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Top rated Florida tennis court construction contractor.

Do you love to play tennis for fun with friends, or compete in tournaments throughout the year?  Tennis has become an extremely popular sport for both children and adult players across the nation. They are always on the hunt for premium technology to enhance their games.

Whether play is for leisure or matches, they need world class court surfaces for training.  If you’re ready to construct your brand-new tennis court, sport surfaces can build it for you.

With over twenty years of industry experience with tennis court construction and resurfacing, sport surfaces are the expert tennis court contractors to call.

We would love to help you with constructing your new court for your home, training facility, tournament venue, or country club.

We are proud to be a top recommended florida sports courts contractor, having built over 6,000 tennis courts.  We have worked on the tennis courts in delray beach, fl, for the davis cup, as well as courts for the us open.

We will build your tennis court!

We have a strong presence of completed tennis court construction and resurfacing projects in the dade, broward, and palm beach county areas in Florida. We provide services to help you plan, design, and construct your new tennis court with your specifications in mind.

We work with your budget to develop and execute the perfect tennis court for you. We consult with our architects and contractors to bring your vision to life for all basketball and tennis court projects.

Our team of in-house design engineers and landscape architects are well-versed in all aspects of consultations for sports construction and facility design.

We can even place your customized or team logo on a tennis court or basketball court to aesthetically enhance the surrounding areas.

Additionally, our experts specialize in the proper maintenance and resurfacing techniques that are essential to keeping your new tennis court looking great. We have successfully constructed many tennis courts for our customers, and guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

Tennis court construction and tennis court contractor in Florida, Miami

Key factors in the tennis court construction process:

If you take the time to properly plan out your brand-new court, it should have a long lifespan. It is optimal hire a professional to build it, and perform tennis court maintenance as needed. This guarantees you will have a safe, smooth tennis court surface that provides you with many years of game play.

  • Space required for a tennis court requires a minimum measurement of 60’ wide by 120’ long.  A standard tennis court dimensions are broken down into for singles play is 78′ x 27′, and 78′ x 36′ for doubles play. The location of the area of land where your tennis court will be built is a major factor in the prep and base cost.  If the land is relatively flat, it is a lot easier and less expensive for all of the pre-construction work to be done.
  • Orientation is ideal is a north to south direction to account for the sunrise in the morning, and setting in the late afternoon
  • Outdoor courts need a 1% slope to permit proper court drainage. It is imperative to consider the direction and ease in which water flows over, under, and around your court. Depending on the ease of flow, your court may require additional drain installation to facilitate the drainage process
  • Substrate should be constructed from either asphalt or concrete. If your court is constructed with an acrylic surface, it may take longer to construct if the climate conditions prove to be inclement. Rain will prolong the construction process, as it prevents an acrylic surface from drying in an expeditious manner. Also, if it is too hot or too cold, the surface will be slow to dry.
  • We also have options for tennis court nets, net posts, lighting, fencing, and awnings
  • Building permits may be required in your area, so it is mandatory to check your regions zoning codes

Please call us and let our certified, licensed contractors to create your tennis court, so you can keep on playing.

About construction services

If you’re ready to build your new tennis court, Sport Surfaces can assist you.  We can plan, design, and install your new tennis court from start to finish.  Please call our team members today for more information.

  • Customized tennis courts
  • Top-rated construction company
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Over 6,000 completed tennis courts

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How to build a tennis court?

Types of tennis court surfaces we offer

We can construct your new tennis court from a variety of surface materials including:

  • concrete
  • asphalt
  • har-tru clay
  • synthetic

Concrete: a concrete tennis court surface has more durability when compared to an asphalt surface. They are less prone to damage and cracks, and provide a much more even playing surface because of their rigid composition.  The construction costs for surfacing tend to be higher due to a 2 component primer that is required for proper acrylic adhesion.

One important consideration of this type of surface is the impact to the tennis player’s body. Because a concrete surface is so hard, player’s tend to suffer from more frequent injuries. Hard courts offer maximum ball speed and lower bounce as an added bonus for the player’s game.

Asphalt: an asphalt surface typically doesn’t last as long as a concrete base. It is more prone to cracks and damage, and may need to be resurfaced more often. However, the cost of an asphalt court is less expensive than a concrete court, and it is quite versatile for other sports. Even though the tennis ball’s speed is slower on an asphalt court, the impact to the player’s body is far less than that of a concrete court.

We can also construct your asphalt court as a cushioned court surface. We do this by placing a layer of asphalt on the ground, and then cover it with a layer of acrylic. We next add at least two additional cushioning layers for a more forgiving playing surface.

The bottom layer of cushioning is then coated with five to nine applications of rubberized cushioning.  Next, both large rubber granules and fine rubber granules are placed on it. Last, acrylic paint is used for the color coatings. A cushioned court reduces the amount of wear and tear to the tennis player’s body.

Har-tru clay: a har-tru clay court surface is an excellent option for a softer court surface. It is made from a natural green stone, and allows the player to slide across the surface. The tennis ball’s speed is slower, and it can have a higher bounce off of the surface.

This is the optimal surface for player’s with pre-existing injuries or whom are injury prone. It has higher shock absorption for the body, thus allowing the surface to cushion the player’s bones and joints during movement. Har-tru courts require both daily watering and specific maintenance techniques.

Synthetic: a synthetic court surface provides you with a softer surface on which to play. However, it can be limited by access, soil conditions, and availability. 

Its advantages are that it eliminates cracks and puddle damage that can be caused on a concrete court, and uses no water for maintenance. Because it’s a more cushioned surface, it is kinder to the tennis player’s body for injury prevention.

We are the top-rated tennis court construction contractor in Florida

Since 1998, sport surfaces of west palm beach, fl has been specializing in tennis court construction. We have developed our own proprietary techniques for repairing and resurfacing all types of sport courts.

Combining both art and science, we have created a premium court surface that lasts between 4-6 years between coatings. By using a systematic approach to construction, we ensure that every tennis court meets or exceeds our exacting standards. 

Whether you need new tennis court construction or simply your existing court repaired, resurfaced, or maintained, sport surfaces can provide you with the quality and experience you expect from a top-rated contractor.

When you rely on sport surfaces to design your facility or home tennis court, you can count on one of the most respected and trusted names in the sport construction industry. 

Our major objective is to work in partnership with owners and other design professionals to generate solutions which are affordable to build, enjoyable to play on, provide low maintenance, and fit in with the surrounding environment.

If you are ready to construct your new tennis court today, please call our team at sport surfaces. We are here to work with you on your new endeavor, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Our specialists at Sport Surfaces can answer all of your tennis and basketball court construction questions.  Please click on the link below to ask us anything. 

Do you construct or repair tennis courts in my area?

Sport Surfaces constructs and resurfaces tennis courts all across the US, as well as the Caribbean.  We have several branches throughout the US that are capable of fulfilling our customers’ needs. Please call one of our team members today to begin your tennis court construction or resurfacing project.

Why should I choose your company over another?

Sport Surfaces has over twenty years in the sports construction industry.  We are one of the top companies in the US.  Our stellar reputation lies in the sports construction field, and we have completed thousands of tennis court construction and resurfacing projects.

What types of materials do you use during construction of my new tennis court?

Our contractors only use world class materials and products during the construction of your brand-new sport court.  We are an environmentally-friendly company, and whenever possible, we use recycled materials for construction.

Do you offer any type of maintenance plans for my tennis court?

Yes, Sport Surfaces can guide you in proper court surface maintenance.  If you can’t do your own maintenance, you can hire our technicians to do it for you.  Please connect with us today for more information about our Gold Maintenance Plan.

Where can I build a new tennis court?

We can build your new tennis court at a private home, school, community facilities, or tournament venue.  Please connect with one of our team members to discuss your new tennis court location today.

About our company

Sport Surfaces has been involved in the sports construction industry for the past twenty years.  We are experts in both sport construction and resurfacing of multiple sport surfaces.  Feel free to connect with us today to get started on your new project. 


  • Knowledgeable and professional team 
  • Customer referrals
  • Thousands of completed projects
  • Licensed and Insured

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