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Tennis backboards
Hitting walls

Owning a tennis backboard/hitting wall on your court allows you to practice at any time you desire. Contact us today for a free quote!

Tennis backboards/ hitting walls for tennis courts 

Tennis players love to practice their chosen sport as frequently as possible, with the incessant quest of improving their skills. However, sometimes their practice partners are unavailable, and they have lost their hitting or match partner for the day. If this situation sounds familiar, Sports Surfaces can provide you with the perfect solution.

Owning a tennis backboard/hitting wall on your court allows you to practice at any time you desire. The greatest advantage of installing it is that you can work on your tennis game practice drills alone, so it makes absolutely no difference if your current tennis partner can’t meet up with you.   A tennis backboard can also attract more tennis players to your facility, as your tennis court can accommodate any solo players. 

We can add a Bakko tennis backboard/hitting wall to tennis courts at private homes, colleges, country clubs, community facilities, tournament venues, and retirement homes. When you’re ready to install tennis court backboards onto your court fencing, Sport Surfaces is here to make it happen. 

Since 1998, our company has been involved in the sports industry, specializing in both sport construction and resurfacing. We have performed thousands of tennis backboard/hitting wall installations, and our customers consistently give us referrals. 

Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed, and we choose to only work with eco-friendly premium tennis court products and materials. Our branch offices can be found across the US, and are able to accommodate all of our customers’ tennis court supply requests. 

Best hitting walls for tennis courts

We carry a top-of-the-line tennis backboard/hitting wall that can be tailored to fit your specific tennis court’s fencing dimensions. Please allow our team of professionals to guide you in your new tennis hitting wall project.

About construction services

Sport Surfaces are experts in tennis backboard installations for your tennis courts.  We would be happy to give you a free estimate, and assist you with selecting the optimal-sized hitting wall for your court.

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Bakko Backboards

Sport Surfaces can perform your new tennis backboard/hitting wall installation with a Bakko backboard. We have found this to be the most superior product for all our tennis playing customers, and it can be found at tennis facilities worldwide. 

These backboards are extremely versatile, and come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors to accommodate each unique tennis player and facility.

There are multiple steps that are involved in the construction of each backboard panel, which is advantageous for permitting the customization aspect of each Bakko backboard.

  • Panels are 4 feet wide, 8 feet or 10 feet high, and weigh 80lbs to 150lbs
  • Backboards are ready for use once pre-fabricated, completely finished, green fiberglass interlocking panels are attached to the tennis court fence or wall
  • Bakko assembly kits maintain the panels in a uniform, snug, side-by-side construction formation
  • Kits are fully complete, and can be either a traditional flat or a curved style
  • Minimum size requirements:  8 feet high x 12 feet wide backboard. (3 panels) 
  • This setup is attached to two tennis court fence posts on a standard dimension tennis court (10 feet spacing between each fence post) Perfect for a single tennis player
  • For larger backboards:  16 feet wide (4 panels) and 20 feet wide (5 panels) will require 3 tennis court fence posts to affix backboard. Perfect for two tennis players
  • Note:  Bakko backboards with 3 or 5 panel models have less hardware and channel exposure

Types of Bakko Backboards


  • Economy flat
  • Economy 10’ flat
  • Slimline Flat
  • Professional Flat
  • Single Curve


  • Outdoor
  • Indoor 
  • Fence mount



  • Players can practice alone or with a partner
  • Excellent form of aerobic fitness for the player
  • Perfect for tennis players with a range of skill levels 
  • Permits more practice time for the player
  • Consistent and challenging method to improve tennis game
  • Practice your tennis game on your own schedule, and at your own pace

Adding tennis court backboards is of enormous benefit to both facility owners and tennis players. Hitting walls provide an opportunity for more players to practice their tennis skills with or without a tennis partner. When you’re ready to install a tennis court backboard, Sport Surfaces are the experts to call. Please contact our knowledgeable staff today, so we can answer any questions or concerns you may have in regards to this new addition to your tennis court.


Our specialists at Sport Surfaces can answer all of your tennis court backboard/hitting walls questions.  Please click on the link below to ask us anything. 

Can you install tennis court backboards in my area?

Yes, Sport Surfaces can do a tennis backboard installation for you. We have branch offices across the US to cater to our customer’s tennis court requests.