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tennis court resurfacing

Here is a fine example of a very cool orange and blue tennis and basketball court that was re-built. The color is very unusual but it works for Palm Beach Gardens High school where we came in and had to correct a serious issue with the asphalt and base work that was installed. The tennis court asphalt had almost a 5% slope from the baseline to the fence rather than a continuous 1% slope as per ASBA specifications. Our crews came in with our dual grade laser and re-installed the rock and asphalt over the back portions of the court in order to achieve a proper slope leaving the courts ready for completion level play.

tennis court resurfacing 2

We than patched the entire court to ensure that there were no areas holding more than 1/8” of water after allowing it to dry for 1 hour. This is a critical step as standing water will not only make it impossible for players to enjoy the court but will erode the court and cause mildew and mold to form. In my opinion this is one of the largest factors that causes courts to prematurely wear out and is the area that Sport Surfaces places our greatest focus on.

tennis court construction

Once we completed the tennis court resurfacing and repaving and reconstruction process we resurfaced the courts using the really cool blue and orange colors which admittedly I had reservations on how it would look but absolutely loved it once it was installed. Once the seven tennis court net post footers were installed and the court was resurfaced when moved to resurface the three basketball courts using the same blue / orange combination. The lines on both the tennis and basketball court construction were sealed for extra sharp lines and we cleaned up our equipment and drums and enjoyed watching the high school students playing on our newly built tennis and basketball courts.

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