Asphalt tennis to har-tru / clay tennis conversions

Now is the optimal time to convert your asphalt court to a Har-Tru/clay court. Your new court will be an upgraded, smooth surface so you can comfortably keep on playing.

Tennis court conversion service in Florida.

Are you tired of the high impact to your body while you play from your worn out asphalt tennis court? Sport Surfaces, FL can offer you the perfect solution. Now is the optimal time to convert your asphalt court to a Har-Tru/clay court. Your new court will be an upgraded, smooth surface so you can comfortably keep on playing.

Because they are exposed to the outside elements, over time, hard courts suffer damage such as cracks and uneven wear. This creates an unsafe playing surface that requires a court resurfacing. Converting your old hard tennis court surface to a Har-Tru clay court can be extremely beneficial for long term use. A clay court will never crack, which is one of the major types of damage asphalt courts endure.

Tennis has been trending across the nation for years, with players of all ages participating in the sport. They are typically on an endless quest for high-end court technology for game improvement. Whether play is for leisure or tournaments, they require world class surfaces for training. This is why a Har-Tru surface is the premium choice for a court conversion.

Sport Surfaces’ team members have over twenty years of industry experience with tennis court construction, conversion, and resurfacing. Our certified, licensed tennis court conversion contractors are highly skilled, and have performed work on over 6,000 tennis courts.

Please call us today for court conversions for your home, training facility, competition venue, or country club. We are proud to be a top recommended Florida asphalt tennis to HAR-Tru/clay tennis court conversion company.

Our experts specialize in the techniques that are essential for your existing court conversion.  We can also guide you in proper maintenance for keeping your clay tennis court looking great. We offer you an affordable, eco-friendly, low maintenance plan to extend the lifespan of your tennis court.

We have successfully performed many Har-Tru/clay court conversions for our customers throughout the nation. Sport surfaces always guarantees our workmanship will result in a state-of-the-art court.

Asphalt tennis court to har-tru clay court conversion process.

Sport Surfaces can convert your old asphalt tennis court into a Har-Tru (clay) court. We do this using our exclusive dual-grade laser conversion system.

Sport Surfaces specializes in the conversion of hard courts (asphalt or concrete) to Har-Tru/clay courts. Let us convert your existing hard court to a sprinkler irrigated or subsurface irrigated Hydro Court. We have a dual-laser based process of accurately converting a hard court to a Har-Tru court with unparalleled precision

Converting a hard court to a har-tru court with sprinkler irrigation.

The first step we take in converting your asphalt tennis court to a clay court is mapping your existing court. This is performed with our dual grade laser in order to identify the current slope. After, we build a retaining on top of your existing court in order to hold the rock and clay in place. This step is done with the assistance of our laser grading equipment.

We then proceed to change the slope of the court. A typical hard court is sloped 1″ in 10′ while the slope of a Har-Tru court is normally 1″ in 30′. Crushed concrete or lime rock is installed over the court surface to adjust the court slope.

After extensive laser grading with our dual grade tennis court conversion laser, we apply approximately 3″ of concrete screening. It is then carefully laser graded onto the new tennis court surface.

Once our technicians are satisfied with the precision of the surface, 1″ of Har-tru (clay) material is laser graded. Har-Tru is comprised of a natural green crushed stone found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The next step is to brush and groom the top dressing to ensure an extremely precise slope. Next, the fiberglass reinforced concrete block curb is installed.

We do this within the existing fence line to contain the fill material, concrete screening sand, and Har-Tru. A sprinkler irrigation system is also installed to provide moisture to the court.

About resurfacing services

Sport Surfaces can convert your hard court into a Har-tru clay court and vice versa.  We can resurface your tennis court to give you back the tennis court of your dreams. Please connect with one of our team members today to learn more.

  • Premier materials and products for resurfacing
  • Trusted resurfacing company
  • Environmentally-friendly resurfacing
  • Best court conversions in the nation
Asphalt Tennis Court Conversion

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The best tennis court conversion service.

Benefits of a har-tru tennis court.

  • The court does not crack, and repairs are generally quite easy and budget-friendly. 
  • Because of its ability to retain moisture and breathe even in extremely hot temperatures, it presents a cooler court surface. Approximately 10-15 degrees cooler than playing on a an asphalt court. 
  • Slower ball speed than on a hard surface, allowing the player to have more time to plan and set up their shot. 
  • Fast drying surface after rainfall for those who want to get right back to their game. Games can continue during a light rainfall, as the court remains safe for play. 
  • Less impact to the body, greatly reducing common tennis injuries to the lower extremities. It’s crucial that they minimize the risk of injuries to their bodies. About 50% of all tennis players will have an injury during their lives. 
  • Injuries are usually caused by hard court surfaces, and the wrong footwear. A clay surface allows for the player to slide and quickly access control of their body’s movements. This reduces hard impact and shock, allowing for shock absorption for the bones and joints. 
  • Mental toughness, patience, strategy, and stamina are immensely improved for the player’s overall game. 
  • Can be installed directly on top of a hard court quite quickly and easily. 
  • Environmentally friendly, made from natural materials that leave no poisonous chemicals or waste. 
  • Low maintenance with a few simple guidelines. Proper care can increase the lifespan of the court. 
  • Clay courts are porous surfaces that can decrease runoff and soil erosion, allowing for more installation locations. Zoning restriction compliant in many areas.

Converting a har-tru (clay court) to a hard court.

If you’re tired of maintaining your clay court and wish to own a hard court once again, it’s no problem at all.

We can convert it into an asphalt court once again, using our dual grade laser grading system.

Our factory trained technicians will come remove your existing clay, and re-grade your sub-base. This is a critical step in clay tennis court to hard court conversions.

It will allow the new sub-base materials to be evenly distributed throughout the surface. Once the sub-base is installed to a 6” depth and compacted to 4” we will install 1” of asphalt. 

The entire court conversion process is done with dual laser precision to ensure that the surface meets our extremely low tolerance standards.

If you’re ready to convert your asphalt court to a Har-Tru clay court, Sport Surfaces is ready to assist you. We are one of the top sport builders of tennis courts and court conversions.  

We also offer our Gold maintenance plan, so please call us so we can share our expertise and services for your court conversion endeavor.

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Sport Surfaces’ professionals are here to answer your tennis conversion questions.  Please click on the link below to chat with us.

Does your company do tennis court conversions?

Yes, Sport Surfaces will be more than happy to convert your current Har-tru clay court to a hard court, or vice versa.  We have completed over 6,000 tennis court conversions. Please connect with our team members today to learn more.

Why should I hire Sport Surfaces?

Our company has over twenty years of experience with sport surface resurfacing.  We specialize in tennis court conversions, and have earned ourselves an incredible reputation.  If you want a world class tennis court surface, please call us today. 

What types of materials do you use when you resurface a tennis court?

Our contractors only use top quality materials and products during the resurfacing process.  We are an eco-conscious company, and whenever possible, we use recycled materials for court resurfacing.

Is there a maintenance plan available?

Yes, you can purchase our maintenance plan so we can keep your tennis court in pristine condition.  Our professional tennis court technicians are simply the best.  Please connect with Sport Surfaces today for more details.

What are the benefits of converting a hard court to a Har-tru clay tennis court?

There are many benefits when converting a hard court to a Har-tru clay court including less court maintenance, a softer playing surface, and slower tennis ball speed.  If you would like more information, please contact a Sport Surfaces sales associates today. 

About our company

Sport Surfaces is well-known in the sports industry, and has been performing tennis court conversions for the past twenty years.  With over 6,000 tennis court projects completed, you know you’re hiring the best.  Please connect with us today to get more details about your tennis court conversion. 

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