soreness
  • Increases the amount of hours tennis players can train because of its ability to cushion the body during movement
  • Low maintenance court surface with a longer court lifespan.
  • The multiple layers of cushioning possess incredible strength and durability, and will provide cushioning for several years
  • Resistant to surface cracking and peeling caused by cold climates and the UV rays from the sun
  • Please note that we are able to apply anywhere from 1-2 coats of cushion up to 12 coats depending on the needs and application of the individual surface and customers requirements.

Cushioned asphalt tennis court maintenance

Cushioned asphalt tennis courts are low maintenance when compared with other types of tennis court surfaces.  To keep your court surface in excellent playing condition, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Keep the court surface free and clear from all types of debris to reduce court damage from rocks, dirt, and tree branches
  • If there are trees around the perimeter of the court, it may be necessary to rinse or use a blower on the surface to clean it
  • Protect the soft cushioned layers of the court’s surface from heavy equipment or machinery to avoid any dents
  • Color coatings will require a resurfacing every 4-8 years in order to bring the color and the texture back to prime condition

If you are ready to construct your new cushioned asphalt tennis court, please contact Sport Surfaces today.  We would love to assist you with building the new court of your dreams.

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Our company is happy to provide you with more information about your cushioned hard court project.  Please click on the link below to ask us anything.

Do you construct cushioned hard courts where I live?

Sport Surfaces can build a new cushioned hard court in your location.  We have several branch offices throughout the US to serve our customers’ requests.  Please call one of our team members to start building your dream court.

Why is your company better than any other one?

Our company has been around for over twenty years, and we have completed over 6,000 tennis courts.  We are one of the premier companies in the US, with an incredible reputation in the sports construction field.  We are proud that our customers constantly give us referrals.

What types of materials do you use during the construction of my new cushioned hard court?

Our construction contractors only use the highest quality products and materials for your new tennis court.  We are an eco-friendly company, utilizing recycled materials if possible during construction.

Do you offer any type of maintenance plans?

Yes, our company offers guidance for proper court surface maintenance.  If you don’t want to do the necessary maintenance yourself, you can hire us to do it for you.  Please connect with us today to learn more about our Gold Maintenance Plan.

Where can I build a new sport surface or sport court?

There are many options when it comes to building your cushioned hard court.  Private residences, schools, recreational facilities, and professional tournament venues are some of the locations we can build your new court.  Please contact one of our associates today to discuss your new sport court endeavor.

About our company

Since 1998. Sport Surfaces has branched out across the US.  We have vast experience in both sports surface construction and resurfacing.  Please call our team members today to find out more about our services.

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