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Running Track Resurfacing and Running Track Repair

Sport Surfaces has extensive experience in all areas of running track repair and construction from the design phase to actual construction phase. Whether you have an existing track that needs resurfacing or or you are just starting to build your first track, you can trust Sport Surfaces for all of your needs.

Our running tracks can be black or pigmented. If you wish your track to reflect your team colors, we can match them for you. Our running tracks are long lasting and offer superior amount of cushioning and resiliency to keep your runner’s safe. Your track will also include UV resistance to keep your runners cooler longer.

Top Quality Running Track Resurfacing

At Sport Surfaces we offer only the finest Plexitrac Running Tracks. These surfaces provide your runner with the finest quality surface to keep them cool and safe. Some of the amazing benefits you will realize with either our EPDM or SBR Surfaces are as follows:

Poly-resin Binders – These allow your runners to experience a comfortable run while still operating at peak performance.

  • The system is comprised of 3-6 layers of SBR Rubber
  • An additional 1-3 layers of smaller SBR Rubber is than added.
  • Finally 2 coats of the wearing surface is applied
  • The track is than striped and an optional certification of striping is available.

Advanced Technology – All of our surfaces are designed to minimize muscle injury and fatigue by absorbing some of the impact on the runners joints and transmitting them to the rubber surface below.

Protection against the Elements – Runners can enjoy year-round running on the Plexitrac system. Providing protection from harsh ultraviolet rays, slip resistance from rainy climates and protection against the bitter cold and snow in winter climates, runners can enjoy the Plexitrac system in weather between 40 degrees – 120 degrees.

Meets the Requirements of the IAAF – The water-based resins provide a safe environment for runners that are non-toxic, durable and safe for the environment. All of these meet the requirements of the International Amateur Athletic Federation.

Free from Environmental Hazards – Our system does not use mercury or heavy metals during construction.

We use recycled materials during our running track resurfacing process. Unlike many other tracks companies.

Plexitrac Accelerator offers the highest levels of performance for texture, longevity and athletic capability. Accelerator is an EPDM surface top coated with the Polyresin Plexitrac Coating, ensuring uniformity and years of UV light stable color.

  • Highly textured- provides optimum traction and color intensity.
  • Meets force reduction and deformation requirements of the IAAF
  • Low maintenance costs

Plexitrac Lightning is comprised of select black SBR rubber granules bound together with a black pigmented Plexitrac Binder. Lightning is then top coated with a highly pigmented black finish coat of either Plexitrac Coating or Surfacer for additional long term UV light stability and abrasion resistance. Plexitrac Lightning can be updated to Plexitrac Accelerator at scheduled maintenance cycle.

Plexitrac Flash is a traditional track surfacing system ideal for value conscious clients. Flash consists of a base layer of black SBR rubber bound together by red Plexitrac Binder for color depth. A single layer of EPDM granule is protected by Plexitrac Surfacer or Plexitrac Coating.

  • Intense color and medium texture.
  • Available in red, green or blue.

Plexitrac Surfacer is a Polyresin topcoat and retexturizing finish for existing latex and urethane track surfaces. Plexitrac Surfacer is perfect for revitalizing your worn running track surface. The highly pigmented composition is filled with EPDM rubber granule for texture and filling of an existing track surface.

For further information about running track construction, please contact your local office

Here is a list of some of our local Branch Offices:

  • Broward County Sports Surfaces 954-828-0116
  • Lee and Collier County Sports Surfaces 239-349-3722
  • Hillsborough and Pasco County Sports Surfaces 813-445-7290
  • Indian River County, Martin, St. Lucie Sports Surfaces 772-621-2899
  • Dade County, Monroe County (The Keys) Sports Surfaces 786-800-2511
  • Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Orlando Sports Surfaces 407-477-5508
  • Palm Beach County Sports Surfaces 561-964-2001

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