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Awnings and cabanas for a tennis court

If you play tennis a lot, you know very well how important awnings and cabanas are on the tennis court. We will build a suitable solution for you. Contact us for a free quote.

Awnings and cabanas construction contractor.

Many people love to play tennis with friends and family, but find it difficult to survive the sun’s heat between games.  The game of tennis has been trending for years, with participants of all ages flocking to the courts. 

Many of these players nationwide love to play in tournaments to improve their skills, and have found themselves practicing their tennis game quite often.

Whether they’re professionals playing in the US Open or new to the sport, a shady spot to rest in between games is essential. 

The summer heat in certain states across the nation can be intense, and providing tennis awnings or a cabana bench on your court will be a huge draw for the players. 

Players love to sit down in the shade to rest their bodies between games, or have quick shelter to escape from sudden rain.

We have found that venues that provide court awnings and/or tennis cabanas often attract more customers to their courts.

If you’re ready to install brand-new awnings for your tennis court, Sport Surfaces is the company to call. Since 1998, we have been involved in the sports construction industry, installing tennis awnings and cabanas for multiple venues. 

Awnings for tennis courts

Our team of seasoned technicians would be more than happy to customize tennis awnings for your private residence, recreational facility, tournament facility, or country club.

We can provide you with the perfect designated area on your tennis court for anywhere people might want a shady spot to sit.

We have been fortunate to have built over 6,000 tennis courts, and have successfully installed thousands of awnings for them. 

We have worked on both the US Open and Davis Cup tennis courts.  One of our specialties is tennis court construction and resurfacing throughout the tri-county area in Florida.

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If you’re ready to provide a shady spot for your tennis court, don’t hesitate to call Sport Surfaces today.  Our company specializes in tennis court awnings and cabanas construction, and would love to assist you.


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Why should you use awnings and cabanas on the tennis court?

Sport Surfaces knows how to make awnings over a tennis court, and our knowledgeable technicians are here to guide you.

We work with you from the outset, planning, budgeting, designing, and installing whichever type of awnings or cabanas you desire.

Our team of design engineers and landscape architects have decades of experience in sports construction and facility design. 

We can even customize a team logo or school name on your new awnings with your mascot.

Benefits of tennis awnings and cabanas

Having awnings and cabanas installed on your tennis courts are one of the best additions that you can provide for your tennis players. 

They vastly improve the tennis court’s appearance, and increase the comfort level of your home or facility.

The main purpose of both awnings and cabanas are to provide cover for the players. It is important to protect them from the Florida sun’s harmful UV rays, and allow the players to have a spacious resting area between games.

Sport Surfaces offers a wide variety of awnings and cabana options for your tennis court. Our typical custom Cabana includes a 10’ x 16’ concrete slab with an 8’ x 15’ awning.

Our awnings are also designed to withstand hurricane force winds that could potentially damage the awning’s structure. If you are a resident of the Florida Keys, Miami, or West Palm Beach, have no fear that our awnings will let you down in the event of a severe tropical storm.

Water fountains are also an excellent addition to your tennis court to increase its allure. It’s a luxury for a tennis player to instantly quench their thirst, and rehydrate without having to leave the court. We have a several options of colored water fountains from which to choose.

If you’re ready to install new tennis court awnings and cabanas, please connect with us at Sport Surfaces today. Our team would love to help you enhance your tennis courts, and we have many options for you.

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Sport Surfaces can help you when it comes to your new tennis awnings and cabanas installation project.  Please click on the link below to connect with one of our specialists.

Can you install awnings and cabanas for tennis courts in my area?

Yes, Sport Surfaces are experts when it comes to installing awnings and cabanas. We have branch offices located throughout the US to cater to a broad range of customers. Please speak to one of our sales associates to learn more about how we can help you.