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Have you heard of Padel Sport? It is one of the most popular sports played in the US. Padel sport is the perfect blend of social and interactive fun. Padel sport does not pose any restriction on age.

Everyone can play and enjoy Padel sport, irrespective of their age. Besides, you do not require any high-profile skills to enjoy the game. You can easily understand the game and pick up the skills. Even if you have never played the game, all you need to do is start. Within the first half of the game, you will understand the method and play with full zeal.

Do you know why Padel sport is popular among the US population? Padel sport is different from that of tennis. There is no requirement for high strength or techniques while playing this game. Therefore, you can say that this game is best for men, women, and even teens. It is due to this cross-age popularity that more and more residential complexes, educational institutes, sports centers, leisure facilities, and even corporate recreational centers are opting to get paddle courts built. While installing a padel court, you need to consider a few key things. The foremost is the type of paddle court that you would want for your space. There are different types of Padel Courts that you can use for your venue.

Padel courts are classified into four different categories

  • Court Padel Eco Frames
  • Panoramic Padel Tennis Court
  • WPT Professional Padel Court
  • Portable Padel Court For Events

#1 Court Paddle Eco Frames

This one is the first one on the list. It is one of the best paddle courts as it is easy to manage and assemble. You can use this paddle court for various club and community events. It is easy to assemble because it has got frames in the crystals. It is also one of the most affordable paddle courts. Due to economic rates, these padel courts are high in demand. The padel court has a self-supporting structure, due to which you can easily disassemble and assemble the courts. It is feasible for use in various events. It is available in metallic and glass structures.

#2 Panoramic Padel Tennis Court

Panoramic Padel Court

This is another Padel court that you can use for various events. This Padel court is available in a superior range. They are a bit expensive because of the high-quality glass. This Padel court does not have frames within the glasses. Due to this, the viewers get a perfect view of the game. The crystals used in this Padel court have better thickness compared to other Padel courts.

#3 WPT Professional Padel Court

This Padel court is not like that of the panoramic Padel court. Here you will find that all the crystals are held together. Besides, the Padel court does not require any sort of frame to enhance the visibility of the game. You will find the application of this type of Padel court where there is a requirement of a centralized view. You can use the Padel court while hosting tournaments, events, and various exhibitions.

#4 Portable Padel Court For Events

Portable Padel Court

The portable padel courts are gaining popularity because they are feasible to carry to various places without any hassle. Moreover, the Padel court has got a self-supporting structure that makes it one of the best. Apart from all this, the portable padel court will not damage the ground during installation. You can install the padel court easily and quickly. Even the disassembling of the portable padel court is convenient. In this type of Padel court, the glass used for covering is 10 mm thick. Due to this thickness, the viability of the game increases.

Another feature of the padel court is that it has a portable structure where you do not require any sort of screw or bolts for fixation. You have the provision of attaching the LED lights to enhance the illumination if the events are organized at night. For all the Padel courts, assembling, disassembling, and installation is easy.

But if you are unable to carry out the process, you can get the help of professionals. They will take care of everything from scratch. They will assemble the Padel court, install it and make it ready for the event.



At Sport Surfaces, our expert team of licensed sport court builders can help you guide, design, and build a perfect padel court for your center. Especially, if you wish to repurpose an unused tennis court. An old tennis court can easily be divided into three padel court arenas.