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At Sportsurfaces, we have nearly 20 years’ experience in maintaining and repairing sports facilities and athletic stadiums throughout the world. Our running track resurfacing and running track repair service ensures your track is always kept in peak and event-ready condition.

Repairs are always an inevitable

Without attention and due care, a running or athletics track quickly begins to accumulate dirt and fade. With the repeated use and exposure to the elements, chances of certain damages are obvious to the running track surface and painted lines, especially after an active season. Such creeping damage can cause inconvenience and disruption to your athletes and there are chances of potential accident during events.

Repairs are always inevitable and part of the wear and tear from athletes. At Sportsurafces, we offer running track resurfacing and running track repair maintenance package at competitive pricing. Thus, our success is defined by the quality and longevity of our workmanship, client satisfaction and customer service.

Our quality service combines three core services to make sure your running track is safe,
functional, attractive and event ready at all times.

running track paint lines


Our cleaning procedure combines the vacuum extraction as well as high-pressure washing to provide thorough deep cleaning. All around the Florida, this is one of our widely used service because of lane cleaning machines, means that all streaks, contaminants and dirt are being fully removed.

White Line Maintenance

Our white line maintenance service makes sure your white lines are always clearly marked and crisply painted. We make use of durable, high quality paint that is weather resistant.

Surface Restoration

Our resurface repair service will for sure increase the functional active life of your sports surface by restoring areas of damage and re-texturing to prevent costly damage before it occurs a major maintenance issue. The procedure includes the repair of slippery surface, holes and the eco-friendly removal of moss.

Complete Running Track Resurfacing

Along with the above mentioned services, we also work with many types of track surfaces to give you advice on the best solutions to your athlete and running track problems. Sometimes to add a touch of beautification and modification, we also incorporate different colors. Our Running track resurfacing and repair service can naturally deteriorate over time when the problems occurs like

  • Fading
  • Spike Damage
  • Worn Lines And Markings
  • Delamination, Water And Drainage
  • Grass Intrusion.

Our repair and resurfacing and design services for both existing and new running track facilities.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  • Reduced repair costs
  • An improved sporting environment
  • Minimizes risk of injury and accidents
  • Peace of mind

Our resurfacing and maintenance service reduces the overall cost of repairs by helping you to avoid potentially costly damage to your running track surface. Regular maintenance and repair will enhance the porosity of the surface over time and ensure a very high standard of sports performance from your running track track.

Budget Decisions: Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

We firmly believe in adding life to your track by giving you the lowest cost and making your track surface look new again. Without burning the hole in your pocket, we can work with your suitable budget to help you get the most for your money.

We are happy to help you with running track resurfacing and running track repair services, all around the Forida. And you can also hire our running track repair and running track resurface services in Miami, plantation, west palm beach, fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

For a comprehensive, running track resurfacing and repair estimation gives us a call on Toll Free: 1-877-767- 8707 to get it done right.

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