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If you’re ready to build or resurface a brand-new sport surface, please contact Sport Surfaces today.  Our top-recommended company would love to work with you to create the court of your dreams.  

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7011 Wilson Road, West Palm Beach


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Do you build or resurface courts in my area?

Sport Surfaces constructs and resurfaces courts throughout the United States, and parts of the Caribbean.  We have branch offices located throughout the US to service a broad range of customers. Please speak to one of our sales associates to start your sports construction or resurfacing project.

Why should I choose your company over another?

Our company has been in the industry since 1998.  We are one of the best companies in the nation.  We have an incredible reputation in the sports construction field, and our satisfied customers constantly give us referrals.

What kinds of building materials do you use during construction and resurfacing my new sport surface?

Our contractors only use the top-quality products during our construction or resurfacing of your sport court.  We are an eco-friendly company, and if possible, we work with recycled materials for both construction and resurfacing.

Do you offer any type of maintenance plans?

Yes, Sport Surfaces offers instruction in proper court surface maintenance protocols.  If you are unable to perform the necessary maintenance yourself, you can hire our technicians to do it for you.  Please call us today to find out more details about our Gold Maintenance Plan.

Where can I build a new sport surface or sport court?

There are many options when it comes to building your new sport court or sport surface.  We have completed construction at private homes, educational institutions, community facilities, and professional tournament venues.  Please call our staff today to discuss your new project so we can build you the court or sport surface of your dreams.

West Palm Beach

7011 Wilson Road,
West Palm Beach, FL 33413 

Tel: 1-561-964-2001

Fax: 561-964-5009



Our West Palm Beach Florida location is home to our corporate offices. We pride ourselves one having an extensive team of tennis / basketball professionals with specialized knowledge in all aspects of the tennis court construction field giving you over 150 years of expert sport construction experience. We are a wholesale provider giving our customers an everything in one place experience. We have been on of Florida’s top licensed tennis court construction and resurfacing company helping homeowners get the most from their home tennis court.

Fort Myers Florida Area

6900 Daniels Parkway #29
Fort Myers, FL 33912

Tel: 813-576-3654

Fax: 561-964-5009


Sport Surfaces Fort Myers Florida location is here to serve all of Fort Myers Florida and surrounding towns/cities with all their tennis court resurfacing and construction needs.

Orlando, Florida Area

7075 Kingspointe Parkway #6
Orlando, FL 32819

Tel: 407-477-5508

Fax: 561-964-5009