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Sand volleyball has steadily grown in popularity. Across Florida, you would see many schools, colleges, and community centers offering well-built sports surfaces to play a wide range of games including, volleyball. The sport of sand volleyball is an excellent game. It enhances the agility, flexibility, and quick reactions timings of the players. All the vitamin D that the players are able to soak up is an added bonus.

People are at times confused regarding the terms ‘Beach Volleyball’ and ‘Sand Volleyball’ — let us clear that up first. The game started from beaches across the world. However, as the game’s popularity surged, many schools and colleges started providing their students with sports surfaces to play the game. Many of these educational institutes were nowhere near a beach, so they started calling the sports sand volleyball, as that was the surface they played on. Now, both the names are accepted, and the game is played even by elementary school children in Florida.

So what kind of institutions should consider getting a sand volleyball court constructed?
At Sport Surfaces, we have years of experience building top-grade sports surfaces according to our client’s requirements and budgets. Our experts advise that the following institutions should consider adding sand volleyball courts to their premises.

  1. Commercial Sports Centers
  2. Schools and Colleges
  3. Corporate Sports Centers
  4. Community Parks
  5. Local Sports And Re-creation Centers.

These avenues would stand to gain the maximum benefit by offering a professional-grade sports surface for sand volleyball. With the professionals at Sport Surfaces to study and plan the court in the space you have or to convert an old playing surface, you would not have to worry about the technical aspects.

The experts from Sport Surfaces will take the following steps while building a new sand volleyball court for you.

Inspection And Measurement Of The Playing Surface

The experts would come and measure the space where you wish to get a new sand volleyball court built. The standard measurements of a recreational sand volleyball court are 52’6” × 26’3” (16m × 8m). Our experts can customize it as per your requirements. As per the guidelines of the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the following lengths of free space are required.

Free Space Requirement

  1. For a school court: 9’10”
  2. For a college court: 15′
  3. For a professional court: 19’6″

The Designing And Planning

Designing Volleyball Court
After the inspection, the experts of Sport Surface will have a consultation with you and determine the number of courts you need. Do you wish to build a recreational court or a court for competition? They will also discuss the requirements for spectator seating, wash stations, lighting, and fencing.

Surface Preparation And Drainage

Once the design, layout, and details have been finalized, the professionals from Sport Surfaces will start preparing your sand volleyball surface. While preparing the surface, the primary factor is that the playing area should be clear of any obstructions, and there should not be any hazards such as power cables or hard protrusions.

Once the excavation and leveling have been completed, proper drainage is created. This will be a drainage ditch towards the low point of the sand volleyball court. A drain pipe with perforation, wrapped in landscaping fabric, will be placed running across the middle of the court.

Sand And Gravel

The next step is depositing the sand and gravel mix for the sports surface. At Sport Surfaces, premium-grade sand mixes are used. Depending upon the depth and requirement of the playing surface, about 1’ to 2’ sand is deposited on the prepared surface. A sand volleyball court with less depth will require more regular maintenance than a court with more depth. The experts can guide you regarding the ideal depth based upon the estimated use of the sand volleyball court.

Installation Of The Equipment

Installation Of Volleyball Court
Once the sand has been deposited, the next step is to install all the professional sand volleyball equipment. These are the nets, poles, and boundary ropes. At Sport Surfaces, you can choose poles made from a wide range of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, or treated wood. The experts advise wrapping the poles in protective padding, both for enhancing player safety and aesthetic appeal.

The standard net heights are as follows:

  1. Women’s net height — 7’4″
  2. Men’s net height — 8′ tall

Finishing Touches

Once all the sports surface preparation is done, then only the spectator areas, lighting, and fencing have to be carried out. And that is it. You have a brand-new sand volleyball court ready to welcome the players.


Playing sports is integral for people of all ages, but it is also necessary to play on professionally built sports surfaces. A well-constructed sports surface will offer a better surface to play the game and also help minimize injuries. Consult the experts at Sport Surfaces to get a new sand volleyball court for your institution or neighborhood in Florida.