Tennis is a popular sport in the US, and many students and young adults are playing in public or private tennis courts. But for the commercial or public tennis court, you would have to wait for your turn and get an appointment to practice in that tennis court. This does not seem very convenient to many people who love playing tennis on a regular basis. Such people who have a great interest in tennis may consider building a tennis court in their backyard so that they do not have to make an appointment for practice or wait for their turn. So if you have a good space in your backyard or any nearby location, you can build a residential tennis court. You can play there anytime and invite your friends and family to come over and have fun together. This seems like a really great idea, but you need to consider certain aspects before you can go ahead and start building a residential tennis court. In this article, we will be guiding you regarding all the essential things that should be considered, while getting a residential tennis court built.

#1 You Need To Know Whether You Have Enough Space For Building A Residential Tennis Court:

This is the primary consideration because if you do not have adequate space, then the idea of getting a residential tennis court is not possible. So you need to measure your yard space and verify whether it will be enough for designing a full-fledged tennis court or not. For measuring the space, you need to be aware of the standard dimensions of the tennis court and compare it against the space you have in your backyard for building the tennis court
. Besides the actual playing area, you need to have some extra space around the tennis court. This extra space would be used for the elevation and draining the rainfall water. 

#2 Knowing About The Zoning As Well As The HOA Rules:

The zoning and the HOA rules will have a huge impact on the building of the residential tennis court. Based on the rules and restrictions set by the HOA and zoning committee, you shall have to decide whether you shall opt for a hard surface tennis court or a grass tennis court, or any other type. They will also set some rules that will define the positioning of the lighting and fencing to keep in mind the public convenience.

#3 Selecting The Right Surface For The Residential Tennis Court:

tennis court surface

Based on the HOA and zoning rules, you would be given certain options of tennis court surfaces to choose from. You will have to consider a lot of factors that will be affected by the surface of the tennis court, such as the durability, installation process, the regular maintenance. Along with that, you need to ensure that the surface of the tennis court is a good match for your playing style and requirements.

#4 You Need To Select The Right Tennis Net:

You can either choose a permanent tennis net or a temporary one based on your requirements. Usually, the permanent ones are better than the temporary ones, and the former has higher durability. The permanent net would be slid into the ground and will be fixed so that it remains tight and does not move. These types of net have better quality and can withstand different climatic conditions.

#5 Don’t Forget About Proper Fencing And Lighting For Your Tennis Court:

synthetic tennis court maintenance

Whether commercial or residential, require proper fencing so that the ball does not leave the court. If you are living in a residential area, then fencing is of utmost importance so that it does not cause problems for others. The fence and lighting are added to the court once the sport surface work is complete. There are different types of fences available, and you have to choose the best one for

your residential tennis court.

#6 The Budget For Building The Residential Tennis Court:

Finally, once you have decided on all the other aspects, you need to allocate the budget that would be used in building the residential tennis court. There are many factors such as 
1.The price of net, fencing, lighting.
2.The overall cost of excavation.
3.The cost of constructing the tennis court.
4.Installation process
6.Windscreens and various other things
Once you have analyzed the overall cost of building the residential tennis court, you can start the work. 


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