Do you know that two major sports that are widely played in the US are basketball and baseball? But out of the two, one sport managed to become the most popular among school and college students — and that is basketball. Another interesting fact about basketball is that it is not only a popular sport in the US but also played worldwide. In fact in the Tokyo Olympics, there were 12 teams each from across the world in men’s and women’s basketball competitions. And Team USA won the gold medal in basketball in both competitions. This is definitely going to make the sport even more popular in the coming years in the US.

Basketball is an amazing sport that can be played with either just two people or you can play with a team. Basketball can be played for fun, or you can participate in a basketball competition. For basketball, you can either have indoor courts or outdoor courts, so that it is flexible for the players to play the game with full zeal.

While designing the indoor basketball court, you will be having the surface of hardwood, which can be easily maintained and used for several years. However, the outdoor basketball courts are built with concrete or sometimes asphalt, which makes the surface very hard and tough. It will help the ball to bounce at a greater level and increase the level of the game. Sometimes people convert their backyard into a half basketball court and play regularly. But what if there is a requirement for designing the basketball court in a school? What are the essential aspects that you must keep in mind while designing the basketball court for school?

#1 Understanding The Basketball Court Dimensions Stated by NCAA:

Dimensions of Basketball Court

If you are a die-hard fan of basketball, then you might know about the NCAA. The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association — a legal body that defines all the dimensions of the courts of various sports, such as racing tracks, basketball courts, or tennis courts. The NCAA states the dimensions of the basketball court as follows. It is to be noted that there are several points that are to be included in it. For instance: 
1.Court size
3.Basket height
4.Foul line
5.Tip-off circle
These are the 5 main factors based on which the dimension of the basketball court is decided by the NCAA. Based on the measurement of these 5 factors, the NCAA defines the dimension of the school basketball court. The width of the court should be 12 feet and not more than that. Moreover, the area that is beneath the basket is always limited, and its diameter should be approximately 3 feet.

#2 While Designing Or Building The Basketball Court For School Check The Three-Point Arc Line:

The three-point line is quite significant for basketball players, as it is the factor that decides the adjustment while shooting the ball. For a high school basketball court, the 3 point line is one of the most important, and it should be 19.9 feet from the basket and from the corner. This distance should be 22 feet. These dimensions are decided by the governing bodies of sports, such as the NCAA, NBA, and WNBA.

#3 The Type Of The Basketball Courts In School:

Well, schools can have either indoor basketball courts or outdoor basketball courts, as both are great for the players. If the school is focusing on building indoor basketball courts, then the sports surface should be made with maple wood because of its high strength, hardness, durability, and light color. The light colors of the maple sport surface will make it easier for the player to visualize the ball. Moreover, the light color will refract maximum light to make the game perfectly visible to the audience or spectators. If the school needs to have an outdoor basketball court, then it should be made with either concrete or asphalt. With the help of asphalt flooring, the bounce of the ball would be perfect and help the players to take control of the game

#4 Understanding The Height Of The Hoop In School Basketball Courts:

Basketball court Hoop Hight

According to the legal authorities, the school basketball court should have a hoop height of about 10 feet. But if the basketball court is designed for small kids, then the hoop height can be reduced to 8 feet.


Basketball is the most loved sport in various countries, and you can even enjoy the sport in your school as well. The school should ensure that the design of the basketball court is considered or monitored by the NCAA, NBA, or WNBA. It would be good to hire an experienced construction firm specializing in the build and upkeep of sports surfaces to ensure that the standards are maintained.