Giant Chess Construction

Sport Surfaces is now building outdoor chess and checkers to create that resort style living in the convenience of your home or community. Order your giant chess construction now!

Giant chess and checkers construction contractor in Florida.

Do you love to play strategic board games like chess and checkers for fun or for competitions? The popularity of these two games has grown tremendously in the US and worldwide, with millions of children and adult players participating.

With so many school, local, regional, and professional tournaments played globally, practicing your craft is always a requirement for strategic game improvement.

Let’s build your giant chess structure!

If you’ve ever fantasized about playing on a larger-than-life chess or checkers board, Sport Surfaces can create it for you.

Imagine being able to be a living game piece, as you move all the pieces around the board while trying to beat your opponent.

We love to encourage our customers to get out of the house, and enjoy some recreational activities in the fresh air.

Playing outdoor chess or checkers is a fantastic way to bring family, friends, and competitors together.

Both games require a higher level of critical thinking and strategy for all players. If you would like to encourage your child to get more fresh air, playing a game of giant outdoor checkers or chess with them is a perfect solution.

Our company has been involved in the sports construction industry since 1998. We are one of the top recommended Florida giant chess contractors, earning our reputation over the years from several satisfied customers and referrals.

We can facilitate your giant chess construction project, guiding you through the planning, design, budget, and installation process.

Our certified, licensed technicians will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you prefer to have just a checkers set constructed, we can provide the game pieces as well.

We customize every chess board that we build, and are more than happy to accommodate your designated space for the new project.

We will construct your new game court to your specifications, and finish it with a beautiful paint job.

Sport Surfaces is now building giant outdoor chess and checkers to create a sentiment of resort-style living with convenient access right in your backyard.

We can construct your new game board in your private home, community facility, or park to elevate the outdoor aesthetics.  This unique feature will surely give the allure of a resort that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

When we began this new type of construction, we started building several different types of outdoor chess courts. Along this journey, we discovered that children wanted to play checkers.

Giant Chess Construction Contractor

We decided to expand our construction capabilities, and improved our chess courts to now feature checkers as well for the kids.

At Sport Surfaces, we can enhance your backyard, community, or park with a beautiful new giant chess set. We have created a winning combination for your love of chess, checkers, and the outdoors with a giant chess and checkers set.

When you own one of these fantastic game boards, you can spend hours fulfilling your desire for fun and fresh air.

Our team helps customers all across Florida, and any state within the US with both sport construction and resurfacing projects.

If you’re ready to build your new giant chess and checker board, please connect with us today. Our professional team members would love to assist you with your new outdoor project.

About construction services

If you’re ready to make a giant chess board, Sport Surfaces can build it for you.  We can plan, design, and install your giant chess board from start to finish.  Please connect with us today for more details.


  • Customized giant chess construction
  • Trusted construction company
  • Premium playing surface
  • Built for private homes and recreational facilities 

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How to play giant chess?

The game of chess

Chess is a game with two players, involving strategic moves played on a checkered board.

  • There are 64 squares on the board that are arranged in an 8 x 8 square grid
  • Each player is given 16 chess pieces, that are able to be moved specifically on the game board
  • The game’s origins date back to the Indian game chaturanga sometime in the 6th century. Chaturanga was played with four players, but over time, the game evolved to just two players.
  • In the past, chess pieces were constructed from wood, marble, and stone
  • Giant chess boards came into existence in the 20th century when a German manufacturer named Rolly decided to mass produce the larger than life plastic game pieces.
  • Goal of the game is to deliver a checkmate, basically trapping your opponent’s king.

The game pieces were made of a hollow, sun-proof plastic and included:


  • 1 king: Can move exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
  • 1 queen: Can move to any number of empty squares in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical manner
  • 2 rooks: Can move to any number of empty squares in a horizontal or vertical fashion
  • 2 knights: Can move one square along any rank or file, and then at an angle, essentially moving in the shape of an L or 7
  • 2 bishops: Can only move in a diagonal direction along any number of empty squares
  • 8 pawns: Can move forward one square if it is empty. If a pawn has not started any moves, it can move two squares forward if those squares are empty.

The game of checkers 

Checkers is a strategic board game with two players who move game pieces on a checkered board. 

  • The game board has 64 squares that are arranged in an 8x 8 formation      
  • The 12 game pieces are flat and round, and are referred to as “men.”        
  • Game pieces are colored dark and light, are moved in a specific manner to capture the opponents game pieces.        
  • The game dates back to ancient times, and is believed to have derived from alquerque (a strategy game that is believed to have originated in the Middle East) 
  • Opponent with the darker pieces moves first 
  • Pieces may only move one diagonal square forward in the beginning of the game 
  • Pieces must stay on the dark squares 
  • Goal is to capture your opponent’s piece by jumping over it in two diagonal spaces in the direction of where it is

Benefits of learning to play chess and checkers:

  • Brings people together from different cultures and ages who are passionate about the game 
  • Teaches an individual how to win and lose through endless strategic skills and maneuvers 
  • Helps children’s awareness of their actions and the consequences. Some moves made on the chess/checker board yield positive results, while the wrong move can result in poor results. 
  • Helps children focus on their tasks at home and at school 
  • Helps to develop creativity with the tactics, logic, skills, and style in which an individual plays the game 
  • Builds confidence in problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills because it requires an individual to utilize both sides of their brain 
  • Teaches an individual to stay calm under pressure which can enhance both productivity and performance


If you’re unsure how to build a giant chess board, Sport Surfaces can do it for you.  We can answer any and all questions or concerns you may have.  Please click on the link below to ask us anything. 

Do you build giant chess boards in my area?

Sport Surfaces constructs giant chess boards throughout the US.  We have branch offices across the nation to service our customers’ needs. Please speak to one of our team members to start your sports construction project.

Why should I hire your company?

Our company has been in the industry since 1998, and are highly recommended within the industry.  We are one of the best companies in the nation, specializing in sports construction.  We have an incredible reputation, and guarantee all of our workmanship.

What type of materials are used to build my new giant chess board?

Our contractors only use the highest-quality products and materials during our construction or your sport surface.  We are an eco-friendly company, and try to implement recycled materials during our construction process.

Do you offer any type of maintenance plans?

Yes, Sport Surfaces can explain how to care for your new giant chess board If the maintenance seems too difficult, you can hire our technicians to perform the necessary tasks.  Please call us today to find out more details.

Where can I build a new giant chess board?

We have built giant chess boards at private homes, community facilities, parks, and country clubs.  If you have any further questions about your new chess board construction, please call our staff today. 

About our company

Sport Surfaces has been building giant chess boards for over 20 years.  We are highly competent in both sports surface construction and resurfacing, and have thousands of satisfied customers.  Please call us today to get more details about your new project.


  • Constant customer referrals
  • World class materials and products
  • Free consultations and estimates
  • Gold Maintenance Plan

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