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Asphalt Tennis to Har-Tru / Clay Tennis Conversions

SportSurfaces can convert your old asphalt tennis court into a Har-Tru (clay) court using our exclusive dual-grade laser conversion system.

Sport Surfaces specializes in the construction of Har-Tru courts, including the conversion of hard courts (asphalt or concrete) to Har-Tru courts.Let us convert your existing hard court to a sprinkler irrigated or subsurface irrigated Hydro Court. We have a dual-laser based process of accurately converting a hard court to a Har-Tru court with unparalleled precision.


Converting a Hard Court to a Har-Tru Court with Sprinkler Irrigation

The first step we take in converting your asphalt court to a clay court is mapping your existing court using our dual grade laser in order to identify the current slope. Once this is performed we build a retaining on top of your existing court in order to hold the rock and clay in place. This step is done with the assistance of our laser grading equipment.

We than proceed to change the slope of the court. A typical hard court is sloped 1″ in 10′ while the slope of a Har-Tru court is normally 1″ in 30′. Crushed concrete or lime rock is installed over the hard court surface to adjust the court slope. After extensive laser grading with our dual grade tennis court conversion laser we apply approximately 3″ of concrete screening is carefully laser graded onto the new tennis court surface. Once our technicians are satisfied with the precision of the surface 1″ of Har-tru (clay) material is laser graded than brushed and groomed to ensure an extremely precise slope. The fiberglass re-in forced concrete block curb is installed within the existing fence line to contain the fill material, concrete screening sand and Har-Tru. A sprinkler irrigation system is also installed to provide moisture to the court.

Converting a Hard Court to a Har-tru (clay court)

Tired of maintaining your clay court? No problem. We can convert it into an asphalt court once again using our dual grade laser grading system.

Our factory trained technicians will come remove your existing clay. Re-grade your sub-base. This is critical step in clay court to hard court conversions due to the fact that it will allow the new sub-base materials to be evenly distributed throughout the surface. Once the sub-base is installed to a 6” depth and compacted to 4” we will install 1” of asphalt.

The entire court conversion process is done with dual laser precision to ensure that the surface meets our extremely low tolerance standards.

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