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Tennis is one of the most played sports in the US. Millions of Americans across age groups enjoy playing a game of tennis. It is a misconception that only people who are a part of some team play regularly. Most individuals play tennis regularly to keep themselves fit and healthy. Playing tennis enhances your physical as well as mental health. Players are focused on the ball while playing and need to have quick movements to continue the volley. This ensures both physical and cognitive improvements.

Maybe due to these reasons, you find a lot of commercial tennis courts. The layout of the tennis court, the surface, fencing, and high-quality net attracts players to enhance their skills in the sport. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people were not allowed for social gatherings, playing, or any other activity.

People had to stay inside the home and take care of their health. For more than a year, the tennis courts were abandoned or shut down. But now, things are getting back into the swing. The problem is that players cannot directly get to the court. The administration staff of the tennis court needs to ensure the condition of the tennis court is proper and then allow players to play on the court.

If the condition of the tennis court is not good, the players may get hurt. Moreover, it may cause some severe injuries. Therefore, you must reconstruct or repair the tennis court before opening it for the players.

Here are some of the essential aspects you need to check upon while constructing and repairing the tennis court.

#1 Inspection Of The Tennis Court

The first and foremost thing that you should focus on is to analyze the condition of the tennis court. By hiring inspection professionals, you can get a clear idea of the tennis court’s condition.

An inspection will help you identify whether the tennis court requires repairing or complete reconstruction. Based on the level of damage, the inspectors will suggest whether repairing will be better or you should opt for reconstruction. If the damages to the tennis court are beyond repair, then there is no choice but to go for the reconstruction.

#2 Start By Stripping The Tennis Court

 Tennis Court

While inspecting, if you find that the bond between the asphalt surface is broken, you can observe the strips on the court.

It can be fixed with the binder. When the court starts stripping, it will initiate from the bottom. When the damages keep increasing, they will resurface on the tennis court. Due to stripping, the tennis court will degrade. The moisture can enter the stripped areas and damage the structural integrity of the tennis court.

#3 Reconstruct Or Repair The Birdbaths

Usually, the tennis courts have birdbaths for the deposition of water. If the birdbaths keep increasing in size, they will cause problems to the tennis court. Moreover, the water from the tennis court will take a long time to evaporate. It will delay the game of the players. Therefore, it is better to repair the birdbaths as soon as possible.

#4 Remove All The Blisters and Bubbles on the Tennis Court

It is considered another issue that commonly occurs on the tennis court. Due to excessive moisture, the surface of the tennis court gets tarnished. The excess moisture that gets trapped into the tennis court harms the layering of the tennis court and causes bubbles and blisters. The presence of bubbles and blisters on the tennis court reduces its durability and overall strength. You can take the help of professional sport surface contractors to fix the issue.

#5 Checking The Discoloration of The Tennis Court

Tennis Court Repair

When the colors of the tennis court start fading, it will look dull and dingy. The fading effect is due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This look destroys the aesthetic appeal of the tennis court. Before you invite the players to the court, ensure that the tennis courts are re-coated. It will make the tennis court look new and aesthetically appealing.


When you are planning to get back to the business, it is essential that you inspect the tennis courts and fix all the issues. The leading sport surface construction and repair company is Sport Surfaces. You can hire a professional for inspection, repairing, and reconstruction of the tennis court. The professionals of Sport Surfaces are highly skillful and have extensive experience.

They will carry out the inspection of the tennis court and repair all the issues. Moreover, the professionals will re-coat the surface of the tennis court to make it look welcoming. Sport Surfaces is known to offer efficient work that employs modern standards of tennis court resurfacing, repairing, and construction. Besides all, the services offered by economical. So you will not burn your pocket when you hire professionals from Sport Surfaces to spruce up the tennis court.