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Playing bocce ball is great fun for the whole family. Let yourself have fun with our bocce ball construction service.

Top rated bocce ball court construction contractor in Florida.

Do you love to be outside with your family and friends playing a round of bocce ball? Bocce ball is a popular game played in the us, with participants of all ages getting into it. In fact, it’s trending as one of the most beloved sports being played in the special olympics today.

Bocce ball has origins tracing back to ancient games played in the roman empire. It is also closely related to a british game called bowls, and a french game called pétanque. 

We will build your bocce ball court!

Have you ever wondered how to make a bocce ball court for your backyard or community facility? If you’re ready to play some bocce ball, sport surfaces can construct your new bocce ball courts. 

We are one of the top recommended bocce ball court construction contractors, and have thousands of successfully completed courts. Our customers consistently recommend our company to their family, friends, and colleagues.

We can build a bocce ball court at a private residence, community facility, retirement community, and country clubs. We will be happy to guide you through the entire process from start to finish including:

  • Initial court design
  • Court layout
  • Court installation
  • Budget

We have been building bocce ball courts since 1998

Sometimes it is necessary to customize a court for a smaller space. We can easily accommodate all of your bocce ball court construction and/or resurfacing needs. With over twenty years of experience, sports surfaces’ certified, licensed court technicians are experts in their field. 

Standard bocce ball court construction: 

The base layer of a bocce court is made of one to two layers of 1 inch crushed stone or gravel. We also offer several bocce ball court surface options.

The leading surface material is the synthetic court, as it offers great results with extremely low maintenance.  When designing and building a bocce court, you can choose from these types of surfaces: 

  • Synthetic bocce ball court
  • Har-tru clay court
  • Oyster blend court

Synthetic bocce ball court:

A synthetic court is made from artificial grass that is designed to mimic real grass. It is a commonly used court surface, perfectly flat, low maintenance, and can last up to 20 years. 

It is important to cover it when not in use to protect it from water damage. Many players say that it is a comfortable playing experience, and find it easy to move it around when required.

About construction services

If you’re ready to construct your new bocce ball court, Sport Surfaces can make it happen.  We can plan, design, and install your bocce ball court from beginning to end.  Please connect with us today for more details.


  • Customized bocce ball courts
  • Top-rated construction company
  • Oyster blend, synthetic, Har-tru surfaces
  • Built for private residences and recreational facilities 

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Types of bocce ball courts:

Har-tru (clay) bocce ball court:

A har-tru clay bocce ball court is comprised of a natural green stone that is billions of years old. It is called pre-cambrian metabasalt, and is found in the mountains of virginia.

Due to its hardness and angularity, it creates the perfect court surfacing material. The stone is then crushed into tiny particles to create the smooth surface of your clay court.

On the east coast, it is the most popular surface because:

  • It is low maintenance
  • Has fantastic bocce ball compatibility
  • Drains quickly

Maintenance:  it requires a 7’ drag broom to be dragged across the surface for maintaining the court surface. This process:

  • Removes any dents
  • Eliminates any divots
  • Evens out the clay particles on the surface
  • Prevents weeds
  • Grooms the court to a perfect finish

Oyster blend bocce ball court:

An oyster blend court is comprised of plain, crushed oyster shells that are used to cover the court. They offer:

  • A smooth surface
  • An eco-friendly surface
  • Allowance for proper drainage after a rainfall
  • Most similarities in appearance to a traditional italian bocce ball court

It requires more maintenance than a synthetic court because it is imperative to rake the court after each session. Also, one must inspect the court for surface wear and tear. If damage is found it’s necessary to refill the court with new crushed oyster shells to replenish it.

We also offer options for the walls of the bocce ball court. The sides of the court are used for strategic playing (i.e. Bank shots) and therefore the material requires careful consideration.

When designing the walls of your bocce ball court, you can choose from:

  • Pressure-treated wood walls
  • Concrete walls with an interior wood surface

Bocce ball court dimensions

Internationally recognized bocce ball courts (typically for professional/commercial use) require a surface of 91 feet long x 13 feet wide.

However, sport surfaces offers customized backyard bocce ball courts when it comes to court width and length. We will work with you every step of the way to meet your needs.

Bocce ball court maintenance plans

Sport surfaces is your one stop shopping for all your bocce ball maintenance needs.

The maintenance of a court depends on the surface of the court. For example, a clay bocce ball court will require a court scraper. After some time, the bocce ball court will also need additional clay.

Furthermore, for a synthetic turf bocce ball court, a tamper will be needed. If you prefer to perform your own court maintenance, we will be happy to teach you. There are certain maintenance techniques that need to be followed in order to properly care for your bocce ball court.

However, sport surfaces also offers a maintenance plan to assist you with your bocce ball court maintenance.  We offer a service contract to maintain your bocce ball court called the gold maintenance package.

We will provide care to your bocce ball court twice a year to ensure your bocce ball court remains pristine. Please contact us today if you are interested in adding this service to your new construction project.

Bocce ball court markers

When deciding on your bocce ball court dimensions, it is important to consider the type of use it will be for.

For commercial/professional use:

A level playing surface of 91’ x 13’ with back and side walls accommodates the “open rules” and is internationally recognized.

For recreational use:

Sport surfaces recommends opting for the 60’ x 10’ dimensions, as this size court offers the most flexibility. However, our specialists can customize your court to fit the exact dimensions of your space. Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Bocce ball court markers

Whether for commercial or recreational use, accurate bocce ball court markers are essential to the game. Our experts will identify and note the following markers:

  • first throw pallino marker: placed 1’ from the inside board and 3’ from the backboard
  • foul lines: placed 4’ and 9’ from the backboard
  • half point line: marks the minimum distance the pallino needs to go on the first throw

If you are ready to build your new bocce ball courts, please contact sport surfaces’ team members today. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your new construction endeavor.

If you would like more information on bocce ball court resurfacing, please click the link below:

Bocce Ball Resurfacing


Sport Surfaces can answer any questions you have when it comes to constructing or resurfacing your new bocce ball court.  Please click on the link below to connect with one of our team members today.

Do you build bocce ball courts in my area?

Our company constructs bocce ball courts throughout the United States, and parts of the Caribbean.  We have branch offices all around the US to service many customers. Please speak to one of our team members today to start your sports construction project.

Why should I choose your company to build my new bocce ball court?

We are one of the best companies in the nation, with over twenty years of construction experience.  We have a supreme reputation in the sports construction field, guarantee our workmanship, and our customers constantly give us referrals.

What kinds of building materials do you use to build my bocce ball court?

Our contractors only use premium materials and products during our construction of your new bocce ball court.  We are an environmentally-conscious company, and when possible, we work with recycled materials during the construction process.

Do you offer maintenance plans?

Yes, Sport Surfaces offers you instructions on how to maintain your new bocce ball court.  If you can’t do the necessary maintenance yourself, you can hire our technicians to do it for you.  Please connect with us today to find out more details about our maintenance plans.

Where can I build my new bocce ball court?

There are many options as far as locations when it comes to building your new sport court or sport surface.  We can build your bocce ball court at your private home, an educational institution, recreational facilities, retirement home, or country club.  Please call our team members today to get started.

About our company

Since 1998, our company has been building world class bocce ball courts.  Our experience with both sports surface construction and resurfacing has earned us a world class reputation.  Feel free to connect with Sport Surfaces today to learn more about us.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Top-grade materials and products
  • Gold Maintenance Plan
  • Free estimates

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