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Basketball is one of the most popular sports that millions of people play in the US. You can observe many kids, teenagers, and even adults enjoy themselves and keep themselves fit by playing basketball every day. There are many basketball courts around most American cities where one can play a round of basketball and spend some quality time. 

Basketball is not only popular among school kids but also among adults. This large-scale popularity has led to basketball courts being constructed in academic institutions, colleges, recreational centers, and other private and public leisure places. 

It means that basketball courts are in high demand. When you want your academic institutions’ players to perform well, or you need to provide basketball playing amenities to your employees, residents, and members, you need a top-class outdoor basketball court. You require an outdoor basketball court with various standard facilities. These facilities can help the players enhance their skills and improve their game. 

When you have planned to build an outdoor basketball court, you require the help of professional contractors. The contractors will help you with all the steps that are involved in constructing an outdoor basketball surface. The best thing you can do is consult the professional contractors of Sport Surfaces. Their team of designers and sport surface builders is highly qualified with extensive experience in handling a wide range of constructing and installing different types of sport surfaces for both private and public venues. These are some of the most important steps to be followed when you are getting a new outdoor basketball court built. The team from Sport Surfaces will provide expert guidance from start to finish of the project. The following are the essential factors for constructing a new outdoor basketball court for your venue. 

#1 You Need To Find A Suitable Location For Constructing Basketball Court

The basketball court has to be spacious. The space is needed because two team players will occupy the area. Apart from that, you will add fencing and an audience area to the outdoor basketball court. Therefore, you should look out for a location that is spacious. You can take the help of the Sport Surfaces experts to measure and provide consultation regarding the space. They will also suggest how the court can be customized to fit the space that you selected.

#2 Understand The Official Size Of The Basketball Court

Basketball Court

The construction of a basketball court is possible in a wide range of dimensions. You will observe the basketball courts in schools that are smaller than those in the recreational centers. The basketball courts for the NBA centers are more spacious and have better facilities. So you need to decide the dimensions of the basketball court you are looking forward to building. While constructing the basketball court, the professionals ensure several main aspects — the players’ needs, court sizes, key, foul line, and 3 point line.

Based on these factors, the basketball court dimensions will be decided and designed. Here are some of the most crucial dimensions for the basketball court sizes. 

 Standard Basketball Court Size

  1. NBA courts: 94′ long x 50 ‘ wide, 3 point line is 22’ x 9″
  2. High school court: 84′ long x 50′ wide, 3 point line is 20′ x 9″
  3. Junior high school: 74′ long x 42′ wide, 3 point line is 19′ x 9″

#3 Using Standard Options For The Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop is one of the essential components of the basketball court. With Sport Surfaces, you will have a wide range of options to select the basketball goal or hoop. You can find the options given below.

  • plexiglass (weather resistant and durable)
  • glass (excellent ball bounce)
  • adjustable (suitable for children of various ages)
  • fixed systems

If you are confused as to which material you should choose, then the Sport Surfaces experts will help you. They will guide understand your requirements and assist you in selecting the best material.

#4 Focus On The Right Accessories Required For The Basketball Court

Basketball Court Accessories

Along with the basketball hoop, you get protective pads, scoreboards, and even bleachers. The professional from Sport Surfaces will ensure that the basketball court is lined with benches for the spectators. They will take care that the basketball court has proper lighting. It will help the players to play even at nighttime. 

#5. Choose The Best Material For The Basketball Court

The two popular choices when it comes to the surface of a basketball court are:

Using Asphalt For Basketball Court: An asphalt is usually the most preferred sport surface for basketball courts. It is soft, and experts recommend using it. It also provides a wide range of orthopedic benefits that improve the performance of the players. It is affordable and offers high durability. The best aspect is that it is weather-resistant. 

Using Concrete For Basketball Court: Concrete is a feasible option when you have limited accessibility and space. The concrete sport surface is easy to install and maintain. It has a long service life and is very economical. 


If you are planning to construct a new outdoor basketball court for your private or commercial venue, consult Sport Surfaces. They are one of the top-rated sports court construction contractors in the US. They will provide you with the best services and construct sports areas according to the guidelines of the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA).