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If you wish to bring back life to your running track, it is your responsibility to keep a check of it. Checking does not end simply by maintaining the track but also include resurfacing of the same at the right time. If the existing track is showing signs of deterioration and does not meet the current standard look no further but to Sportsurfaces. Our team of experts and professionals utilize the available resources to evaluate, repair and resurface your running track facility and thus save the potential money which would have otherwise involved with severe deterioration. We will work towards determining your specific needs and assist you with the right options to meet your budget.

You can definitely prevent running track from early damages if you follow a few basics in your day-to-day routine. Take a look at them-

  • Keep the track free from any sort of foreign materials including mosses, dirt, leaves, mold, mildews or sand and clean it frequently
  • When it comes to cleaning the track, using the right types of equipment’s such as vacuum sweeper, water sprayer, leaf blower is important. Do not try to use any tools not meant for cleaning running track
  • Depending on the track surface, make sure the sprinkler system is adjusted to lessen water logging on the track surface
  • The track should not be used by public walkers and joggers and should be strictly meant for the professionals
  • Do not use the track when you have to drag any heavy objects across the surface
  • Never drive any vehicles on the track
  • Under no circumstances, should a pet, rollerblading or skateboarding be permitted at any time
  • If you ever use fertilizers or grass seed, make sure it does not get spread on the track
  • Also it is important; that the athletes shoe spikes is not more than 1/8”.

How do our experts help in resurfacing your running track?’

Pressure washing to clean the track

Foreign materials including dirt, debris, mosses, mildew are cleaned with the help of a high pressure power washer. If the dirt’s are not eliminated on a regular basis, it can severely accelerate the deterioration of the track surface. However, you need to ensure that power washing is not affecting in case if it a rubber surface

Checking the damaged areas

When asphalt base begin to sink and cause water to pond, rubber track surface begin to show signs of worn areas. We show you the most common areas that need repairing. These generally include the cheerleading areas, areas in front of gates and the zones where various other sports team and bands cross the track. The repairing is done by replacing the damaged area either with a patch or adding a number of lifts or layers of rubber and binder to achieve the desired thickness required.

Focusing on the delamination area

Delamination areas are commonly found near the edge of the track or in the high traffic areas. These are areas where rubber track surface peels of the asphalt. Delamination areas are similar to worn out areas and can be easily resurfaced by chucking out the damaged area and replacing it with patch. However, if the track surface is in a good condition, the asphalt base can be cleaned and prepped for the rubber surface and then properly glued back again.

Providing solution for crack surface

Asphalt base forms structural cracks making it prominent and causing the rubber surface to crack. Initially, the cracks should be cleaned of dirt and vegetation and then filled with binder mixture or rubber to prevent any sort of safety concerns and looking unappealing. However, the entire process depends on the size of area and the number of cracks to make it cost effective. Usually, it is little expensive to replace the cracked rubber surface and patch the asphalt base before installing the new rubber surface.

Restriping the track lines:

The track lines gradually disappear due to ecological exposure and frequent foot usage in certain areas. We restripe your running track by making the event marking and lane lines clearly visible for the runners. This also keeps the track looking aesthetically impressive. We suggest you to restripe your running track every 4-7 years depending on the usage of the track.

The final stage of resurfacing

Our team of experts follow two primary techniques to resurface running track. First being the application of 2-3 layers of rubber or latex binder and restripe the running track and the second option is the application of latex pigmented coating to fix the rubber track in place and thereby extend the life of the running surface.

In addition, we can also help you with the services of running track construction Florida. Their dedicated team will provide high quality services to meet all your requirements.

At the end you can expect

  • A stable surface even at extreme temperature
  • Soil resistance
  • UV and weather resistance
  • Good adhesion to sub base
  • Non-slip and water permeable
  • Impressive appearance
  • Optimum performance and long lasting usage.
  • Your next running track problem and we are right there to help you.
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