Basketball, baseball, soccer (football), volleyball, and handball are usually the sports that are played with full enthusiasm by kids as well as adults. However, there is another important sport that is equally loved by the kids, teenagers, and adults — Bocce Ball. You might have played bocce ball with your friends and family during vacation or summer holidays. It is an extremely energizing sport that keeps you hooked till the end. But it is not possible to always go out to the commercial bocce ball courts and play the game for long periods of hours with your family and friends. On the commercial or public-owned bocce ball courts, you won’t be able to enjoy the game under the twinkling sky and have snacks along with your friends or family. Due to this reason, there are many people who look forward to having a bocce ball court in their backyard. So if you are one of those people who are mesmerized by the charms of the game and want to build a bocce ball court in the backyard, then it is a necessity to have an understanding of the essential aspects before you do that.

#1 The Overall Size Of The Bocce Ball Court:

Size of Bocce Ball Court

When you want to have a bocce ball court in your backyard, then the most important thing is the size of the court. Your backyard must have enough space to build the bocce ball court. Usually, the bocce ball courts are 91 feet by 13 feet in dimensions, but this is not possible to achieve in your backyard. So you can design a bocce ball court of 45 feet long by 8 feet wide dimensions. This will be a perfect place to play as well as easily fit into the space in your backyard. If you feel that 45X8 feet size would be a smaller area and the game might get restricted, then you can opt for the 70 X 10 dimension for the bocce ball court.

#2 The Location Of The Bocce Ball Court:

Most of the time, bocce ball is not a sport that is played on a daily basis. People play it occasionally when they have their friends and family over for a visit or when the kids are around for the summer holidays and Christmas. So this aspect will define the location of the bocce ball court in your backyard. You can locate or build the bocce ball court in the farthest corner of the backyard, as it will be used only during certain occasions. So the rest of the backyard could be used for other things. But if the bocce ball sport is your favorite and you would find yourself on the court during your leisure hours, then it should be built near the doorstep of the backyard. Sometimes, people use the bocce ball court as a focal point to enhance the look of the backyard. You will have to decide what suits you the best depending upon how large your backyard is.

#3 Preparing The Site For The Bocce Ball Court:

Bocce ball court construction

Site preparation is required so that your court can last for a longer period and does not require frequent changes. With site preparation, two factors are important — drainage and grading. If these things are not taken care of, then the bocce ball court will be unplayable.

#4 Considering The Borders Of The Bocce Ball Court:

While constructing the border wall for the bocce ball court, you can make use of the concrete as it will make the structure strong, sturdy, and durable. Usually, the measurement of the border wall should be approximately 6-inch by 8-inch, but you can make the changes based on the amount of space you have in your backyard.

#5 Preparing The Surface Of The Bocce Ball Court:

The surface of the bocce ball court is built in various layers, the topmost layer is of oyster flour, and this layer is almost 1 inch in thickness. Next is the layer of oyster shells. If you do not want this surface, you can even opt for gravel and turf. It will also make your game better, but not as effective as the oyster surface.


Once you have decided to build a bocce ball court in your backyard, you need to consult professionals. Well, yes. The sports surface build work should be handled by professionals, as they are skillful and can manage everything right from scratch. You can specify your requirements to them, and they will get you the desired results.