Running Track Striping and Re-striping

Planning a New Striping Job or Re-striping an Older Running Track


Are you ready purchase a new running track for your sport’s facility? Is the striping on your current track suffering from too much wear and tear?  If you bought a new running track or are ready to re-stripe your old one, please call the experts at Sport Surfaces. We are always here to assist you in both striping and re-striping projects. 

Our licensed technicians have many years of professional experience with both constructing and resurfacing all aspects of a running track. Don’t hesitate to call us today so we can assist you with striping and/or re-striping your new or older running track. 


Customized Running Track Striping/Re-striping and Surrounding Track Areas


Each running track has individual painting needs according to its purpose. Whether it is used for practice or for professional competitions, and we prioritize our customer’s requests for each specific track striping/re-striping we perform.

Additionally, when we stripe a track for an educational or sports facility, we can customize it. We would be happy to incorporate the team’s colors, mascot, or logo to the track and/or event area.  At Sport Surfaces, we feel that aesthetics play a vital role in every design that we commission, and we always desire to maximize a project’s potential.


Process of Striping/Re-striping


The process of track striping is done by an expert in the field specializing in track striping, with exact measurements and calculations in accordance collegiate rules and regulations, and ASBA standards. We can produce certifications that the striping/re-striping on your new track is following all construction guidelines upon request for the sport of track and field.  Sport Surfaces’ reputation is the gold standard in sport construction and resurfacing, and we pride ourselves on meeting and surpassing our customers’ expectations.

The art of striping and re-striping requires proficiency, artistry, and exact placement of lines and markings in order to produce the perfect running track. Our expert technician will happily accommodate your requests, and provide cost effective advice to stripe/re-stripe your running track.  Note: The average life expectancy of a track striping is approximately 3-5 years, contingent upon the running surface.  Re-striping your current track is an economical way to maximize the lifespan of your track without incurring exorbitant costs.   

If you are ready to install a new running track and need striping, or need to re-stripe your current running track, Sport Surfaces is here to guide you. Please call our team today, and we will be happy to assist you with your running track striping/re-striping project.

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