The running track is a common feature across most high schools, colleges, and other sports and recreation centers. Whether you plan to build a new running track or wish to get your venue’s existing track resurfaced, contact Sport Surfaces. At Sport Surfaces, we have a large team of licensed professionals with a combined experience of many decades who can design, construct, and maintain running tracks.

A well-constructed running track is an essential requirement for all athletes to perform well. Moreover, to host professional track and field events at your venue, you also need to ensure that the running track meets the standards and specifications stipulated by the IAAF (International Amateur Athletics Federation.) The IAAF is the apex body responsible for framing the guidelines for track and field competitions.

The running tracks have undergone many changes over the course of time. In the past, running tracks were made of sand, dirt, or even crushed cinders. However, now most standard running tracks are made of artificial rubberized surfaces. Sport Surfaces has carried out the installation of rubberized running tracks all across the United States.

Our in-house team of licensed and professional designers and sport surface builders have built running tracks across multiple venues. So, whether you need a new running track for school, college, military base, or public parks, our experts can design and build an excellent running track for your venue.

The running tracks installed by Sport Surfaces have the following features and benefits.

Track Quality

Running Track Quality

At Sport Surfaces, we provide Plexitrac for your running tracks. There are multiple benefits of a Plexitrac running surface. Among various sports surfaces, the Plexitrac surface provides the finest running surface for runners and athletes. Due to their water-based formulation, they are extremely sturdy and resilient. This resiliency ensures that your running track will not show signs of wear and tear for a long time, even with daily use.

Track Construction

Running Track Construction

Our expert team will carry out a consultation and finalize the design of the running track for your venue. The track installation will commence and shall be carried out in the following manner.

  • Construction of Base — The contractors will use a stone base to build the first surface, which is the roadway. This roadway will be the foundation of your running track and its key component.
  • Asphalt Layers — Over the stone base, two layers of asphalt are poured. The asphalt layer adds to the durability and longevity of the surface.
  • Curb And Drainage Installation — Once the asphalt layer is ready, a concrete curb is installed along the track to ensure that the track is clearly demarcated and has better durability. Along with this the experts will also install a drainage system to ensure that there is no water pooling on the track.
  • SBR Rubber Layer — The SBR is a variant of synthetic rubber. The mix of polyurethane and rubber granules is poured over the asphalt layer. At Sport Surfaces, the experts recommend three to six layers of SBR rubber. This first rubber layer is topped off with an additional one to three layers of SBR rubber. This layer has smaller rubber granules.
  • Surface Coat And Track Stripes — After the SBR rubber layer has been installed, the next step is to apply two coats wearing surface protection. It offers protection to the underneath rubber layer. At this stage, track striping can be carried out to create running track lanes.

Key Benefits Of The Plexitrac Installation By Sport Surfaces

All our running tracks are designed and built to the highest standards. Some key benefits are as follows.

  • All our tracks are designed to minimize injuries. The track design and cushion reduce the impact on the runners’ joints. The extra cushioning absorbs the majority of the impact. At Sport Surfaces, we offer customized cushioning designs to meet the needs of track and field athletes.
  • All the running tracks installed by Sport Surfaces are meant for all-year use. We provide a special anti-UV coating that ensures the track remains cool during Summer, and we provide a slip-resistant surface so that the runners can use the track during rainy weather or Winter.
  • We offer to design and install tracks in varied colors. The standard tracks are black, but at Sport Surfaces, we can install colored tracks to match the team colors of your institution. The anti-UV formulation used at Sport Surfaces ensures that the color pigment lasts long and does not fade from the running track.
  • The running tracks installed by Sport Surfaces follow all the standards of the IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation.) We use specialized water-based resin formulation in all our tracks. It provides a non-toxic and environmentally friendly running environment for all athletes.  
  • Our high standards of sport surface constructions ensure that your running tracks remain durable for a long period. We also provide running track maintenance services to extend the life of your running track.


These were some of the basic tips and considerations that need to be followed when you consider getting a new running track or resurfacing an old track. Contact the expert team at Sport Surfaces for a consultation. We can guide you regarding the essential components, design a track according to your specifications and budget, and build a running track that your athletes will enjoy using and excel at their sport.