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Backyard Putting Green 

Adding a backyard putting green can solve this issue, and enhance your home or facility.

Backyard putting green installation for homes and facilities

Golfers love to hit the links with their families and friends to enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun. Most golf courses can be quite expensive, and oftentimes, memberships are required. 

Many players lament that there’s never enough time for them to practice or play. Adding a backyard putting green can solve this issue, and enhance your home or facility.

Practicing on a putting green in your own backyard has become increasingly popular for homeowners and facility owners across the US. Golf enthusiasts love the ability to hone their strokes and techniques without having to travel to a full-size golf course. 

If you have always wanted to construct a backyard synthetic turf putting green, Sport Surfaces can build it for you.

Backyard putting green contractor

Since 1998, our company has been a major force within the sports construction and resurfacing industry. We’ve successfully installed thousands of backyard and facility putting green surfaces, earning a five-star reputation with our customers. 

We always 100% guarantee all of our workmanship when building premium putting green surfaces for them.

Our in-house design team will work with you on planning, designing, and the creation process of your entire project. 

Additionally, our certified and licensed putting green contractors are able to customize your new putting green to accommodate your designated space. 

We take great care to follow all zoning guidelines and permitting regulations for you when starting a new playing surface. 

Sport Surfaces can build new custom putting greens at:

  • Backyards of private residences
  • Schools
  • Community facilities
  • Parks
  • Country clubs
  • Retirement homes

Sport Surfaces can transform your home or facility’s outdoor space into a backyard putting green. We carry many sizes and shapes, and will be more than happy to customize your design for you.

Please connect with one of our team members today to learn more about the process and begin.

About construction services

If you’re ready to build your new backyard putting green, Sport Surfaces can advise you.  We can plan, design, and install your new playing surface from start to finish.  Please contact one of our sales associates today to learn more.

  • Custom-designed backyard putting greens
  • World class playing surfaces
  • Eco-conscious products and materials
  • Maintenance plans

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Factors that can to consider when constructing a backyard putting green

  • Putting green size:

The standard measurements of a professional PGA putting green is approximately 5,000-6,000 square feet. However, golf players can practice all aspects of their short game on a green that is a fraction of this dimension. 

  • Putting green pricing averages: 

The price of the backyard putting green you choose to build will be contingent on the size and complexity.

2,000 square feet and larger: approximately $15-$20 per square foot

400 – 2,000 square feet: approximately $20 – $30 per square foot

Under 400 square feet: approximately $30 and more per square foot

  • Type of putting green: 

Sports Surfaces will design and install your chosen golf green utilizing different types of construction methods and synthetic turf. Based on your home or facility’s requirements, we have proprietary methods to create an eco-friendly putting green for you.

  • Putting green design:

Our in-house team of designers will advise you when you’re planning both the size and shape of your playing surface. We install a proper drainage system, and create a tour-quality putting green that will simulate that of a professional one. Based on the putting green’s design complexity and artistic skill level required, the price will vary. Our professional technicians have proficiency in creating the perfect putting green for you.

  • Number of cuts in the putting green: 

Your new putting green gives you the ability to practice each component of your short game. The putting green is installed in such a fashion to emulate the performance of a PGA tour green. We recommend creating several cuts of fairway turf and fringe to encourage the practice of any type of shot.

  • Putting green site accessibility and preparatory steps:

The total cost of a new backyard putting green depends on the site’s accessibility to materials and construction equipment. Limited access can create more delays in the completion of your new playing surface, and elevate the price. Note: Price can also be affected if there is a major amount of grading, sodding, or the addition of retaining walls

  • Additional features to enhance your putting green: 

You also have the option to add aesthetically pleasing features to your backyard putting green for an additional cost. Our team can add dry creeks, bunkers, water features, and tee boxes around the putting green. Please inquire with one of our sales associates to learn about our line of additional backyard putting green features

  • Installation of your backyard putting green: 

Our Sports Surfaces’ team of putting green designers and technicians will construct a masterful playing surface for your backyard or facility. We will create a beautiful new putting green that will be analogous to that of a natural grass green. It will look and feel like grass, however, the synthetic turf green possesses the advantages of durability and less maintenance.  

Backyard putting green construction process

Once the putting green project commences, Sports Surfaces will conduct our construction process to create it through a series of steps:

  • We locate the optimal space for your new putting green and dig out your grass. We then add some more width to the area for fringe (we dig approximately 6”-8” deep, which is imperative for cold weather climates)

  • We then fill the area with heavy road gravel as the base in order to allow proper water drainage. Once completed, we top that area with road dust or fine gravel

  • As we continue this process, we level the surface with a plate compactor

  • Next, we cover the area with some landscape fabric to stop any weeds from growing

  • We use a post hole digger to make the holes for the balls, and afterwards place the cups

  • The turf is then laid out and the edges and seams are secured with pegs or staples

  • Next, we add rough or fringe to practice your short game as well as to mesh with the remaining yard

  • Using a utility knife, we will cut out the holes from the turf

  • Last, we add infill to protect the turf from sun exposure and wear, and to change the green speed


Benefits of a backyard putting green

  • Durable
  • Artificial grasses are low maintenance when compared with real grass, and will be more economical in the long run
  • Requires minimal water, or none at all
  • Doesn’t require harsh chemicals that are necessary to maintain a real grass surface
  • Permits you to custom-design the layout of your putting green to fit your space
  • Enhances the landscaping of your backyard area, and can increase your home’s value
  • Allows players more time to practice their skills to improve their golf games
  • Maintains the integrity of your golf game by keeping the ball speed the same as on a full-size course
  • Provides a smooth ball roll comparable to a real grass golf course
  • More tolerant of harsh climates than real grass