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A problem with the typical tennis court is that the surface can become inflexible or brittle due to the extreme changes in temperature or inclement weather conditions. The Miami weather is infamous for being extremely unpredictable. These high variations in temperature coupled with the scorching UV rays on the tennis court can leads to cracks and fractures in the surface, which can make consistent play more difficult.

If your existing tennis court have deteriorated and looking for a solution to get it done right then sportsurfaces, tennis court resurfacing service is the answer.With our tennis court resurfacing services in Miami. you can easily eliminate many of the ongoing hassles associated with maintaining traditional court surfaces.

So, When To Resurface Your Tennis Court?

tennis court resurfacing services in Miami

It doesn’t matter how well installed your original tennis court was, years of use will cause the base to crack and the paint to fade and chip away and whilst regular tennis court maintenance and the occasional deep clean will treat most superficial damage, there will come a time when your court will need to be entirely resurfaced. Tennis court resurfacing should be carried out when you first notice cracks or dents, known as ‘birdbaths’, starting to appear on the surface of your court as the problem will only worsen over time.

Why it is required to resurface?

Resurfacing is significant to ensure the safety of your court users. Cracks and irregularities on a court’s surface can also cause muscle, joint and ligament damage. On top of these potential safety risks, an uneven tennis court will also greatly interrupt the flow of the game, the ball will bounce off in angles if it hits an uneven surface or a crack in the floor, which can cause the players to miscalculate their aims and affect their game.

More choices are available

Once you’ve decided to resurface your tennis court, you next need to decide on how you want the surface to be constructed. Materials and construction techniques may have advanced as your initial surface was laid, means there may be more options available to you now. For example, for a high-quality surface that is suitable in all weathers, opt for a macadam court; a hard, porous surface with excellent water drainage. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a surface that looks like the real deal, you can opt for a synthetic turf.

There are range of paint coating choices available, including acrylic non slip coating to reduce the risk of injury or polyurethane spray coat to increase durability or longevity.

Another option to really make the most out of your sports surface is to upgrade your tennis court to a multi-using game area and allow the space to be used for football, basketball and netball, and thus suited to a wider range of people.

For the maintenance and tennis court resurfacing in Miami, is the one stop solution to get it done right. We have decades of experience in constructing quality sports surfaces and all of our work is fully approved and guaranteed. You can rest assured that your new surface will last for many years to come. For more information on our services, or for your free quote and site contact us here or call us on (888) 423-1120 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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