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Tennis and basketball are the most popular sports played in the US. You might come across a lot of people who regularly play tennis and basketball. Due to this, the demand for tennis and basketball courts is high. You come across a tennis court or a basketball court in every nook and corner of the city. The sports surface, layout, seating arrangements of the tennis court and basket court may be different. But one thing that you will find in every tennis and basketball court is — fencing.

What Is The Significance Of Fencing For tennis And Basketball Court?

Fencing is an essential component of the tennis court and basketball court, and you will not find even a single tennis court or basketball court without adequate fencing. Fencing is an essential component of a sports court and surrounds the entire area of the court.

The fencing can be of different types. The most popular ones are chain links and mesh fencing. They are popular because they provide protection and have aesthetic appeal. Moreover, they are not expensive compared to other types of fencing. Even the installation of these fencing is convenient. The Sport Surfaces professionals can handle it easily.

How Fencing Complements Tennis And Basketball Courts?

1. The Fencing Of The Sports Courts Help In Keeping The Items Within The Court

Sports Courts

The most important feature offered by a fence is to keep the sports items within a confined area. While playing tennis or basketball at faster speeds, the balls may go across the boundaries.

These balls always have speed on both sides of the court (basketball) and net. Even if you try to prevent the balls from going outside, you can not. Therefore, it is better to have a fence around the sports court. When you have a fence around the sports court, it helps to keep the ball within the court. It becomes easy for the sports staff to manage these balls. Just like tennis balls, the basketballs also bounce to a higher level.

Sometimes, the level may cross more than 10 feet (3.05 meters). With proper fencing around the court, your players or staff do not have to worry about the ball accidentally getting out of the court. Nobody prefers to chase after the balls in the middle of a game. Besides, you can protect the people outside the court from being hit by the fastballs.

2. The Fencing Around The Court Maintains Privacy

For keeping the sports club private, you can use mesh fencing or chain link fencing. Both are durable and affordable. Due to these two factors, they are the most popular options. With these, you can maintain great privacy, and a passerby can not interfere in the ongoing sports without permission. You can also utilize vines to keep the court area completely private. Fencing is also a better way to protect the players from the high winds.

3. Fencing Offers The Sport Court A Clear Boundary

Fencing around the sports court is essential because it is an effective way to set a clear boundary. It prevents any trespassers from entering the playing area. A fence lets people know to keep their distance from a specific area and not enter it without a purpose.

When people see the fence, they will understand that it is a sports area and will not enter unnecessarily or try to find the proper entrance if they wish to come in. This will also prevent the players from getting disturbed in the middle of a game.

4. Fencing Can Be Easily Customized

 Customized Fencing

It is the best aspect of fencing that encircles a sports court. You can customize it according to your preferences. Most often, people opt for chain-link fencing because it can be conveniently customized. You can transform the chain link fence according to the measurements of the court — higher, longer, or shorter. Based on the type of sports court you are planning to build, change the size of the fence. Besides the type of fence, you can change the material as well.

While planning to build a sports court, consider all the essential factors. When you are well-informed, you can make the right decision. The material of the fence, its type, and its color will make the sports court look aesthetically appealing. Therefore, focus on choosing the best fencing for your tennis and basketball courts.


When you plan to build a tennis or basketball court, concentrating on fencing is most essential. Consult the experts at Sport Surfaces if you plan to get a new tennis or basketball court built. They can examine your space and come up with the right kind of court and suitable fencing to ensure that your players are getting a safe and ideal place to play.