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Are you an avid athlete who loves to play basketball, and has always imagined building an indoor basketball court inside your own home?  If you have aspirations of joining the NBA or just love to play hoops, it’s time to create a convenient way for you to get there.

Whether you play for fun or compete in matches, owning your own court for practice can give you a major advantage over other players.

Basketball is quite a popular sport, with more and more families choosing to construct indoor basketball courts as an addition to their homes. Families love getting together with their friends, and playing basketball together is a fantastic way to have fun while working out.

We will build your indoor basketball court!

Players are always on a quest for high quality indoor court surfaces to improve their games, and now you can be the proud owner of one. Weather is never an issue with an indoor court, and it’s the perfect solution for those who reside in a cold or rainy climate.

An indoor court tends to be used more frequently, especially because it is air conditioned. If you’re ready to construct your new home indoor basketball court, Sport Surfaces can build it for you.

Since 1998, our company has been involved with many basketball court construction and resurfacing projects. We only work with top indoor basketball court contractors, and would be happy to construct an indoor court for your private residence. We have also built many indoor courts for community facilities, educational institutions, and parks.


We are proud to be a top recommended Florida indoor basketball courts contractor, providing sport construction and resurfacing services throughout South Florida. We service the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County areas.

Our team will help you budget, plan, design, and construct your indoor court to fit the dimensions of your designated space. We are also capable of accommodating small spaces with a half court option.

When building a basketball court, you have various court builds from which to select. These include an outdoor court, multi-sport court, indoor court, or sport court®.

We will build an indoor basketball court according to your requirements

We can also customize a team logo with your color choice/s on your basketball court.  We find that this can foster team spirit, and is aesthetically pleasing.

Our court technicians are knowledgeable in mandatory indoor court maintenance and resurfacing techniques. They can guide you in the proper procedures for safety, surface appeal, and keeping the court in a playable condition.

We stand by our top-quality workmanship, having completed many court surfaces for our satisfied customers. Please connect with us, and allow our professional team to build your new indoor dream court.

About construction services

If you’re ready to construct your indoor basketball court, Sport Surfaces can build it for you.  We guide you through the entire construction process from start to finish.  Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

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  • World class court surfaces 
  • Environmentally-friendly construction

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How to build indoor basketball court?

Home indoor basketball court construction

Our indoor basketball courts give you the same play as our outdoor courts, with the added bonuses of perfect weather and air conditioning. We offer a selection of high-performance indoor basketball surfaces from which to choose.

These include a standard acrylic surface, a modular tile sport court® floor, or real wood flooring. All three surfaces have a beautiful appearance and play phenomenally. 

It truly depends on your personal preference, budget, and appearance as to which surface will be right for you. Our expert team members will be able to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you pick the most suitable surface.

Types of indoor basketball court flooring

A standard acrylic surface is typically used outdoors, however, it can be utilized indoors as well. It has many benefits such as:

  • Low maintenance
  • Performs for many years because it is comprised of special polyurethane material
  • Color quality stays bright
  • Durable so players can enjoy this type of court surface for many years

A modular tile sport court® surface is made from durable, interlocking tiles that create a softer, more forgiving court floor. The benefits of this type of surface are:

  • Easy installation
  • Safer due to excellent traction
  • Great shock absorption which means less impact to the body
  • Phenomenal basketball response
  • Resistant to water and humidity damage
  • More economical than other types of court surfaces. 
  • Price is typically about three to seven dollars a square foot.


A hardwood floor is the most common type of indoor court flooring. It is typically comprised of maple, and is the standard type of court for the NBA. It is a higher priced surface, averaging about ten to fifteen dollars per square foot. Some of the major advantages of this type of court surface are:

  • Easy maintenance with a simple, high-performance floor coating 
  • Excellent ball bounce 
  • Customization of colors and team logos 
  • Shock absorption during game play 
  • Court uniformity


Factors to consider when building a home indoor court 


  • Approximate building time: 4-5 months. Note: If you live in a cold climate, the best time to begin construction is during the warmer months to avoid frost on the ground 
  • Average price range: $150,000-$250,000 and higher inclusive of all labor and material costs 
  • Acquiring a permit: Usually necessary when you remodel or add an addition to your home 
  • Design: Placement of your new designated court area inside your home so it doesn’t disrupt your regular everyday home usage. Usually, you only need a doorway for entry into your court area. We have also converted home garages into indoor basketball courts. 
  • Size: There are some options when it comes to selecting your indoor court dimensions. If you have limited space, we can construct a half court. If there is a larger area, we will build a full-size court.

Full-size court measurements are: Professional or College 94’ long x 50’ wide, High School 84’ long x 50’ wide, Junior High 74’ long x 42’ wide

Half size court measurements are: Professional or College 47’ long x 50’ wide. High School 42’ long x 50’ wide, Junior High 37’ long x 42’ wide

  • Type of basketball hoop: You can select from a plexiglass, glass, adjustable, or a fixed system. We will work with you to choose the safest and most suitable hoop system for your court.   Note: Adjustable systems are quite popular with our customers, as they allow the height of the hoop to be raised as your child grows.
  • Basketball court accessories: We carry multiple options for your basketball court including protective padding, goals, and scoreboards.
  • Protective padding should be installed along the walls and under the basketball hoop for safety purposes
  • Backboards: Made from aluminum, tempered glass, and plexiglass. Sizes: 48”-72”
  • Adjustable basketball hoops:   Range from 6’-10’ to cater to children’s heights
  • Extension arms: 2’-5’
  • Court maintenance: Mopping the floors to clean the court surface and paint touch ups tend to keep the court in an optimal condition for game play. For a hardwood court, it may be necessary to sand and refinish it every 5-6 years. Sport courts® are easily repaired by replacing the worn our or damaged court tile
  • Windows: If your home indoor court has windows, it is necessary to use tempered glass. It is a matter of personal preference as to whether or not you select windows that can open or not. A window that can open allows for fresh air flow, however, with rough game play, it can sustain to damage to the latches and opening mechanisms
  • Court personalization: Customize your court with your favorite team colors or logo to add that extra special touch

Basketball/sports on child development

Parents across the US have noticed an increase in the amount of time children spend watching tv, and playing video games on their computer.  We can combat this ever-growing problem by encouraging our children to participate in sports.

Scientific studies by the University of Delaware show that children who play sports together developed higher levels of confidence, empathy, and leadership. 

When your child invites friends over to play on the home basketball court, they learn vital cooperation and conflict resolution skills.

These studies have also demonstrated that children who play sports have fewer behavioral problems, and greater academic success. 

Overall, children who are given time to play grow into socially successful adults. Not only is an indoor basketball court a fun activity, it can also play an extremely positive role in your child’s social skills development.

If you are ready to construct your new indoor basketball court today, please connect with us at Sport Surfaces. We are here for you, and would love to facilitate your new home court project journey.

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Our team of professionals can answer any questions you may have about an indoor basketball court playing surface.  Please click on the link below to chat with us.

Do you build indoor basketball courts in my area?

Yes, we construct indoor basketball courts throughout the United States.  We have several branch offices to service our customers. Please connect with one of our Sports Surfaces’ team members to start your sports construction project.

What makes your company so great?

Our company has been in the industry since 1998, and we’re one of best companies in the nation.  We have an amazing reputation in the sports construction field, and our customers trust us wholeheartedly.

What kinds of materials do you use during the construction of my new sport surface?

Our contractors only use top-grade materials and products when we build your new indoor basketball court.  We are an environmentally-conscious company, and work with recycled materials during construction whenever possible.

Do you offer any type of maintenance plans?

Yes, Sport Surfaces offers instructions on how to take care of your indoor basketball court. If you are unable to perform the necessary maintenance yourself, our technicians can be hired to do it for you.  Please call our team members today to find out more details about our Gold Maintenance Plan.

Where can I build a new indoor basketball court?

There are so many options when it comes to building your new court.  We do construction projects at private houses, schools, recreational facilities, and professional tournament venues.  Please call our staff today to discuss your new indoor basketball court project.

About our company

Sport Surfaces started in the sports surfacing field over twenty years ago.  We are experts in both sports surface construction and resurfacing, and have completed several indoor basketball courts.  Please call us today to find out more information about your project.

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  • Maintenance plans

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