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If you are an avid tennis player, then you would definitely know that Har-Tru tennis court is the world’s leading clay court surface and it is the system of choice over the last 15 years. Only in the United States alone, more than 1,200 Har-Tru Clay tennis courts have been built. Although, it is referred as clay; however, Har- Tru is actually composed of crushed stone. More consistency ad more durability than the European clay court counterparts makes Har-Tru the preferred surface amongst the clients.

Har-Tru clay court construction

Basically, Har-Tru is prepared from the billion-year-old Pre-Cambrian metabasalt, which is mostly found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is a natural green stone that is extremely hard as well as angular, these both are two very significant considerations when it comes to tennis court construction. The angularity assists the stone particles to lock together to form a stable playing surface. The toughness provides exceptional durability.

And the natural green color is classically clay and instantly detectable. The stone is crushed, screened, and blends in the specific necessary proportion to prepare a stable playing surface. It is then installed over a porous base of crushed stone aggregate to produce the final product.

Key Benefits

  • Play on it as frequent as possible.
  • Make sure to brush the edges of the court, after the each play. Or Take into consideration to brush it at least once in a week.
  • As water adds stability to a court, so make use of an automatic sprinkler system to keep optimal moisture present.

What Makes HAR-TRU Clay SURFACE A First And Foremost Choice

What makes Har-Tru the most loved clay court surfacing material in America, and why it is the first and foremost choice in almost every clay tennis court event in the U.S.

1. Commonly referred to as “fast-dry,” Har-Tru clay court dries very quickly after a rain and during the light rain it won’t interrupt the play.

2.Har-Tru is 10–15 degrees cooler to play than a hard court.

3. Superior playing comfort and the ability to slide on the surface makes it easier on the body and thus the incidence of common tennis injuries are to the lower extremities.

4. Quickly and easily installation and it is possible to directly construct on the top of hard courts.

5. It is a porous surface that reduces soil erosion as well as runoff. Usually, Har-Tru is the first and foremost choice zoning restrictions.

6. Har-Tru just never cracks and the repair and maintenance is so inexpensive.

7. With basic routine care your Har-Tru court will last forever.

Maintenance Tips

Har-Tru court is not at all complicated, as I have heard many claim it to be. Just a basic daily routine care and it will last forever.

1. It is used by 88% of the world’s top 10 players

2. The best surface to develop crucial core footwork along with balance skills to play on other surfaces

3. You can develop other skill sets such a complete all-court game

4. You will learn how to construct a point and beat higher-ranked players

5. Convenient surface to improve patience as well as persistence. And you will also learn to handle adversity in a better way

6. Improve your endurance

7. Playing on Har-Tru doubles your chances to succeed on all surfaces

8. Seven times less likely to be injured on a Har-Tru court

9. Har-Tru lets you play more hours a day so basically it boosts your endurance and stamina without over-stressing your joints

10. It does not strain the eyes and does not stain clothing and the material is not harmful to the environment.

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