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Pickleball is one of the most popular sports in the US. You would have come across a lot of people who are interested in playing pickleball. This game is growing in popularity across the US. This game is played with paddles, and it combines the characteristics of badminton, tennis, and ping pong.

Pickleball offers multiple health benefits. It burns calories, uplifts the mood of the players, and does not lead to sports injuries due to the low-impact factor of the game. It is also a game that is much loved by children, middle-aged, and senior players because the court sizes are smaller, and the pace of the ball is slower.

Children usually play pickleball in their school courts or commercial pickleball courts. You may have also come across pickleball courts in various areas such as clubs, recreational centers, sports academies, college universities for adult players. It is a mark of the game’s growing popularity. Observing this growing interest in the game, are you planning to build an outdoor pickleball court? Do you want to expand the sports facilities of your venue? You have already made plans to build an outdoor pickleball court but are unsure how to get started? We are here to help you out. In this article, we shall cover all the essential aspects of building a pickleball court.

These are the steps of building a pickleball court:

#1 You Should Determine The Space You Will Need For Building Pickleball Court

Build A Pickleball Court

When you are planning to build an outdoor pickleball court, there needs to be adequate space. The space can be an open area, or you can even convert an old tennis court into a pickleball court. 

The space should be adequate to accommodate the outdoor pickleball court and large enough to maintain the standard size. Once you are sure that you have the space for the standard size of the pickleball court, you can customize it according to your needs. For instance, if you have a tennis court, you can divide it into four sections of pickleball court. 

You can also convert other standard courts into a pickleball court. Apart from this, if you are building an outdoor pickleball court right from scratch, it is better to hire an expert court construction team. The experts can guide you on the essential aspects such as the fences, audience area, game area, net, and more. Here are the standard dimensions used while building an outdoor pickleball court.

  1. Pickleball Court Dimensions: 20 feet (6.1 meters) by 44 feet (13.41 meters). It is the standard size for singles and doubles pickleball games.
  2. Pickleball Net Height: the sideline should be 36 inches (0.91 meters), and the middle portion should be 34 inches (0.86 meters).
  3. Pickleball Playing Area: 30 feet (9.14 meters) by 60 feet (18.29 meters). The experts consider these standard dimensions when you are converting a tennis court. You need 34 feet by 64 feet (19.51 meters) to conduct a tournament play area or a standalone outdoor pickleball court.

#2 You Should Choose The Right Court Surface Material For The Outdoor Pickleball Court

When you have decided to build an outdoor pickleball court from scratch, you need to consider the court surface material. Selecting the right court surface material is very important. The performance of the players is dependent on the playing surface of the court. There are various materials that you can choose from for building an outdoor pickleball court.

  1. Concrete: You can opt for the concrete court surface because it is the best when it comes to durability. A concrete court surface will help in increasing the value of the court.
  2. Asphalt: Choosing an asphalt court surface is best when you are looking for something affordable. Compared to concrete court surfaces, asphalt is more affordable. The asphalt court surface is a good playing surface, but you have to ensure that it is kept well-maintained.

#3 Consider The Fencing And Its Perimeter

Pickleball Fencing

When you have planned to build an outdoor pickleball court, you should consider the fencing. Fencing is essential to keep the ball within the playing area. Moreover, the ball should not enter the audience area and hurt them. 

Therefore, after the right court surface material, you should focus on the fencing of the pickleball court. When you are choosing the fence, you will have a lot of options. The most popular fencing type is wired fencing. It will keep the area protected and also let the light enter the court. If you are in a dilemma, you can take the help of experienced contractors. They will help you choose the right type of fencing and install it.

You can even boost the safety factor by installing fence cushioning. It goes a long way in minimizing any injuries and lets players play the game to their best abilities without any injury concerns.


Hire the best contractor to build a pickleball court for your venue. You need the help of the best contractor to plan and construct an outdoor pickleball court, which the players will enjoy playing on. You can consult the experienced and certified contractors of Sport Surfaces for building the outdoor pickleball court. They have experience of many years in constructing customized outdoor pickleball courts for various country clubs, tournament venues, recreational centers, parks, and other private and commercial spaces.