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Sand Volleyball Court Construction

If you want to build a sand volleyball court, you have found the top-rated contractor for a sand volleyball courts construction. We will build your volleyball court!

Top rated Florida sand volleyball court construction contractor.

Sand Volleyball is a fun way to soak up some Vitamin D, hang out with friends, and raise your level of fitness. The sport is trending across the US, with both children and adults playing the game for fun and for competition.

At Sport Surfaces, we offer a full range of sand volleyball court construction services ranging from consulting, design, installation, and resurfacing. Within the industry, we have earned a reputation as one of the top sand volleyball court construction contractors.

We will build your sand volleyball court!

Let our expert volleyball court contractors guide you in which option best suits your needs. We have locations in Broward, Dade, Lee, and Palm Beach Counties along with the entire state of Florida. 

We are also currently offering our services to select states nationwide, so please call one of our Sport Surfaces team members for details.​

Our customers range from Universities, High Schools, Hotels & Resorts, to Residential Backyard Courts. Our volleyball court contractors design and build your beach volleyball court utilizing the latest laser grading technologies and premium sand mixes.

We want to ensure that your sand volleyball court construction not only looks phenomenal, but plays to perfection.

​Our team of experts ensures that the court is built with state-of-the-art drainage, top of the line sand / materials. All of Sport Surfaces courts are built to ASBA exacting specifications.

  • Excavation: Using a front-end loader or a bobcat, we will excavate to your desired depth. Typical measurements are 2′-3′, contingent upon the desired thickness of gravel and sand layers. A pitch will be created near a low point for excess water flow.
  • Drainage: We ensure that your new sand volleyball court will drain properly. When possible, we set a drainage ditch towards the lowest point of the court area.

After, we set a perforated drainage pipe across the middle of the court. We carefully wrap the pipe with landscaping fabric first before laying the pipe down. This is a precautionary step to stop dirt and sand from clogging the pipe.

Professional photometrics and design

If you need new sand volleyball construction or resurfacing your existing court, let Sport Surfaces do the hard work for you. Please feel free get in touch with one of our team members today for more information regarding your construction project. As experts in the field, you can rest assured you’re receiving the gold standard when it comes to your sport construction needs.

About construction services

If you’re ready to construct your new sand volleyball court, our company can do it for you.  We will guide you through the entire process, from your project’s inception to your completed court.  Please call our team members for more details.

  • Premium sand volleyball courts
  • Top-rated construction company
  • Free consultations
  • Eco-friendly construction 

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How to build a sand volleyball court?

Typical sand volleyball court dimensions

All of our Sand Volleyball Courts are designed to Standard Court specifications along with any custom design. We only work with high quality products and systems, to ensure you have the best volleyball court playing surface upon completion.

As a proud member of ASBA, we consult, design, and supply products and installation services for our sand volleyball courts in accordance with their guidelines.

1. A doubles beach volleyball court generally runs lengthwise from north to south to account for better visibility

2. Court measures 26’3″ x 52’6″ with different specifications for the various levels of game play:

  • Free space required for juniors/high school courts: 9’10”
  • Free space required for college courts: 15′
  • Free space required for professional courts: 19’6″

3. Boundary lines: Can be made from either 1″ rope, or 2″ tape lines

4. Nets: An outdoor net for a sand volleyball court will measure 32′ width x 39″ height

5. Men’s net height: Just under 8′ tall

6. Women’s net height: Measures 7’4″ tall

Typically, aircraft cables with fixed eye loops on both sides are most commonly used on a permanent commercial sand volleyball court for extra security measures. Beach volleyball courts built at private residences can use Kevlar cords or standard ropes for facility of net installation and removal.

  • Poles: Poles supporting the volleyball net will be made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, treated wood or other hearty material. The poles must be able to endure tension without bending or breaking.
  • Note: As a safety precaution, you should pad the poles for player protection, and as an aesthetic enhancement.

However, we can customize your courts dimensions based upon the designated space you have selected for construction. The most important factors are:

  • The main playing area is clear of any obstructions
  • There is at least 9′ of free and clear space outside the boundaries of the playing area.

Note: It is important to ensure that the selected area is clear from any hazardous protrusions and power lines.

  • Sand: A 1’ to 2’ amount of sand is generally deposited on the area that has been prepared for drainage and leveled.  The more sand that tis deposited allows for less court maintenance.  If you choose to go with less depth, the court will require a higher level of maintenance.

A shallow court with moderate game play will need to be leveled approximately once a week.  If it is used more frequently, you may you are performing maintenance tasks more often. 

It will be necessary to shovel the sand from the middle of the court to the sides of the court, so you can create a smooth playing surface once again.

Commercial sand volleyball courts

Single and Multi Sand Volleyball Court Systems for every budget.

  • Parks & Recreation Courts
  • Sports Facilities
  • Schools and Universities Courts
  • Resorts and Hotels Courts
  • Corporate Employee Courts
  • Club tournament volleyball courts

For our Club Level and Tournament Sand Volleyball Courts, we offer a new sand volleyball court system to fit every customer’s needs.

  • Premium Volleyball Net Systems
  • Tournament Referee Stands
  • Privacy Wind Screens
  • Bleachers and Stands
  • Volleyball Accessories

We proudly support US Volleyball

Residential sand volleyball courts

Our home volleyball court construction will create a Sand Volleyball Court for Residential Backyards and Home Owner Associations (HOAs) to any size.

  • We have Single and Multi-Court design and builds
  • Economy and Premium Volleyball Net Systems
  • Custom Backyard Design and Build
  • Ball Containment Fence and Components

Volleyball court lighting systems

If the sun’s afternoon heat is too hot for your recreational activities, nighttime can be the best time to play sand volleyball. Our options include:

  • LED cost saving fixtures
  • Low mast-poles featuring 12’ – 21’ pole height.
  • Able to withstand wind speeds up 145 mph