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Have you ever come across a tennis court with no fencing? No, right? Fencing is essential for many tennis courts. If you are playing tennis without a tennis court fence, it becomes inconvenient and uncomfortable. You are always worried about accidentally hitting some passerby with a strong backhand. That is why a food fence is a must for a tennis court. While installing fencing on the tennis court, you can opt from a wide range of choices. The choice of your fence will depend on the overall budget and your preferences. If you wish to have a tennis fence with perfect aesthetics and durability, choose a tennis court fence made of panels. Sport Surfaces will help you install different types of fencing for your tennis court. Their staff is highly qualified and skillful in handling the fence installation process with no hassle.

Before we dive into the process of fence installation, you must know the benefits.

  1. Fencing will protect the ball from going outside the court during the game.
  2. The fence will prevent the animals from entering the area.
  3. Having a fence around the tennis court will prevent dust and debris from destroying the surface and other areas of the court.
  4. Points To Remember-

  5. The fence of the tennis court must have a height of at least 3 meters. Only then it can prevent the ball from going out.
  6. If you want to have the fence over 3 meters, it should be specified clearly to the construction professionals.
  7. For higher fencing, there must be a proper gap maintained in-between. These are standard guidelines that all tennis court owners must follow.

Now, let us begin our installation guide for the tennis court fencing.

#1 Make Sure All The Standard Features Of Tennis Court Fencing Is Followed:

tennis court fencing standard

The tennis court fencing has various essential standard components. When you follow the standard guidelines, you will not have to face any legal issues later on. When you follow the standard fencing method, you would easily protect the ball from going out from the court. Also, make sure that you follow standard dimensions for the angled sections.

#2 Don’t Miss Out On Getting Proper Gates:

The fence of a tennis court must have proper gates. If you cannot have multiple gates, at least one wide gate should be part of every tennis fence. You must install the gates in the middle portion of the fence. The distance for fencing should be maintained equal on all sides. The middle part is used for gates because it will be the least bother the tennis players and can be used as an entrance for the players.

#3 Check The Placement Of The Fence Post:

Get the fence post installed around the tennis court and within the curbstone. With this, you can ensure that the fence will remain fixed to the post and stay strong. You should also ensure that the fence post will not be damaged and roll over the curbstone. Besides this, you should make sure that grass will not grow in-between and cause inconvenience to the players. If the natural grass grows in-between the gap, it is difficult to remove it.

#4 Consider These Essential factors While Planning To Install A Fence:

install tennis court fence

Consider The Wind Control:

The fence should be lightweight and must keep the wind out. It should allow proper air circulation to maintain temperature. The players should not feel hot while playing.

Fencing Should Have A Design To Maintain Privacy:

The fence helps in preventing trespassing. Opt for a mesh design or panel design.

Maintain Proper Separation Between Multiple Courts:

If there are multiple courts, have a proper division with the fence.

Visibility Factor Of The Audience:

The fence is significant for the tennis court, but it should not block the audience’s view. If the audience area is outside the court, have a small or no fence in that area.

Consider The Court Slope While Installing The Fence:

The court slope can be taller or shorter. If the court slope is shorter, then install the fence around the posts.

For Fencing Post — Use Concrete:

Applying concrete around the post will hold the fence strongly. The concrete must not cover up the metal part of the fence or post.


Installing a fence for a tennis court is crucial, but only professionals should handle it. If you are planning to install a fence on your tennis court, always choose professional contractors. They have the experience and skill to install a tennis court fence properly according to all the rules and regulations. Consult Sport Surfaces staff if you need quality work to be done. They are highly professional and help to install tennis fences with no hassle.