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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the US. You will come across many people fond of basketball. The game is popular because playing this game provides many health benefits — both physical and mental. You can keep yourself entertained, stress-free, and fit with a regular game of basketball every day because you will be physically active, have more energy, and have better mental clarity.

The fact that both the men’s and women’s teams won gold medals in basketball in the Tokyo Olympics this year has led to a massive surge in the popularity of this sport. Plus, with states gradually resuming all outdoor activities, there has been an overall increase in the popularity of sports in general. People are glad to get to watch and play their favorite games again.

Now, this brings us to the issue of lack of adequate playing courts. Sure, basketball’s popularity means there are professional courts in most cities across the country. However, the reality is that your inclination to play a sport on a regular basis is directly proportional to the convenience factor. For instance, although you may love to play basketball, you play it only once in a blue moon as it is difficult to book the court time that suits you or the thought of a long commute all the way to the court center makes you drop your plans of playing the game.

This is the reason why a lot of schools, colleges, corporate organizations, and neighborhood organizations are getting a professional-grade basketball court built on their premises. With professional-grade sports court construction made possible by Sport Surfaces, a market leader in sports courts construction, having an excellent basketball court is no longer a dream.

Reasons to get a basketball court built:

#1 The Flexibility To Play:

When there is a basketball court in your institution or neighborhood, people have the flexibility to play at their convenience. There is no need to wait for a free slot in the overbooked basketball courts. Your students, employees, or neighborhood residents can play more and have a better experience of playing the game. In many communities, youth clubs have become more active and interested in the game/ This is because they now have more access to a basketball-playing surface. Similarly, corporate employees have reported better job satisfaction as they get to de-stress with a quick game in the evening before heading home.

#2 A Perfect Way To Spend Time With Friends And Family:

Outdoor basketball courts

Studies have found that it is better and safer to have basketball courts than swimming pools in a housing establishment. The residents can organize friendly basketball competitions for friends and family. It will be a great way to create a friendly environment in the neighborhood and enhance the time people spend with their families. Not only adults and teens, but also kids, are fond of the game. In Florida, you are bound to run into a Miami Heat or Orlando Magic fan in most places. A basketball court gives a better opportunity for all these fans to play the game that they love.

#3 A Private Place To Practice:

Many high schools and colleges organize inter-school and inter-college basketball competitions. However, not all academic institutions have their own court. Therefore, they are dependent on the communal courts for their team’s practice. This may lead to sub-par performance as the team may not be getting adequate practice. An academic institution with its own basketball court can help its team perform better. Students learning the game have more opportunities to practice, and the school team can work out all their moves and strategies to ensure a better ranking in the state tally. Moreover, it is a great way to encourage the sport among female students as they can play and practice in the comfort of the safe environment of the school. A survey carried out among parents of school-age children found that most parents consider adequate sports facilities as a major criterion while selecting a school for their children.

#4 Enhances The Property Values:

basketball courts construction company

Homes and housing communities with their private basketball court have registered an uptick in the property valuations. Home in such neighborhoods is more in demand as families prefer the safety and convenience offered by a private outdoor basketball court within the gated community. Families with young children are definitely looking for such properties as a neighborhood sports facility is a great addition to their growing family’s needs.


If you are planning to get an outdoor basketball court built, consult Sports Surfaces professionals. They are highly skillful and have extensive experience in constructing different types of sport surfaces. They will know and understand your requirements. The basketball court construction can be modified according to the needs and space of the institution. Trust the experts at Sport Surfaces to deliver the best court for your needs. They will build an excellent basketball court for you, just the way you want it.